Fred Glover 

Mathematical Optimization Frameworks Inviting Further Investigation
(with Supplementary Notes and Materials)


Topics – with Links to Associated Papers

Tabu Search in Analytics and Computational Science

A Unified Framework for Modeling and Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems

Mathematical Implications of Surrogate Constraint Optimization for Independent Sets and Related Problems in Graph Theory

Integrative Population Analysis for Better Solutions to Large-Scale Mathematical Programs

Layering Strategies for Creating Exploitable Structure in Linear and Integer Programs

Infeasible/Feasible Search Trajectories and Directional Rounding in Integer Programming

Multi-Start and Strategic Oscillation Methods - Principles to Exploit Adaptive Memory

Tabu Search for Nonlinear and Parametric Optimization (with Links to Genetic Algorithms)

Surrogate Branching: Parametric Relaxations for Mixed Integer Optimization


Supplementary Notes, Slides and Papers:

Surrogate Constraints in Optimization – Tutorial Notes,” University of Colorado, Boulder, 2002.

Optimization Software for Practical Applications,” (slides) OptTek Systems, INFORMS 2007 (with G. Kochenberger and M. Better)

Metaheuristics in Science and Industry: New Developments,” (slides) Metaheuristics International Conference 2007 (with A Reinholz)

Optimizing Performance of Complex Multi-Stage Supply Chains,” (slides) Production and Operations Management Society Conference 2008 (with S. Kumar, K. Stecke and T. Schmidt)

New Advances for Real World Optimization,” (slides) Electrical and Computer Engineering Workshop 2007 (with M. Better)

Hidden Secrets and Cyber Evolutionary Optimization,” (slides) IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2007 (with Peng-Yeng Yin).

Optimization for Alternative Energy Strategies,” University of Colorado, 2003 (with Ron Farina) 

Tabu Search Fundamentals and Uses,” University of Colorado, Boulder, June, 1995.

Ejection Chains, Reference Structures and Alternating Path Methods,” University of Colorado, Boulder, April, 1992

Multilevel Tabu Search and Embedded Search Neighborhoods for the Traveling Salesman Problem,” University of Colorado, Boulder, June, 1991

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