Data Analysis with Excel for Lawyers

Everybody needs to know Excel. In this short course, students in the Tech Lawyer Accelerator (TLA) and Governmental Entrepreneurial Leadership Accelerator (GELA) at CU Law learn the most important Excel skills for working with data sets. Taught by Laura Kornish.


This short course comprises two two-hour sessions on Data Analysis with Excel. The focus in these sessions is on specific data-handling and modeling skills using Microsoft Excel, the most commonly used spreadsheet program.

I have been teaching business students about data analysis for over 20 years. I look forward to this opportunity to teach future lawyers and current government employees. Data-handling skills are now important in every sector of our society and economy.

Schedule of sessions:

For more information about my background, check out my Leeds web page.

I often get requests for recommendations for Excel learning materials. I like this Udemy course. It's not free, but it is often on sale for $10.

**NEW**: fun for practice asking "will it drag?" (and also an example of VLOOKUP)

Course Materials

Module 1: Financial Projections


Screencasts of Demos

  • Demo 1: Using the $ to write draggable formulas. YouTube video. **Make it fullscreen to see enough detail.**
  • Demo 2: Using a Data Table (a what-if analysis tool) for sensitivity analysis. YouTube video.