Business Planning References

General Information Sources

INC Magazine (organization to accelerate startups)

Business Thinkers (general site for entrepreneurs) ("Centrall location to seearch for strategic, advisory, and investment resources...")

Sources of Industry Statistics and Data

Encyclopedia of Associations

U.S. Census Bureau

Statistical Abstract of the United States.  US Bureau of the Census. 



DRI Global Economics

Business Statistics of the United States

Dismal Scientist

Economic Indicators

Federal Reserve Bulletin.  Monthly.

FRED: Federal Reserve Economic Data

Survey of Current Business.  US Department of Commerce.  Monthly.

LABSTAT.  US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Consumer Data

Simmons Study of Media and Markets.  Annual.

LifeStyle Market Analyst.  Annual.

"Survey of Buying Power."  Sales and Marketing Management.  Annual.

Consumer Expenditure Survey. US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

Product Development

Rocky Mountain Inventors and Entrepreneurs Congress

Patents and Trademarks

US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Web Patent Database

IBM's Intellectual Property Network

The World Intellectual Property Association (WIPO)