Fred Glover's Recent Unpublished Papers Available for Downloading
(and Supplementary Notes and Materials)

Latest Published Papers can be downloaded from Publications.

Papers – Submitted or Accepted for Publication

Tabu Search Update,” updated version of chapter to appear in Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization, Pardalos et al., eds, (with Manuel Laguna).

Comparisons of Commercial MIP Solvers and an Adaptive Memory (Tabu Search) Procedure for a Class of 0-1 Integer Programming Problems,” to appear in Annals of Operations Research, (with L.M. Hvattum and A. Lokketangen)

Polynomial Unconstrained Binary Optimization – Part 2,” to appear in International Journal of Metaheuristics (with J.-K. Hao and G. Kochenberger)

Modeling Economic Consequences of Supply Chain Disruptions,” in review (with T.G. Schmitt, S. Kumar, K.E. Stecke and M.A. Ehlen)

Tabu Search – Uncharted Domains,” Annals of Operations Research

 “Convergent Tabu Search and Optimal Partitioning,” to appear in Progress in Combinatorial Optimization, Ridha Mahjoub (ed.), ISTE and Wiley (with S. Hanafi)

Improved Classification and Discrimination by Successive Hyperplane and Multi-Hyperplane Separation,” Research Report, OptTek Systems, Inc., F. Glover and M. Better.

Satisfiability Data Mining for Binary Data Classification Problems,” Research Report, OptTek Systems, Inc., F. Glover

The 3-2-3, Stratified Split and Nested Interval Line Search Algorithms,” Research Report, OptTek Systems, Inc., F. Glover

Using Interval Scanning to Improve the Performance of the Enhanced Unidimensional Search Method,” M. G. H. Omran, V. Gardeux, R. Chelouah, P. Siarry, F. Glover

Supplementary Notes, Slides and Papers:

Surrogate Constraints in Optimization – Tutorial Notes,” University of Colorado, Boulder, 2002.

Optimization Software for Practical Applications,” (slides) OptTek Systems, INFORMS 2007 (with G. Kochenberger and M. Better)

Metaheuristics in Science and Industry: New Developments,” (slides) Metaheuristics International Conference 2007 (with A Reinholz)

Optimizing Performance of Complex Multi-Stage Supply Chains,” (slides) Production and Operations Management Society Conference 2008 (with S. Kumar, K. Stecke and T. Schmidt)

New Advances for Real World Optimization,” (slides) Electrical and Computer Engineering Workshop 2007 (with M. Better)

Hidden Secrets and Cyber Evolutionary Optimization,” (slides) IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2007 (with Peng-Yeng Yin).

Optimization for Alternative Energy Strategies,” University of Colorado, 2003 (with Ron Farina) 

Tabu Search Fundamentals and Uses,” University of Colorado, Boulder, June, 1995.

Ejection Chains, Reference Structures and Alternating Path Methods,” University of Colorado, Boulder, April, 1992

Multilevel Tabu Search and Embedded Search Neighborhoods for the Traveling Salesman Problem,” University of Colorado, Boulder, June, 1991

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