Tabu Search Vignettes

Brief summaries of significant contributions to the literature of tabu search and its applications prepared by the original authors.


Tabu Search in Maritime Transportation for International Trade

J. E. Korsvik and K. Fagerholt


Tabu Search for Constraint Solving and Its Applications

          Jin-Kao Hao


Tabu Search Applications in the Chemical Industry

Bao Lin


Tabu Search for Satellite Range Scheduling

N. Zufferey, P. Amstutz and P. Giaccari


ConsNetTabu Search for Conservation Area Network Design

M. Ciarleglio, J.W.Barnes and S. Sarkar


Tabu Search for High Level Synthesis

          Marc Sevaux


Tabu Search for the Graph Coloring Problem

Enrico Malaguti and Paolo Toth


Real-World Vehicle Routing Problems with Loading Constraints

Manuel Iori and Silvano Martello


Adding Inventory Constraints to a Real World Routing Problem - A tabu search approach for the livestock collection problem

J. Oppen and A. Løkketangen


Tabu Search for the Capacitated Facility Location Problem

Minghe Sun


Tabu Search for Multiperiod Forest Harvesting

Felipe Caro, Miguel Constantino, Isabel Martins, Andres Weintraub


Manpower Scheduling Problem for Airline Catering

S. C. Ho and J. M. Y. Leung


Tabu Search Based Algorithms for DNA Sequencing

Jacek Blazewicz, Marta Kasprzak and Aleksandra Swiercz


Tabu Search Oscillation and Mathematical Programming for Disruption Management in the Airline Industry

R. Mansi, C. Wilbaut, S. Hanafi and F. Clautiaux


Tabu search Approaches for Two-Group Classification

S. Hanafi and N. Yanev


Finite Convergence of Tabu Search

Said Hanfi and Fred Glover


Tabu Search: Global Intensification Using Dynamic Programming for the 0-1 Multidimensional Knapsack Problem

C. Wilbaut, S. Hanafi, A. Fréville and S. Balev


Grid Enabled Tabu Search for Internet Traffic Engineering

D. Cherubini, S. Carcargiu, A. Fanni, A. Mereu, C. Murgia


Tabu Search for Variable Selection in Classification

J. Pacheco, S. Casado and L. Núñez


          Improving the 0-1 Multi Dimensional Knapsack Lower Bounds with Tabu Search

                   Michel Vasquez


Tabu Search for the Linear Ordering Problem

                   Manuel Laguna, Rafael Martí and Vicente Campos


Tabu search for Matrix Bandwidth Minimization

Vicente Campos, Estefanía Piñana and Rafael Martí


The Generalized Assignment Problem and Its Generalizations

Mutsunori Yagiura and Toshihide Ibaraki


Tabu Search for the Constraint Satisfaction Problem as a General Problem Solver

Koji Nonobe and Toshihide Ibaraki


Tabu Search Algorithms for Extended Models of the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem

Koji Nonobe and Toshihide Ibaraki


A Hybrid Heuristic for Bin-Packing and Multiprocessor Scheduling

Adriana C.F. Alvim


Solving a milk delivery problem by a Tabu Search algorithm

Alberto Pillai, Massimo Di Francesco, Paola Zuddas


A cooperative tabu-search for dynamic optimization problems

A. D. Masegosa, J. R. González, I. J. García del Amo, D. Pelta and J.L Verdegay


Concentric Tabu Search

Zvi Drezner


Tabu Search in Memetic Algorithms

Pablo Moscato


Reactive Variable Neighborhood Tabu Search for Heterogeneous Fleet Vehicle Routing and Scheduling

D.C. Paraskevopoulos, P.P. Repoussis, C.D. Tarantilis, G. Ioannou and G.P. Prastacos


Redesigning Toyota's Spare Parts Supply Chain Using Tabu Search

Kenneth Sorensen and Patrick Schittekat


Tabu Search for Quadratic Coloring and Real World Exam Scheduling

Jelle Duives, Andrea Lodi, Enrico Malaguti


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