Leeds Math Requirement Exemption Exam Information

This page provides information on taking an exemption exam to satisfy the Leeds math requirement at CU Boulder.

Leeds Math Requirement

The Leeds math requirement is MATH 1112, Mathematical Analysis in Business. The class builds three interrelated skills:

There are no automatic exemptions from the requirement based on previous coursework. Instead, we provide an exemption exam for students to demonstrate mastery of the three skills. This page contains information about that exam.

Leeds Math Requirement Exemption Exam

The exemption exam is available through the campus testing center. You can schedule a time for the exam during their office hours Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm with some Saturdays available. There will be an exemptions proctoring fee for their services of $50. Follow this link and sign up here.

What you need to know about the exemption exam.

  1. Review this list of math and Excel learning objectives. It shows you what the course covers and therefore what we expect you to demonstrate on the exam. The exam is only 90 minutes, so we can’t possibly ask you to demonstrate ALL of those skills the way we do over a 16 week semester. But the list shows you quite specifically what the course (and therefore the exam) is about.
  2. You will use Excel on the exam. At the testing center, you will use their computers. They have Excel 2016 on PCs. You will not have access the Internet during the exam.
  3. The exam has 20 questions, you need to get 15 or more correct to pass.
  4. On this exam, you are expected to use Excel efficiently. For example, you need to be able to write a formula one time and drag or copy it to as many cells as necessary. Also, if you know how to look up information across sheets (e.g., using VLOOKUP), you will find that to be a useful and time-saving skill. For some questions, if you can’t be efficient, you may still be able to get an answer through brute force (e.g., by manually counting 100s of cells). You will get credit for correct answers, even if they are obtained through brute force. However, if you find yourself with a tedious or inefficient approach to the questions, you would benefit from taking MATH 1112.
  5. The testing center grades the exams within a week.
  6. If you don't pass and then take the course, the fact that you attempted the exam is not reported to your math instructor. If you do pass, you are exempt, BUT you don't earn credit hours or get a grade. You simply have satisfied the requirement without taking the course. You should plan on 4 credits of non-business courses to earn those credits for your degree.
  7. If you are taking the exemption exam at the start of the semester when you are enrolled in MATH 1112, you should have another class to add in the event you pass the exam. Ideally you should attend that class the first week.
  8. You are only allowed a single attempt at the exemption exam, so if you don’t pass it, you will need to take the course to satisfy the Leeds requirement. In other words, if you take the exemption exam one semester and don’t pass, you cannot attempt the exemption exam again the next semester.
  9. If you have already taken MATH 1112, you cannot satisfy the Leeds math requirement through the exemption exam.
  10. The best way to prepare is to work on the sample course materials posted on this site. (Follow link and scroll to the buttons for Sample Course Materials.)