General Information Sources

INC Magazine (organization to accelerate startups)

Business Thinkers (general site for entrepreneurs) ("Central location to search for strategic, advisory, and investment resources...")

Sources of Industry Statistics and Data

Encyclopedia of Associations

  • Excellent source of information from trade groups and professional organizations

U.S. Census Bureau

Statistical Abstract of the United States.  US Bureau of the Census.


  • Subscription service of the Economics and Statistics Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce. State of the Nation contains data on the U.S. economy and finance including economic indicators, housing and construction, employment, manufacturing and industry, monetary statistics, and economic policy.   The National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) has U.S. import and export statistics.  The International Trade Library is searchable by country or product.


  • The Datastream Research Service is a very large system containing data on a broad range of financial and economic topics.  This includes equities, bonds, company accounts, stock market indices, interest and exchange rates, economic indicators, futures and options, warrants, and commodities.  Data can be manipulated using functions and expressions. 

DRI Global Economics

  • DRI offers the most comprehensive collection of global financial, economic and industry information.

Business Statistics of the United States

  • Forty years of monthly, quarterly and annual economic indicators which can be updated by the Survey of Current Business

Dismal Scientist

Economic Indicators

Federal Reserve Bulletin.  Monthly.

FRED: Federal Reserve Economic Data

  • Provides historical U.S. economic and financial data, including daily U.S. interest rates, monetary and business indicators, exchange rates, balance of payments.

Survey of Current Business.  US Department of Commerce.  Monthly.

  • GNP tables, foreign investments and other analysis from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. 

LABSTAT.  US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Consumer Data

Simmons Study of Media and Markets.  Annual.

  • Covers products and the characteristics of their consumers or covers various media audiences and their characteristics. The CD-ROM contains an annual survey of 20,000+ American households: characteristics of respondents, exposure to media, and usage of products and services by brand name. Data can be cross tabulated for a wide array of demographic and psychographic characteristics of users of products and their media behavior. 

LifeStyle Market Analyst.  Annual.

  • Provides statistical information on lifestyles and consumer behavior in the U.S.  Also includes information on U.S. market surveys and lifestyle market planners.

"Survey of Buying Power."  Sales and Marketing Management.  Annual.

  • Part I published in July gives current estimates of population by age, retail sales by store group, and S&MM's own Effective Buying Income and Buying Power Index.  There are also rankings of the top black, Hispanic and affluent MSAs and other special features.  Part II has 5-year projections plus surveys of newspaper and TV markets. 

Consumer Expenditure Survey. US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

  • Family income and expenditures for detailed food and other categories are presented with families classified by income, race, age, region, etc.

Product Development

Rocky Mountain Inventors and Entrepreneurs Congress

Patents and Trademarks

US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Web Patent Database

IBM's Intellectual Property Network

The World Intellectual Property Association (WIPO)

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