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Business Plan
Writing a Successfull Business Plan Writing a Successful Business Plan 2009
Business Model Analysis Business Model Analysis
Financial Projections Model Financial Projections Model v6.8.9

Cash Flow Budget


Cash Flow Budget v2009

Cash Flow Budget Example Bicycles Asia 2009

Business plan tools
Business Concept Description Concept Summary
Call reports CallReport
Face to Face Research

Face to Face Research

Gut Check

Reality Test I Concept Description & Questions

Sniff Test

Reality Test II Call Report

Business Plan Templates
Tips on Business Writing
Tips on Making Business Presentations
Grading Criteria Plan Presentation Criteria Score Sheet
Feasibility Plan
Feasibility plan Feasibility Plan 2009
Feas plan assignment Feasibility Plan Assignmnent 2007

Call report
Call Report Feas Plan
Customer survey Customer Survey Feasiblity Plan

Entrepreneurship Assignments & Resources

Entrepreneur interview
Entrepreneur Interview 2006

Entrepreneurial Audit
Entrep Audit
Idea exercise From Student to Entrepreneur
Market & Industry Research Guidelines Market Industry Research Resource Guide
Business plans BusPlans
Feasibility plans BusPlans
Decks DECK


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