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About Me:
My research goal is to improve organizational health.  Although there are hundreds of ways to accomplish this goal, my approach is to improve organizational health by examining sources of worker withdrawal, sources of professional workers’ (e.g. doctors, lawyers, and professors) motivation,  sources and outcomes of virtuous leadership, and workplace racial and gender biases.

Improving Organizational Health by Reducing Worker Withdrawal

Improving Organizational Health by Increasing Professional Workers' Motivation

Improving Organizational Health through Virtuous Leadership

Improving Organizational Health by Removing Racial and Gender Biases

o    The Washington Post, June 1, 2009

o    The Chicago Tribune, June 2, 2009

o    The NY Times, June 23, 2009

o    The Boston Globe, July 6, 2009


On a personal note, I love random facts/quotesHere are a few that I find interesting:

"I'm no poet but if you think for yourselves as I proceed, the facts will form a poem in your mind." -Michael Faraday (one of the greatest scientists ever who kept a list of facts that he found personally interesting) 


"I like your quiet sleepy house. But I don't want to fall asleep because I want to stay awake and hang out with you." -Esme


You hear that sick beat on the radio at Wendy's and you're like "please let it be ice ice baby"... but nope it's always "under pressure" –me at Wendy’s


There’s two types of people in the world: Those who hear the word “stop” and immediately think “Hammertime” and those who immediately think “collaborate and listen.” –some funny guy


“Modification indices suggested allowing correlated errors between the first and third diversity climate items, which can occur for items with similar content (McKay, Avery, Liao & Morris, 2011).”


“Although the fact that disgruntled employees more readily declined to complete surveys, missing data at the extreme score ranges reduce statistical power to detect significant interaction effects (McClelland and Judd, 1993; McKay, Avery, Liao & Morris, 2011).”


“’Top-box’ or ‘strongly-agree’ responses on customer satisfaction surveys are important to companies, particularly in competitive consumer markets such as retailing. According to Jones and Sasser (1995), firms can be distinguished as those who provide completely satisfactory service (i.e. strongly agree responses) versus those that provide merely satisfactory service (i.e. agree responses). Also minority representation among sales associates was strongly correlated with the proportion of minority customers at each store (r = .92), which is consistent with past research (Stoll et al., 2000).” (McKay, Avery, Liao & Morris, 2011)


More and more employees are temporary, forming the new “gig economy” (Riley & Buckley, 2008).


The lightest skin color immigrants to the U.S. earned on average 17% more than their darker-skinned counterparts, and taller immigrants also earned higher wages as well (Hersch, 2008).


“Yes master my mistake” –Jude


“Hey bucket! The mop is here! Where’s my bucket?” –David (mop) talking to me (bucket) on skype while playing League of Legends


“You bring this ridiculous level of energy to the basketball court that is totally inappropriate for the moment. When you weren’t there, I tried to pretend I was you but it’s just too exhausting, and I gave up after 10 minutes. It’s so quiet without you. You’re needed Dave.” –Kent Cruger


Research idea: What if we call white people “gray” and black people “tan”? 


““There was a guy who was deathly ill in the hospital and the doctor took the man’s wife out in the hall and told her that her husband would die unless she adored him and nurtured him and totally supported him. She went back in the room and her husband asked what the doctor told her. She told her husband, “He said you’re gonna die.”” –My dad


“I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul.”  -Every married guy ever


“Can I have it all? Like a career and a family?” –No straight male ever


Research idea: Does percent female teachers in a discipline (i.e. STEM fields) predict percent female students? Is this causal?


“In the video game RUST, players who try to buy and sell (i.e. “role-players”) get targeted by the others in the game who just want to fight (i.e. “pvp-ers”). So there are people trying to do economy and grow and get rich through trade and people trying to get rich through killing and stealing.  Economy is about teamwork, promotion focus, growth and using one’s skills, and the war type of players are about individual-effort, killing, violence, fear, and prevention focus. Role-players get targeted by the PVP players – PVP players are threatened by the role-players and target and humiliate them.” –Jude


“Dad, I wish I had 10 younger sisters so I could show them all how much more you love me than them.” –Esme (age 5)


"Assessment centers value intelligence, extraversion and openness to experience. But not conscientiousness, agreeableness and emotional stability. So they value getting ahead traits, not getting along traits." -Prof Brian Hoffman


"Why Are There So Many Theories?" a Classroom Exercise To explain why there are so many management theories – basically each theory is a new tool in your toolbox



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More information on this program is available here.



"So hiring on culture fit is good early on but dangerous over time, and the reason is that when you hire on culture fit, you bring in people who tend to think exactly the same way that you do. It’s code for, OK, I’m going to have people who share my values. And that means weeding out cognitive diversity."



"etymologically, the words “community” and “immunity” are actually symmetrical reflections of one another: community connotes contagion, contamination, being-together, shared burdens, reciprocal commitment, mutual care, the simultaneity of survival and destruction, and a lack of individual identity.  By contrast, “immunity” signifies borders, separation, neutralization, independence, non-interaction, non-commonality.  As such, the immunization paradigm refers broadly to societal processes which exempt people from commonality." -Phoenix Van Wagoner's brother


A group of superchickens just plucks each other to death, but a group of average chickens out performs the group of superchickens



"Communities are united by subtraction instead of addition, loss instead of gain, and obligation instead of privilege.  Mutual care is the core of such a community and the munus, or shared burden, is what the immunization paradigm seeks to eliminate.“ -Phoenix Van Wagoner's brother


Coefficient alpha should really be above .9, not .7



"Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow".      ~Helen Keller


"Dennis Quaid is the dad of Hollywood; Tom Hanks is the dad of America." -Ali Smith



When people laugh they always look at person they are closest to or the person they want to be closest to



“Cambria is the new Serif.” – Ali Smith


Room reservation website for future reference: https://vems1.colorado.edu/Default.aspx


Graphic design is my passion meme



“Racing stripes” is about a girl who rides a Zebra. Sounds amazing.



Noses and ears never stop growing



As of January 2016 , the largest known prime number is 2^74,207,281 − 1, a number with 22,338,618 decimal digits. It was found in 2016 by the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS). (2^n - 1 is likely the largest prime number)



Economic booms increase death rates because of increased pollution and alcoholism



High-trust organizations have five key elements:

Competence, Openness and Honesty, Concern for Employees, Reliability and Identification).



Paypal mafia "I think if you look at the post-PayPal mafia companies, or startups, the ideas were all very different," Sacks said. "Yelp, Youtube, Yammer, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on — they're all pretty different products. So, I think every founder had a very different product idea, but I think some of the techniques they learned and the playbook, how you get a startup to scale, I think was something they learned at PayPal, and had the confidence to do because of PayPal."



Justice is all about promotion focus, injustice is all about prevention focus



Family leave actually hurts female faculty’s chances of tenure (22% decrease) and helps men’s chances of tenure (19% increase). This is because women use family leave to take care of the kids, while men use family leave to do research.



"All motivation theories basically imply that more of the construct is better, like with goal setting more goals are better, with expectancy theory, more valence, instrumentality and expectancy are better. But not with equity theory. Everyone expects fairness, and when it's not fair or equitable, everyone gets angry.  So less equity is bad.  More just gets you to zero." Prof. Terry Mitchell


"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."    ~ Eden Phillpotts


"Three things really helped the Foster phd program 1. Alaska Airlines donated 500,000 miles to phd students for travel. 2. We increased phd student pay by $7,000. 3. Mike Johnson really helped grow the program -- I'm really impressed with the training MSU grads receive." -Prof. Terry Mitchell


When you need to reserve a team room, you can now do so at https://vems1.colorado.edu

Step-by-step instructions for team room reservations are located here: https://vems1.colorado.edu/images/koblhtm/images/VEMS-QRGforTeamroomsLeeds.html


Murderball.  It depicts the members of the US quadriplegic rugby team as they prepare for an international competition.  As the back of the CD states, Murderball is "a film about tough, highly competitive rugby players: Quadriplegic rugby players...[It] tells the story of a group of world-class athletes unlike any ever shown on screen...it will smash every stereotype you ever had about the disabled...most of all, it is a film about standing up, even after your spirit -- and your spine -- has been crushed."


"For instance, experimentally inducing people’s system justification motive leads to increasingly negative evaluations of business-oriented women when few women are perceived to currently be leaders in business (Kay et al., 2009)."



"First, building on Lerner’s (1980) justworld theory, empirical work emerging from the perspective of SJT shows that people tend to lionize winners and derogate losers, attributing their success or failure to their own dispositions, such as their intelligence or laziness (Kay et al., 2005)."



"Laurin and colleagues (2010) provide evidence that when people’s system-justification motive is heightened, they increasingly rationalize and defend the gender wage gap, increasingly attributing it to differences in the abilities that men and women possess"



"Perceived system dependence, or the degree to which individuals believe that their personal outcomes are contingent on a given system, has been demonstrated to enhance people’s tendency to justify and defend that system (Kay et al., 2009; Van der Toorn et al., 2014, 2011)"



Smiling makes you happier and healthier



Google's head of HR argues that a top-notch engineer is worth "300 times more than an average engineer"



"Great companies combine a strong sense of identity with a fierce hostility to groupthink. Andy Grove, a CEO of Intel, advised CEOs to balance the sycophants they inevitably attract by cultivating “Cassandras” who are “quick to recognise impending change and cry out an early warning”. These Cassandras are often middle managers who “usually know more about upcoming change than the senior management because they spend so much time ‘outdoors’ where the winds of the real world blow in their faces”. GE insists that its high-flying executives, most of whom are engineers by training, take courses in painting in order to “loosen them up” a little."



Job applicants are viewed to be creative to the extent they are similar to the person hiring them (i.e. generalist applicants are judged highly creative by generalist hiring managers, and specialist applicants are judged highly creative by specialist hiring managers). Interestingly, the authors go on to suggest that one of the best predictors of whether an applicant will be judged highly creative is whether the applicants' parents were college graduates, implying that higher socio-economic status is viewed to be a strong signal of creativity.



"I'm really worried Trump will win. I mean his foreign policy knowledge is horrible. All he knows is that Putin is a good guy, which is just crazy. The president drives 99% of foreign policy and can get us into a war before Congress can get its pants on in the morning. There's just so many Americans who will vote for Trump but are embarrassed to admit it, so he's under-polling. This is really scary."- Former IL Republican Governor Jim Edgar (the only recent IL Gov to not go to jail) talking to my students on Friday in October 2016


Tony Hayward

2007-2010: CEO of BP

2011: founder of Vallares

2011: CEO of Genel Energy

2013: chairman of Glencore


“Markets make great tools but lousy religions.” -Prof Jeff York


"Temporal discounting refers to the tendency to prefer smaller gains in the present and discount

larger gains in the future (e.g., spending money on a desired product in the present rather than

saving and investing that money for larger gains in retirement)."


"Ted Bundy looks like a CEO, but he chops you up."-Prof Brian Hoffman


Do the same people who disbelieve in evolution, global warming also disbelieve the business case for diversity? - SJ


"Individuals with strong dark side characteristics (psychopathy, narcissism, machiavellianism) can trick assessment centers. Socially skilled jerks are the winners at assessement centers." -Prof Brian Hoffman


"Humility is viewed as a weakness for generic "business leaders" but is viewed as a strength for "my leader"."


Wise psychological interventions have a BIG impact "What did that compliment mean to you?"



The article is about the benefits of loneliness. Links it to social awareness and empathy. Being lonely is high risk, high reward. I bet there is something here with leaders.



Seven behaviors of compassionate leaders



Growth mindset helps freshmen



Cool workplace incivility article



Professor salary info



80% of people think bad weather makes employees less productive, but the opposite is true - bad weather makes people more productive.



Academic Job Hunter Tips



MetaBUS is like a meta-analysis of all business research that managers can use



People expect positive interactions with high status people, and expect negative interactions with high power people




Diversity interventions


Gender quotas encourage more competent women to apply because women hate competing with men, but are ok with competing with other women. "Faced with a male and female combined competition, only 31 percent of women chose to compete. But faced with a contest that guaranteed a winning spot to a woman, over 80 percent of women entered."


Female board membership is positively related to accounting measures, but not market-measures of firm performance

sex differences in rewards (d = .56) (including salary, bonuses, and promotions) were 14 times larger than sex differences in performance evaluations (d = .04), and that differences in performance evaluations did not explain reward differences between men and women. 

women board members are more effective in male-dominated industries in reducing both the frequency and severity of fraud.

Gender faultlines lead to less loyalty, but task faultlines lead to more loyalty.  But the bad effects of gender faultlines are reversed and the good effects of task faultlines are enhanced when there is a strong diversity climate


Self-reliant female leaders are rated better than self-reliant male leaders



Black CEOs get penalized with lower customer satisfaction ratings only when the building are low quality. Customers take out their bias against the building



Amplification in the advertising business



Failed CEOs who are still CEOs





Lord John Browne, Baron of Madingley, was removed as CEO of BP in 2007 because of a refinery explosion under his watch. John was replaced by his lieutenant, Tony "America's most hated man" Hayward, who sold 1/3 of his BP shares one month before the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill (perhaps the earth's greatest ecological disaster). Tony was fired for saying he "wanted his life back" and racing his yacht around the Isle of Wight during the spill. BP stock price dropped over 60% during his three-year tenure as CEO. He is currently board chairman of a large oil company (Glencore Xstrata, stock price down over 40% since he became chairman) and CEO of another (Genel Energy, stock price has dropped 88% since he took over). Bob Dudley (Tony Hayward's lieutenant) replaced Tony in 2010 and BP stock price has dropped 20% since. I'll bet the next BP CEO will be a woman...


Inclusion events are invisible, exclusion events are excruciating. Again this reminds me of what happens with globalization of trade – winners from globalization are invisible (we all get to buy jeans a dollar cheaper) and losers are highly visible (domestic workers at jean factories laid off).  With both globalization and diversity, we expand the pie, but some get a smaller portion of the pie. The parallels are striking. Expanding the trading and talent pool is better for society (drawing products/ talent from 100% of the population, not just 31%), but can be very painful for the old guard.



Our diversity talk~ starts at 13:00



Another one of our talks



Really good compendium of articles about inclusion



A scale of inclusive leader behavior (new iq) that the government uses. Looks like a good start. Probably too many dimensions though.



"If we are going to celebrate diversity, then I think we have to be OK with inequality. Because celebrating differences means people get to be individuals and there will be performance differences." -Prof. Terry Mitchell


Breaking down every NFL coaching job in 2016




Xmen initial scenes about feeling excluded

Gran Torino - Clint Eastwood

Monster - Charlize Theron


"Fletcher’s (1998, 1999) study, this work done by women was also underappreciated due to gender bias and power differences associated this work, which caused women’s contributions to disappear or remain invisible."



"Feminist pedagogy suggests that women may have different “ways of knowing”—acquiring and transforming knowledge differently than men— due to their socialization and self-concept"



"Thus inclusive leadership simultaneously creates uniqueness and belonging (Prime & Salib, 2014) to develop relationships at all levels of the organization so that tasks can be accomplished for mutual benefit (Hollander, 2012) and deliver long-term results. In other words, achieving effective inclusive leadership means “doing things with people, rather than to people” (Hollander, 2012, p. 3)."



"Feminist poststructuralist approaches to learning suggest that by gaining self-awareness in relation to their gender identity, women may be able to use experiences of invisibility and visibility as a skill in which they intentionally deploy (in)visibility—both visibility and invisibility used at times when one or the other will have the most social impact—to counter gender stereotypes (Stead, 2013). Deploying (in)visibility in this way engages women in knowing when to fit into a social context to “play the game” (Stead, 2013, p. 73) potentially making their gender identity invisible, and when to make their gender identity visible to create appropriate disruption of the norm and opportunity for learning (Stead, 2013)."



“This shift is captured in the tensions between the debate as to whether pedagogy is teaching for knowledge or creating learning through experience (Beetham & Sharpe, 2013). In feminist pedagogy, the role of educators is not to provide expert knowledge, but to provide an environment where knowledge can be socially constructed, drawing out what students already know (Maher & Tetreault, 1996). Thus the way in which learning is created in feminist methods may better align with developing leaders for a postmodern world of interconnectedness in which leadership is understood through a “relational, social, and situated perspective through a process of becoming” (Edwards, Elliott, Iszatt-White, & Schedlitzki, 2013, p. 5). Becoming a leader—or developing a leadership identity—then cannot be considered in isolation from the social connections and relationships that foster it.”



Idea - silos result from not enough organizational relationships (Andriani & McKelvey, 2009), and women focus on being relational leaders, so women leaders focus on "relational leadership approaches because these are the challenges that women face in their ongoing experiences in organizations. If this is the case, we might recommend that leadership development as a whole should forsake the traditional masculine based leadership development of old and ring in the new age of feminist pedagogy for inclusive leadership!"



Cover story: Minorities, women still strive for inclusion



BlindedHR makes the hiring process blind



"Power is zero-sum-- control for one person means less for another. But status isn't. The more respect you give to others, the more you earn." -Prof Adam Grant



"If you're a white woman in a company that's at least 40% women - emphasizing and celebrating everyone's differences was found to reduce attrition. However, if you're in a smaller minority - less than 5% - then the opposite was true. Emphasizing equality reduced attrition, and celebrating differences actually increased it."



Most businesses around the world feel diversity is very important but they feel unprepared to make their businesses more diverse



Most black male high school dropouts have served time in prison



Preventing employers from asking about criminal history actually INCREASES racism against black people because employers assume black people are criminals



Academic papers get cited about 5-10% more when coauthors are from different countries



Don't worry ladies, men declare sexism is over!



The best teams have high levels of psychological safety. The way to create psychological safety is to share something personal (like health issue, breakup, etc).



Practical steps that P66 HR executives want to do to increase the “visible aspects of diversity”
-Have two women/POC on every slate of candidate finalists
-Blind resume reviews
-Diverse selection teams/committees
-Training/workshops for recruiting staff, functional recruiters, hiring managers
-Merit pay has to be attractive to different demographics
-Communicate “potential” status to high potential employees
-Targeted leadership programs for women and POC
-Increase workplace flexibility
-Onsite childcare

Replace the word "inclusion" with "essential"


"My conclusion is that there is no general information about coverage of Diversity and Inclusion in B-School courses." - Prof. David Kravitz


Ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians (McKinsey’s recent report -- Hunt, Layton, & Prince, 2015)


Unlike White employees, ethnic minority employees constantly reference the fit between their ethnic self and work environment (Chrobot-Mason & Thomas, 2002).

MA just made it illegal to ask for salary history this month

US govt did the same with federal jobs

Marc Benioff of salesforce fixes pay gap

Facebook gives hiring managers double points for hiring a woman/nonwhite person (which seemed to fail)

Ellen Pao bans salary negotiations at Reddit

Rooney rule implemented in 2003 - must have at least one nonwhite finalist for head coaching position. But now in 2016 80 of the NFL's current 85 offensive coordinators, quarterbacks coaches and offensive quality control coaches are white, including all 37 with the word "quarterback" in their titles.

Publicly posting demographic numbers for each department. Accountability works. "Once managers realized that employees, peers, and superiors would know which parts of the company favored whites, the gap in raises all but disappeared."

Mandatory diversity training, job tests and grievance systems are actually worse for workplace diversity than doing nothing at all. They backfire- making people more racist and sexist than before.

Diversity initiatives that actually work: voluntary training, college recruitment efforts targeted on untapped talent pools (women, minorities), mentoring programs, diversity task forces, and hiring a diversity manager. Why? Because these things promote contact with women/minorities, engagement with women/minorities, and accountability for hiring/promoting women/minorities. 

Mandatory diversity training, job tests and grievance systems are actually worse for workplace diversity than doing nothing at all. They backfire- making people more racist and sexist than before.

Diversity initiatives that actually work: voluntary training, college recruitment efforts targeted on untapped talent pools (women, minorities), mentoring programs, diversity task forces, and hiring a diversity manager. Why? Because these things promote contact with women/minorities, engagement with women/minorities, and accountability for hiring/promoting women/minorities. 

High potential woman executives are getting paid more than high potential male executives, especially in consumer goods and service industries


"By adapting the on-site training program to suit disabled job-seekers and by working closely with local agencies for people with disabilities, Walgreens was able to hire beyond its 30 percent target. What’s more, the company found that the center operated 20 percent more efficiently compared to others in its fleet, citing increased productivity, lower turnover and a highly motivated workforce."

Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) was designed for women to give them more flexibility at work, but everyone loves it.
"Sodexo did a big internal study and 42 percent of our teams are not gender balanced (had less than 40% women) but the gender balanced teams had 4% more engagement, 5% more brand recognition, and 23% higher profits." - Dr. Rohini Anand, Sodexo Inc

The girl scouts offer a negotiation badge

Boston is training 85,000 women to negotiate

The American Bar Association makes it misconduct to call women honey or use sexist language in court


Insight: For every incident of discrimination there is an equal incident of privilege. As a white man I need to talk about privilege and as a Latina Stefanie should talk about discrimination.

"Anyone who wants to be a leader has to go for it. But do women have to go for it more covertly?" - some wise person at the Wharton conference 2016

Research Idea from Nate Fast (USC) - Diversity conversation prototyping based on the person who initiates the conversation (majority or minority) and the tone and the content.

Berkeley had a diversity problem (only 29% of MBAs were women) and they did a bottom-up approach where students tried to solve it and increased the numbers to 43%. Harvard did a top-down diversity approach. The consensus is that people don't like to do diversity so it has to be imposed upon them. Top down is best.

"Women tend to realize gender bias exists when they have kids" PSU Prof Aparna Joshi
“Transparent performance metrics could be a way to remove bias from performance ratings.” –Prof. Katherine Klein

“The main thing I took away from your talk was that white men are the only ones who can really gin up the conversation on race and gender bias.” –Prof Andy Cohen

This is how you get people to see common ground. Talk about common experiences of being excluded.

Amazing video of the process in action here:

Autistic woman figures out how to help cattle get washed and killed efficiently

Male leadership "fits with" hierarchical networks, female leadership "fits with" cohesive networks.

Coke posts diversity numbers online

"Behaviors that promote team diversity inhibit team inclusion" - me

"Similarities attract, opposites enlighten." -me

"Emotion is the bridge between thought and body. Thoughts produce emotions, which affect the body, and actions produce emotions which affect thoughts." -Eckhart Tolle, wise dude


"Racism is sustained by the denial of racism" - some dude at AOM Anaheim bathroom to some other dude (not me srsly lol)


People think generic business leaders shouldn't be humble

Lucy Kelleway, Listen to Lucy FT

If your boss is a different race than you, you will get rated worse

Coke has 17% women employees and about a 10% turnover rate.

Organizations that have "diversity structures" -- employee recruitment and promotion strategies targeting underrepresented groups, and practices that indicate that valuing and promoting diversity are priorities of the organization, actually tend to have more discriminatory employees. Employees think diversity is taken care of so they stop caring about it.

Coke really focused on increasing diversity after a $193 million lawsuit in 2000

Job patterns for women and minorities in the U.S.

About a third of U.S. firms have self-managed teams for core operations, and nearly four-fifths use cross-training, so these tools are already available in many organizations.

Accountability works. "Once managers realized that employees, peers, and superiors would know which parts of the company favored whites, the gap in raises all but disappeared."

Women tend to under-rate themselves

Mandatory diversity training, job tests and grievance systems are actually worse for workplace diversity than doing nothing at all. They backfire- making people more racist and sexist than before.

Diversity initiatives that actually work: voluntary training, college recruitment efforts targeted on untapped talent pools (women, minorities), mentoring programs, diversity task forces, and hiring a diversity manager. Why? Because these things promote contact with women/minorities, engagement with women/minorities, and accountability for hiring/promoting women/minorities. 

"The average chess game has about 40 moves per player, and lasts three hours. The iphone is a grandmaster chess player basically. A game with zero mistakes means the game is a draw." - Prof. Diego Garcia

"In chess, experts are least likely to make a blunder if they are slightly ahead (half a pawn ahead)" -Finance Prof. Diego Garcia

Dan Ariely sent John Lynch (colleague here at Leeds) a Freud action figure doll and considers John his ego and super ego

KPMG found that its clients with onsite child-care earned a return on investment (ROI) of 125 percent.

employees who have kids in onsite daycare at Patagonia are 25% less likely to quit

American business leaders provide paid family leave to just 11% of U.S. workers.

Defensive oriented teams are focused externally, offensive focused teams are focused internally

Highly intelligent groups tend to engage in a lot of diverse activities and have ongoing theoretical tensions

6th graders in the richest school districts are 4 grade levels ahead of kids in the poorest districts

bosses guide men in improving skills and guide women in improving styles

National Diversity Day is October 2 - what is your diverse superpower?

Genetic diversity and economic development (inverted-U)

Very homogenous and very heterogenous NHL teams perform best (U-shaped relationship between diversity and performance)

"white men in Europe and the United States are the beneficiaries of the single greatest affirmative action program in the history of the world. It is called "the history of the world.""

Feeling trusted is emotionally exhausting for employees 

"Self-affirmation improves self-control by promoting higher levels (vs. lower levels) of mental construal."  To affirm yourself just write for a minute about why your top value is so important to you. Then you can persist longer on difficult tasks  (like sticking your hand in freezing water)

"Women are not broken and men are not the problem." -NCWIT tagline, the problem is how we interact with each other

Need to teach people how to have critical conversations

Roundpeg is like eharmony for employer/employee

"I want to know where that idea came from because I like how that person thinks and they might have other good ideas." -Julie Imig

"What would happen if we just added women, and didn't get rid of guys at the top?" -Julie Imig

"That forces otherness on people who are already feeling othered” – Jan Combopiano

Flip the script – words that hurt women:
“needs gravitas – means not me” 
“needs presence” 
“helpful” is code for “not leader”  
“is judgmental”

Americans now think it's ok to say what they really think about race


"We all want 'equality' for only our own group." -Prof. Stefanie Johnson

"All groups are equal, but some are just more equal than others." -Prof. Russell Cropanzano

"Some D&I practitioners are discouraged, some just want to keep their jobs. Few are really focused on changing things." - May Snowden

"Many black boys essentially drop out of school by third grade because they have so much self-hate for being on the bottom of the social hierarchy." -May Snowden

There's lots of diversity, homeowner vs renter, north vs south, white vs black, staff vs line, faculty vs staff, revenue generator vs support, elite vs non-elite, introvert vs extravert, etc.  Religion has a lot to do with these deep, deep beliefs about difference.  Arguments for race and gender diversity sound like arguments in favor of free trade and NAFTA (pie gets bigger).

Way bigger percentages of people die from inter-tribal warfare than modern warfare

Labels are for cans, not for people. Cool Coke commercial

"I want to see everyone connected to everyone in the world." -May Snowden

Is Trump just Archie Bunker?

Feminine Leadership or Inclusive Leadership? Women are afraid to use their strengths.

"Affinity groups at P66 - make people feel more included. Sonja Reed is A-MA-ZING (head of HR at P66)" - Trisha.

"If an avocado is ugly, then I am suspicious of it and throw it out if it tastes even a little bit weird. That is like diversity. If a person is a woman or brown and does something a little weird, then we throw them out." -Stefanie

Paper ideas with Stefanie
-paper floor
-facial reactions to nonwhite/women mistakes
-feminine leadership


Diversity/immigration has visible losers/costs and invisible winners/gains.
"If you mix ignorance and optimism you are guaranteed to be a success." -Mark Twain

"Countries can have universalist values, open borders or a welfare state. Pick two of the three." -Russell

White women taught black children to read

CDOs (Chief Diversity Officers) are overwhelmed with putting out fires. Some are marginalized. They come from HR and HR has never been focused on profitability. If you are focused on profits, no one takes you seriously. HR needs to be strategic.  Black and white women can bond because they are both women. Black and white men can bond over sports. At Kodak, I reduced barriers by having bosses and workers eat in the same room. This was a big change and broke down divisiveness. 


"... the role incongruity principle allows for prejudice against male leaders, to the extent that there exist leader roles whose descriptive and injunctive content is predominantly feminine. Because leadership is generally masculine, such leader roles are rare...." (Eagly & Karau, 2002; p. 576)  

Contrary to popular belief, Fortune 1000 board seats held by women not monopolized by an elite group of individuals


Predicting success at Google: Men who rate their competence 4/5 become stars, women who rate their competence 5/5 become stars

Women build support networks within a company and then lose it when they transfer to a new company

Catalyst has an online training about how to be an inclusive leader using the EACH model edx.org, catalystx.org.


"The Rooney rule has been criticized for not bringing lasting change"

Black NFL coaches earn $26.3 million in a 20-year career vs $49.7 million for white coaches

"We find no evidence that the Rooney rule reduced the racial disparity in assistant coach promotion rates"

Don't be color blind, be color brave

"You politically correct brah?"

Sweden has more Olympic medals than China

Blacks are 13% of the population and earn nearly 40% of our Olympic medals

"By adapting the on-site training program to suit disabled job-seekers and by working closely with local agencies for people with disabilities, Walgreens was able to hire beyond its 30 percent target. What’s more, the company found that the center operated 20 percent more efficiently compared to others in its fleet, citing increased productivity, lower turnover and a highly motivated workforce."

ABC has the first black president to helm the entertainment division of a major network (Channing Dungey).

Want to score more goals in soccer? Make sure you have lots of different languages spoken on your team

Tom Falk, CEO of Kimberly Clark made it his mission to make sure that women have equal opportunity. He would tell people “We all needed help to get here. You are going to help people and they won’t look like you. And you say you want the best people but all your candidates are white men – how can that be.”

“It not rest of the world, it most of the world…Don’t tell me the business case for diversity. Diversity is about people.” –Lord John Brown gay, Jewish former CEO of BP

GAP is the catalyst award winner last year and they are training 100,000 women in east asia on basic math skills.

Unconscious bias can make minorities feel more marginalized and make majority members feel hopeless. Need instead to focus on the positive – inclusion culture

BMO in Canada – every other board seat is filled by a woman.

“Corporate culture is built on a man having a wife at home” –Jan Combopiano from catalyst

Ethical leadership is inclusive leadership according to Thomas Mack

“For every David executive that gets replaced by a Susan executive, the David’s double down and get super scared because of the corporate culture of survivability” –Citi HR exec

If we rewarded leadership teams instead of individual leaders, then we could diversify the highest levels of corporate America because executives would all want the best executives on their team (like sports got diverse because of team culture with clear performance metrics).

Research ideas
How do you get diverse candidate slates if you don’t know the race and gender of the candidates?
Are people scared about the legal aspects of diversity? “We can’t talk about this (race/gender) or we will get sued”
How can we change what we can’t see?
How can we teach people how to have conversations about diversity?
How does “covering” and not being able to bring your authentic self to work affect productivity?
How does leader awareness of gender and race issues affect team performance and inclusion culture?
How would a blind career fair work? What would it do?
Does resume scraping and resume blinding increase nonwhite and female hires?
Do skip-level meetings with women and minority employees increase a culture of inclusion?
How are executive champions of women/minority ERGs viewed?
Where’s the manual for becoming more diverse and inclusive as an organization?
How do friendships at work affect the culture of inclusion?
What percent of employee time do people think about how their actions will be judged harshly by others (80% for women and POC)?
Whether and how gender balanced teams out perform their non-gender balanced counterpart teams
How would having team members taking turns leading a meeting affect the culture of inclusion?
What if people handed out physical disks (or electronic points in an app) in meetings to people who made a good point and then everyone counted up their disks at the end of the meeting to keep score? Would that enable women to get more credit for their ideas?

“Need to put the medicine in the applesauce when it comes to diversity training” –Citigroup HR executive

Ruth Bader Ginsberg said that Equality on the Supreme Court is when all nine justices are women and no one cares, because for decades all justices were men and no on cared.

What do parking lot lights mean for women and brown band aids mean for minorities?

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness we were at when we created them." -Albert Einstein

Talking about job candidates actually dampened diversity

The addictive personality might have evolved for leadership. "So, when searching for your organization’s next leader, look for someone with an attenuated dopamine function: someone who is never satisfied with the status quo, someone who wants the feeling of success more than others — but likes it less."

High self-monitors are sensitive to social situations and how other people want them to act, and are more prone to developing an addiction. They want to fit in so badly.

A psychiatrist who diagnoses mental illness, and sometimes demonic possession

20% of employers in the U.S. now offer empathy training for managers

Diverse countries are more expressive - they have a greater need for nonverbal cues to understand each other

My top five strengths: Humor, judgment, fairness, curiosity, creativity.
My bottom five strengths: spirituality, love, zest, humility, social intelligence

"Now, freedom is always coming in the hereafter but, you know what, though, the hereafter is a hustle. We want it now. And let’s get a couple of things straight here, just a little sidenote. The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander. That’s not our job. All right, stop with all that. If you have a critique for the resistance, for our resistance, then you better have an established record of critique of our oppression. If you have no interest in equal rights for black people, then do not make suggestions to those who do. Sit down."

"I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse." -Charles V

"A divorce is like a symphony with a screeching sound at the end - the fact that it ended badly does not mean that it was all bad." -Daniel Kahneman in Thinking Fast and Slow

Duration neglect is the tendency to give good and bad aspects of experience equal weight, even when the good part lasted 10 times longer than the bad part

Duration of pleasure doesn't seem to matter. What matters is intensity.
-From Thinking Fast and Slow

"American women spend 19% of their time in an unpleasant state compared to 16% of French women and 14% of Danish women. There is a striking inequality in the distribution of emotional pain. About half of participants reported going through an entire day without experiencing an unpleasant episode...It appears a small fraction of the population does most of the suffering." -Daniel Kahneman in Thinking Fast and Slow

In Colorado it's against the law to ride a horse under the influence

Teams fail because they are looking too much inward and not enough outward

The number of gas stations fell by a third between 2004 and 2014 to just 39 in Manhattan. Nationwide gas stations dropped by 25%. 20% of new cars sold in Norway are electric.

"Life is short. False. It's the longest thing you do." -Dwight Schrute from the office

I tried to warn people. But did they listen? No. They never listen.

Doubt is a good thing because it slows down decisions

Ruin your search history "am I lack toast and tolerant?"

Turnover hurts group performance initially and then performance recovers

Ancient Greeks actually built a computer??

English is the 33rd weirdest language out of 239

Platinum rule: treat others as they want to be treated

Trouble with navigation is the earliest sign of Alzheimers. Oh geez

System 1 is more influential, guiding and steering System 2 to a very large extent

Colorado has the same GDP as Eygpt, CA the same as France, NY the same as Canada

Period. Full Stop. Point. Whatever It’s Called, It’s Going Out of Style

"It's all 'What the shit the fuck you are!' and the boys are even worse"

I sat next to this guy at Subway. I remember his game-winning catch that broke my heart as a kid.

Americans search "Is my son gifted" twice as much as "Is my daughter gifted". Fathers spend 40 more minutes per day with sons than daughters. Couples are less likely to divorce if their firstborn is a boy rather than a girl.

Couples are 76-95% more likely to get divorced if one of them smokes, and the amount increases if the wife is the one with the habit.

Each liter of alcohol consumed raises the chance of divorce by 20%. The average American consumes 9.4 liters of alcohol per year, raising their divorce likelihood 188%

An industry helps Chinese students cheat their way through U.S. colleges

Unilever's CEO Paul Polman stopped reporting quarterly earnings to allow the company and its investors to focus on long-term value

Last fall a park in Colorado closed because too many people were trying to take selfies with bears.

"we propose a negative, serially mediated association between higher parental income and lower future leader effectiveness via high levels of narcissism and, in turn, reduced engagement in behaviors that are viewed as central to the leadership role. "

Sorry Rasheed, the ball does lie

More women on the board means fewer mergers and acquisitions

65% of men age 65+ say they are completely masculine, but only 30% of men aged 18-29 say they are completely masculine

Attractive people earn about 20 percent more than average attractiveness people

“For women, most of the attractiveness advantage comes from being well groomed. For men, only about half of the effect of attractiveness is due to grooming."

Chills man, chills

Want to be more inspirational? Get some sleep

Budweiser changed the name of its beer to "America" for a few months (and Trump took credit for it) #peak trump

"It's all any of us wants, to find a nice person to hang out with until we drop dead." -Lorelai Gilmore

adrians: I had three stitches in my ear today and now my ear is swollen like a balloon
a-creepy-weirdo-has: I'm not being racist but if you didn't want your ear to swell up you probably shouldn't have gotten stitches.
adrians: How is that racist
burritwo: They just said they weren't being racist do you even listen
the-lost-doctor: I'm not gay but I really think cats deserve a chance to be in the olympics
chandra75: this conversation is the exact reason I quit drugs

lurkerpl: please stop adding "there are two kinds of people" and "that escalated quickly" to text posts
mr-egbutt: there are two kinds of rapid escalation
horussebooks: well that peopled twicely

High potential woman executives are getting paid more than high potential male executives, especially in consumer goods and service industries

28 years of stock market data shows a link between employee satisfaction and long-term value, even though stock prices drop when companies announce pay raises for employees, but four years later the stock price more than recovers because of increased employee satisfaction.

If people feel threatened about their culture (i.e. I'm a Canadian and feel like you're mocking Canadians) then they think about death. It literally makes them feel like they are dying. So immigrants make people afraid they are going to die. 

Do people conceal their nature as animals from themselves with religion, culture, clothes, and beer to avoid thinking about their mortality?

When people are thinking about death, they become more likely to vote for Trump.

In China, debt has ballooned to 280 percent of GDP, from 135% in 2009. It now takes 4 yuan of debt to generate 1 yuan of economic growth. Up from 1 to 1 in 2008.

"I sometimes think that the whole renminbi/yuan issue is a sinister plot by the Chinese designed specifically to deter people from discussing Chinese currency policy" -Paul Krugman, Nobel-winning economist

Women will compete if the goal is something they actually care about: the benefit of their children

"Use an oblique rotation if the factors are correlated; use an orthogonal rotation if the factors are independent" -Phoenix Van Wagoner

"Legendary fight with Shia Labeouf, Normal Tuesday night for Shia Labeouf."

"Children tend to live with more segregation than the population at large." 

"The gender wage gap is smallest not in the least competitive jobs, but in the jobs with the most flexibility"

If companies switch from paying cash to paying in vouchers that can only be used to buy things for one's children, then women employees will increase motivation to compete for high-paying jobs and men will decrease motivation to compete for high-paying jobs (30% of both men and women will choose to compete when rewards can only be spent on children, whereas 35% of men and 25% of women will compete when the reward is cash).

Behaving justly increases subordinate trust in white managers but DECREASES subordinate trust in nonwhite managers (because justice is expected and so it allows people to view minority leaders in abstract terms, which then allows them to express the 'nonwhites are dishonest' stereotype).

Kids with low self-control, and those who value a small prize today over a larger prize later are much more likely to be convicted in court as adults

Every dollar spent on refugees increases economic income in the local area by two dollars.

Like most personality disorders, histrionic personality disorder typically will decrease in intensity with age, with many people experiencing few of the most extreme symptoms by the time they are in their 40s or 50s.

Cool song

Another good one

Women on boards is a good thing,  "companies with the most women on their boards of directors significantly and consistently outperform those with no female representation: by 41 percent in terms of return on equity and by 56 percent in terms of operating results. "

Humble leadership works for the Golden State Warriors, "“I’m a professional listener,” he told me. “There’s a lot of smart people in the world, you know. I’m not the smartest. I’m just an integrator. The N.B.A. isn’t like the outside world. I can do whatever I want. But you don’t treat people that way.”  -Joe Lacob, owner of GSW

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in Austin, TX

Why do we assume people in powerful positions are white men?
Time will not solve the gender and race leadership gap. Action will.

"If you want people to be generous you don't need to offer incentives. You need to take away disincentives. That means no more forced grading curves or forced rankings of employees. It means defining success in terms of contributions to others, not only individual achievements." Prof Adam Grant

Founder of Chinese online retail giant Alibaba banned his first employees from living more than 15 minutes from work.

U.S. Workforce:
65 million white men
55 million white women
43.7 nonwhite men and women

In 2014 29.9% of men and 30.2% of women had graduated college, according to the US census bureau.

"I was under medication when I made the decision to burn the tapes.'' —President Richard Nixon

"When the President does it, that means it's not illegal." —President Richard Nixon, in a 1977 interview with David Frost

"You don't know how to lie. If you can't lie, you'll never go anywhere." —President Richard Nixon, giving advice to a political associate

"I was not lying. I said things that later on seemed to be untrue." — President Richard Nixon, reflecting on the Watergate scandal in 1978

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I wouldn't want to wake up next to a lady pipefitter." –President Richard Nixon, quoted in Ms. Magazine in 1971

Best write-up of my work ever. “Some might argue that adding a second minority or woman candidate to the finalist pool is a type of affirmative action or reverse discrimination against white men,” Johnson, Hekman, and Chan write, somehow restraining themselves from inserting the word “assholes” in between “some” and “might.”

The national mammal is the bison. SKO BUFFS


"Empathy is an inherently generative space" - some consultants leading a design thinking workshop I attended

If you wish yourself and others to be happy, content, and at ease (loving kindness meditation) every day for 9 weeks, you will be happier and healthier.

"When people are under stress, they look to powerful leaders who feed their fears." -Russell Cropanzano

"We stand with Tonto" - some bumper sticker

"The great work of our time is saving the earth. Saving Creation." -Geologian Thomas Berry

"She has the same half smile and expression the whole day. I've never seen that before." -Josh Anderson

Dean's Leadership Forum students want more student interaction, presentation not a paper, dinner earlier in the semester, take-away of the day, read a book like the Aeneid, and have the upperclass leaders come in and share.

Eight different professors declined to write a letter for a difficult tenure case that was ultimately unsuccessful. Here are their excuses for not writing "no time" "I have editorial duties" "no familiarity with the candidate" "I'm swamped" "I have new responsibilities" "I have family health issues" "I have a new job" "I'm not qualified"

"Affective Events Theory basically says that events lead to affect which leads to attitudes." - Russell Cropanzano

Benjamin Radcliff has a book on life satisfaction and concludes that people living in a welfare state are happiest, both the rich and poor people are happiest in a welfare state.

The doctrine of Hayek is that welfare state pushes us apart, but Bismark gave everyone state pensions and it unified the country. And the Reagan cutbacks led to more regionalism.

Students who complain about wanting to get an A instead of an A- are basically saying that the teacher is a wonderful grader 90% of the time, and a terrible grader 10% of the time. It's a tough case to argue.

CU has a female mascot. Ralphie the buffalo is female

Midwestern casualness is why we refer to the University of Colorado as CU. The same applies at Kansas-KU, Missouri-MU, Nebraska-NU and Oklahoma-OU.

Diversity when combined with shared leadership leads to information sharing and better team performance

Diversity without affect-based trust actually hurts team innovation

Addictive personality might be designed for leadership

UCLA grads leave college with about 30 percent less debt than Penn State grads and earn about 30 percent more when they graduate, even though they are both prestigious state schools.

Two-thirds of University of Phoenix students fail to pay any of their student loans back.

What do Auden, Sartre and Ayn Rand have in common? Adderall/Meth

"Fathers who are union members have children who earn at least 15 percent more than those who are not in union families...supporting unions not only helps workers but also helps their children and communities as well."

Are college lectures unfair? "Students over all perform better in active-learning courses than in traditional lecture courses. However, women, minorities, and low-income and first-generation students benefit more, on average, than white males from more affluent, educated families."

Ways to network at a party, WSJ

Ivy Leaguers in their 20s make even more money than you thought

Doctors finally know What Your Blood Pressure Should Be (systolic below 120)

70 million Americans are poor sleepers which puts them at risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and shorter life expectancy

Boulder now boasts the largest number of phds in the nation at 8.2 percent

Average family income:
White: $60,000
Asian: $74,000
Hispanic: $42,500
Black: $35,400


“And then it dawned on me: For them the arena, and then the parking lot, had become their own safe spaces, where these people, who had long been reined in by changing societal expectations and especially the heavy burden of political correctness, felt they were finally free of the ridiculous expectations of overly sensitive liberals.”

Public Service Announcement: Tom Brady is a Trump supporter. 

"So far the healthy eating movement has mostly changed the eating habits of wealthier Americans" Because they are the only ones who can afford it.

"But what I have instead is the chance to make the choice to love someone, and the hope that he will choose to love me back, and it is terrifying, but that's the deal with love."

"It's a lot of seeing people you are supposed to remember." -Jill describing a social event

"Pre-crastination is the inclination of completing tasks quickly just for the sake of getting things done sooner rather than later."

"The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary." -Nassim Taleb

Pascal's triangle is amazing


"We don't do big things anymore. With exceptions of Elon Musk, Google and Amazon. Leaders tend to foster divisiveness vs collective goals. In leadership there are calls for, but lack of action to promote individual initiative and responsibility. There is a record low trust in leadership, even when people tend to trust the industry. There is also low trust in institutions like science. Good leadership topics to study are collective leadership and creative leadership. We need to kill authentic leadership next.  We also need to study the leader as "sensemaker in chief" and we need to know what does and does not work for leader development." -Duke Prof. Sim Sitkin

"At MIT, students hate the word leadership because they associate it with people who are power hungry. We want to rename our leadership center the anti-leadership leadership center." -MIT Prof Deborah Ancona who should rename it the Humble leadership center maybe

"Let's get down to the physics of the thing" -Elon Musk

"Leadership is an influence process to achieve a collective goal. So we need to start with the goal and work backward to determine what type of leadership we want." -Maryland Prof. Hui Liao

“UPS has more sensors on each truck than packages on each truck. Harris Casino is using video surveillance to track worker smiles. These hourly metrics might be able to replace performance reviews. 10% of Fortune 500 companies have gotten rid of performance reviews. Showing employees the results of their hourly behaviors decreased non-productive time, but didn’t increase productive time. People who are high on social comparison already know how they compare to their coworkers. People who are low on social comparison improved the most from seeing how they spent their time.  Also the people who had low support from their supervisors improved the most from seeing their transparent performance. Hourly metrics thus act as a substitute for leadership.” – Prof Ethan Bernstein

“What is the nature of the super-ego monitoring you? If God is now Google and not a religious God what is the nature of that God? Benevolent or not? Are people more productive with a benevolent God or a mean God?” –Ethan Bernstein

“Greater transparency in performance feedback demands MORE not less leadership because leaders need to explain what the flood of data means and how to improve in response to it.” – Ethan Bernstein

“Most of the voice literature is all about frequency of voice. But what about content of voice? We found that there are three types of voice content – importance, resources, and interdependencies. Moreover, voice motivated by organizational identification was more likely to be listened to than voice motivated by professional identification.” –Ethan Burris

“There could be routinization of voice so managers get immune to it like ‘Oh here it comes again.’” – Michelle Duguid

“Minimal goals transform negatives to non-negatives. Maximal goals transform non-positives to positives. Goal-setting theory is focused on minimal goals. But it seems the best for motivation is to have very difficult minimal goals. Half of people have both maximal and minimal goals and those people tend to be prevention focused. One-quarter of people tend to have maximal goals only and those tend to be promotion focused.” – Prof. Steffen Giessner

“Prospect theory has both dimension sensitivity and loss aversion dimensions.” –Drew Carton

“96% of leaders are burned out (Byrne et al., 2014; Gallup 2013)” Prof. Klodiana Lanaj

“The meta-analytic correlation between physical attractiveness and leader emergence is .27.  This effect is the same for men and women, even though the effect is stronger when men are the raters (r = .43) versus women (r = .15)” – Prof. Stephen Courtright

“The main occupations for abusive supervision are college athletic coach (pay is not an option), haute cuisine (if junior chefs don’t work for a full year they don't get a letter of rec, and junior chefs often get fired after 364 days), surgery (no mistakes), law firms (partners abuse associates), investment banking (outcome matters a lot). These contexts are also our most popular TV shows. It’s like we enjoy watching the negativity. We like the drama.” – New Directions in Leadership Conference attendees

“Since the Ohio State studies, leadership measures have conflated leader behaviors with leader outcomes.” –Ben Tepper

“Can we teach leadership? Yes! If we simply disabuse our students of the notion that hostility is a good way of getting things done. There may be a positive and a negative pathway of leader hostility on organizational outcomes, but the negative pathway swamps the positive one.” –Ohio State Prof. Ben Tepper

“You should do a draw play when you talk about race and gender bias. Start by asking people for evidence supporting the idea that white men are discriminated against. Be on their side. Be their allies. Then turn the tables and say it turns out the data doesn’t support this idea. That way you are on the audience’s side. And then they can change once they see the data.” –Duke Prof. Sim Sitkin

“And the jeopardy theme song is almost done in my head.” –Wharton Prof. Drew Carton after waiting in silence for half a minute waiting for someone to talk

“If you want a student to stop talking, walk toward them slowly.” –Wharton Prof. Katherine Klein

Societies plagued by infectious diseases tend to be more collectivistic and xenophobic, whereas low rates of infection make people more open to outsiders and extravert.

Latent toxoplasmosis tends to increase guilt, vigilance and distrust, at least among men (Flegr et al. 1996; Flegr 2007; Lindova et al. 2006). toxoplasma seroprevalence is also associated with a strong focus on competition and personal achievement, at the expense of concern for others. Infection is linked to reduced conscientiousness, morality, and rule-conscious behavior among males (which are in most societies disproportionately active in public life and business) (Flegr and Hrdy 1994; Flegr et al. 1996; Webster 2001).

The finding that some personality effects appear to be opposite for men and women also suggests that infection drives behavior rather than vice versa (Webster 2001). Finally, studies have shown that medication suppressing toxoplasma infection reduces the behavioral effects as well (Torrey and Yolken 2003; Webster et al. 2006).

"Autistic kids are only happy to the extent they can shut out or control or memorize how to respond to the imperfect external environment. Otherwise the outside world causes them tremendous pain. Peer relationships are toughest for autistic kids because peers are the least predictable. Older and younger people are much more predictable and therefore autistic kids prefer to interact with non-peers." -Some behavioral therapist I sat next to on a plane

"What is the business case for homogeneity? Why don't people have to explain why they want another white male leader?" - May Snowden

"Procter and Gamble and many major corporations rotate all rising star execs through D&I for 18 months (they have to manage D&I). They are just doing their time. Nothing changes. People are confused about what the role of head of D&I should be. Are they supposed to increase productivity? Diversity should always be linked to engagement and the bottom line. Millenials are highly engaged at starbucks. White men are more engaged at work on average. Diversity needs to be an organizational goal. Sometimes its an HR goal. Sometimes. But HR directors are often uncomfortable around diversity. People need to understand their own consciousness around difference and unity. Need to believe that the more people participate, the bigger the pie gets. CEOs have their buddies. Diversity makes them nervous. They don't like to get nervous. LGBTQ movement succeeded because they got companies to be supportive. They used the power of the purse. Also adoption, daughters, mixed marriage might encourage diversity." -May Snowden

"Greg Garland is P66 CEO and part of secret CEO group." –Trisha


Cool meeting software 

"Anger makes people feel energetic and empowered and risky so they nourish it. Resentment is high activation, high negative. People pay more attention to negative events and positive experiences. Sadness tends to persist. Pleasure persists because people take steps to lengthen it. Anger burns itself out quickly unless people artificially extend it because it feels good. Resentment is usually reserved for moral events. Jealousy results when someone takes something that is mine. Envy comes when people have something I don't. " - Russell

"The management division has the most pay dispersion." -Russell

one significant cost driver for tuition increase is a shift in majors from low-cost (generally liberal arts) to high-cost (STEM fields and business) programs.

"past research has demonstrated that interaction effects such as the ones central to our moderated mediation models are highly unlikely to result from common method biases (Siemsen, Roth, & Oliveira, 2010). "

“Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.”
― Plato, The Symposium

"Forsterling, Preikschas, and Agthe (2007) who found that attractiveness impacted ratings of men and women differently. Specifically, they found that women evaluating an attractive woman used a derogatory attribution (e.g., luck) but when they evaluated an unattractive woman they used a flattering attribution (e.g., ability). They followed an opposite pattern when evaluating men."

Israel actually means "God wrestler"

Self-esteem comes from social relationships, physical appearance, and work. The problem with it is that it deserts you precisely at the moment you need it (after failure).

"Talk like ted" speaking tips -
be personal - people care about the messenger more than the message
Make people want to root for you
Be funny

Academic definitions of wisdom describe it as openness, humor, comfort with uncertainty, and emotional stability (Bangen, Meeks, & Jeste, 2013).

Whereas traditional forms of capital such as social or human capital focus on who individuals know and what they have, psychological capital represents what an individual feels he or she "can become" (Avolio & Luthans, 2006).

People who are focused on unmitigated communion have high motivation to serve others but little drive to help oneself and may engage in unhealthy behaviors (Helgeson, 1994), struggle with cooperation, and lack drive for self-development and accomplishment (Abele & Wojciszke, 2007),

Diversity is curvilinearly related to economic development. "(i) increasing the diversity of the most homogeneous country in the sample (Bolivia) by 1 percentage point would raise its income per capita in the year 2000 CE by 39%, (ii) decreasing the diversity of the most diverse country in the sample (Ethiopia) by 1 percentage point would raise its income per capita by 21%…"

only two percent of women-owned firms generate more than one million dollars annually.

Diversity leads to more conflict and more innovation at the country level.

Theory/Data paper with Jeff/JJ
Diversity -> CO2 reduction
Positive mod by social welfare logics
Positive mod by family interdependence
Negative mod by Econ logic
Positive mod by entrepreneur entry
Need panel data and instruments
Next let's write a one pager. :)

"Anger is a parasite that hides in your head and makes you feel it's rational. It blinds you to the fact that you are an angry person." -Russell Cropanzano

The mediator for the status quo study is basically fear of hiring someone just because they are black/female - Stefanie's idea 4-27-16

"For monks the way the universe and beyond is built is our values. That type of commitment is very rare in the U.S. Values to most Americans are simply preferences -- which are very superficial" -Russell Cropanzano

"There's 300 male benedictine monasteries (8000 monks) and 840 female benedictine monasteries (16000 nuns). Their motto is work, pray, study. Deductive category development (Mayring, 2000)." -

Diversity should lead to clearer promotion policies, more objective job performance criteria (to be sure bias is eliminated), more inclusiveness which should lead to more engagement, and more flexibility (to accomodate diverse needs of workforce).

"Having diverse, inclusive organizations is good for business, says Kropp, citing CEB research from 2013 that found "working in a diverse team" is among the top five most-important drivers of employee engagement and discretionary effort in the workplace. It also found that companies with diverse leaders generate twice the revenue and growth as those without, and that employees in such organizations are 19 percent more likely to stay longer and collaborate up to 57 percent more effectively with peers. Diversity and inclusion is also a bigger priority for executive boards these days: Nearly 60 percent of organizations share D&I data with their boards, compared to 10 years before, when none of them did, according to CEB's study, titled Creating Competitive Advantage Through Workforce Diversity."

Diversity should lead to clearer promotion policies, more objective job performance criteria (to be sure bias is eliminated), more inclusiveness which should lead to more engagement, and more flexibility (to accomodate diverse needs of workforce).

Women's tennis professionals have greater name reconition and popularity going for them -- especially in the United States - but they get fewer endorsements

Professional sports all diversified around 1946 (after WWII).

Controversy around Adam Grant

Hedi Slimane is the Steve Jobs of fashion - Sales revenues at YSL doubled in Slimane's first three years on the job.

You can either look like a woman or look like a scientist, not both. Feminine women deemed less likely to be scientists

Intelligent people are more attractive and taller than less intelligent people

"I love fat oppossums because it looks like someone literally just inflated them with a bike pump a lil bit"

"Shut up! So that you can hear my essential oil diffuser." white woman in Boulder

"I always drank coffee out of jars, but I just recently started drinking water out of jars, and it’s like, the best thing ever." -white woman, in Boulder
#what a time to be alive
#the best thing
#water out of jars is

"When you see an attractive homeless person, that really makes you think. That means they were unable to get by on just their looks." -white women, in Denver, at a concert
#what could possibly have led them to this
#if an attractive person can't make it in this world
#what hope is there for the rest of us
#i guess we'll just have to survive on our wits
#and our ninja skills
#that's all there is for us
#things that make you think
#think think think
#winnie the pooh

My sophomore spanish teacher loved this song
"There's three things GAP employees care about -- pay, career mobility and job flexiblity. Underpaying people is just borrowing problems from the future. It will catch up with you eventually. The trick is getting people out of the stores and into corporate. People in the stores are closest to the customers and are the most innovative." - Chief HR officer Dan Briskin at the White House briefing on Corporate Sector Diversity

"Sodexo did a big internal study and 42 percent of our teams are not gender balanced (had less than 40% women) but the gender balanced teams had 4% more engagement, 5% more brand recognition, and 23% higher profits." - Dr. Rohini Anand, Sodexo Inc

Staples hires 45,000 people per year

Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) was designed for women to give them more flexibility at work, but everyone loves it.

"Go where the energy is"

"There's a $430,000 pay gap for women over their careers, $900,000 pay gap for African-American women, and $1,000,000 pay gap for Latinas. Pay disparity is always the result of an ingrained practice within organizations. Organizations value male experience more than female experience. Military service means leadership experience, but being a waiter at a restaurant doesn't count as customer service. Blind auditions plus not being able to lobby for preferred candidates increased female job hires in a large sector of the government by 93%" -Jenny Yang, head of the EEOC

"Get the private sector to talk to the private sector about the White House diversity initiatives. Get Intel to talk to other businesses about why they think diversity is important." -

"The wage gap has remained but the excuses have changed. It used to be that women had less education than men, but now that women have exceeded men in education, the excuse is that women are applying for female jobs (i.e. "occupational segregation"). And the only reason the wage gap narrowed recently isn't because women got paid more, it's because white men got paid less as a result of the recession." -Some smart person at the White House roundtable discussion on equal pay

The girl scouts offer a negotiation badge

Boston is training 85,000 women to negotiate

"A key to getting gender pay equality is to not allow employers to ask about previous pay history." -Prof. Linda Babcock at the White House

"He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist." -St. Francis of Assisi

"Some of the neurotypical partners say that when they were going through a vulnerable time in their lives, the strong, quiet, gentle, highly intelligent and loyal presence of the Autism Spectrum partner provided a sense of emotional security."

In the 2016 Financial Times MBA rankings, only two of the top 25 schools have female deans. 36 percent of marketing and management faculty are women, but just 22 percent of finance, operations and econ faculty are women.

The smarter you are, the less likely you are to lie

However, the more creative you are the more likely you are to lie

Weird ideas for managing creativity - basically creative places are really annoying and inefficient places to work.

In shocking move, club of wealthy, white Harvard men breaks decades of silence to come out in favor of the status quo

When leaders clash with culture, companies perform better. The job of a leader is to bring something new and needed to the table. If you have a task focused culture, hire a relational leader to maximize performance. If you have a relational culture, hire a task-focused leader.

"Berkeley got more women to take a coding class by changing the name from 'design of coding' to 'beauty and design of coding'". - Some Haas Berkeley prof.

Google finds "shrinkers" - words that make you look bad  - in your email.

This fast food chain has super low turnover, is super fast and super accurate. “People ask me, ‘What if you spend all this time and money on training and someone leaves?’” Crosby says. “I ask them, ‘What if we don’t spend the time and money, and they stay?’”

Cook and Glass call this process the "savior effect" since, in the majority of cases, companies replace women and minorities with white men. In fact, women succeeded other women or minority CEOs in only four of the 608 transitions over a 15-year period, according to the researchers.

There's an optimal amount of team diversity. Diversity benefits decay because people homogenize, and because diverse teams are fragile. These problems are overcome if you have redundant homogenity (each diverse person has a clone).

"Homogenization occurs in part as a function of etiquette biases and the “group paradox,” i.e., the fact that people’s desires to connect with other group members reduces the likelihood that they will share their real opinions, especially when their opinions differ (Berg and Smith 1995, Bourdieu 1984, Burt 2007)."

The three main problems with group diversity are homogenization (i.e. groupthink or people hiding differences), fragility (i.e. people quitting), and fragmentation (i.e. subgroups and faultlines developing).

"Although conflict has been a major focus of diversity research, we view it as an important mechanism that both causes and results from the three basic failures. For instance, interpersonal conflict often leads to individual exit and turnover, and conflict is also a frequent by-product and/or cause of fragmentation. In addition, a desire to avoid conflict encourages homogenization; even when A and B disagree, A may opt to remain silent or feign agreement"

“I left the woods for as good a reason as I went there. Perhaps it seemed to me that I had several more lives to live, and could not spare any more time for that one.” ― Henry David Thoreau

One of the biggest questions remaining is what will happen when the Obama administration’s new equal-pay rules go into effect in 2017?  These rules will require companies with more than 100 employees to report their employees’ compensation, broken down by race, ethnicity, and gender, to the federal government.

For companies that decide to make salaries public, internal efforts to close the gender gap aren’t far off.

One study found that while men’s earnings increase by 6 percent when they have children, women with children saw their earnings decrease by 4 percent for each child.

Women who never married earn 94 percent of their male counterparts, while married women earn only 78 percent.

"Human beings are messy, multidimensional creatures, living in a messy ever-changing world. There is nothing wrong with making a plan, but there is something wrong with doing everything as a part of a plan that fits in with a vision of who you already are and where you were going. Making a point of breaking out of your limited perspective everyday, with trained spontaneity, you are training yourself to see your life as a constant flow of possibilities, more importantly, you remember what you do with the possibilities. We should think of ourselves as a project, through experiences, we can train ourselves to construct a self better than the self we thought we were."

"This conversation's already too long. Bye" - Kourtney Kardashian ending a phone call

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn." -Gore Vidal

"The data suggest that online dating has almost as much a pattern of same-race preference as offline dating, which is surprising because the online world doesn't have the same racial segregation constraints of the offline world."

Excruciate means "the pain of being crucified"

Adding the words "salary negotiable" to a job description helped significantly close the negotiation gap between men and women.

Blind job auditions lead to 58% women, 42% men candidates hired.

The gender wage gap has only closed by 1.7 percentage points over the last decade, compared to 3.1 points the decade before and 9.7 the decade before that.

In the Hawk-Dove prisoner's dillemma game, disadvantaged players tend to cooperate with each other, but advantaged players tend to compete with everyone

"One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important." - Bertrand Russell
Subordinate ratings might be most accurate ratings of leaders

13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

In the short term lazy ants are inefficient, but in the long term, they are not

"There's no I in denial" -redditor regretsZ

"I'll never forget my grandfather's last words before he kicked the bucket. He said, 'Son how far do you think I can kick this bucket?'" - redditor Rockatelli

"You don't need a parachute to go skydiving. You need a parachute to go skydiving twice." -redditor HighQualityUsername

"Who is this Rorshach guy and why did he paint so many pictures of my parents fighting?" -redditor elfstone08

"Exaggerations went up by 1 million percent last year." -redditor C_puffin

"Rocket league is a really fun game because you play soccer, but you are a car kicking the ball instead of a human." - my programmer brother Nate

John is the most common CEO name (5.3% of CEOs) followed by David (4.5% of CEOs). All women are just 4.1% of CEOs. So there's more CEOs named David than all women CEOs combined. I guess it's time to get outraged. 

More hilarious British words that must be used at once
Bog - bathroom, as in I have to go to the bog, so funny
Minging - ugly, gross, as in what a minging filth bucket.
Gobshite - bigmouth
Pants - lame, as in that move was simply pants
Bobbins - an even more fun version of pants - that movie was just total bobbins
Plonker - a lovable moron, like uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite
Numpty - like a dingus, or someone who's adorably foolish, like your crazy Uncle Wally

The new server can be accessed via Windows Remote Desktop with the following credentials:
Computer Name: B6
User name: ad\yourusernamehere

Restorative Justice involves perspective taking, empathic concern, control ideology, personal distress, and self-efficacy.

Elitists think I'm a more credible researcher because I'm a white man; egalitarians not so much

Men are 83.4 percent of Fortune 500 board members.

Men are 85.8 percent of S &P 500 executives.

"For women of color, this gap is even wider. Fewer than 3% of board directors at Fortune 500 companies are Asian, black, and Hispanic women, according to the Catalyst report. These minority groups of women make up 17% of workers in S&P 500 companies but fewer than 4% of executive officials and managers."

Kulik, C. T. & Metz, I. (2015). Women at the top: Will more women in senior roles impact organizational outcomes? In S. Jackson & M. Hitt (Eds.), Oxford Research Reviews. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (available online at http://www.oxfordhandbooks.com/view/10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199935406.001.0001/oxfordhb-9780199935406-e-7 ) [included in the Women's Leadership Center at Kennesaw State University’s “best of 2015” list, available at http://coles.kennesaw.edu/coles-overview/centers-and-institutes/womens-leadership-center/research.php ]

Being treated consistently unfairly can be better for employees than being treated fairly sometimes and unfairly other times

28 Years of Stock Market Data Shows a Link Between Employee Satisfaction and Long-Term Value. Companies listed in the “100 Best Companies to Work For in America” generated 2.3% to 3.8% higher stock returns per year than their peers from 1984 through 2011.

If you are a low-level female employee, you will tend to be paid more equally to your male coworkers if your boss is female.

Leaders who express positive affect tend to create psychologically safe environments, which leads to more voice expressed by followers

Employees who do more helping also do more deviance

Culture of love seems to make firefighters safer

In cultures that believe diversity is beneficial, diversity tends to be beneficial

Organizational stories about low-level organizational characters engaging in values-upholding behaviors are more positively associated with self-transcendent, helping behaviors and negatively associated with deviant behaviors, than are similar stories about high-level members of the organization.

Resesearchers are measuring leader charisma with behavior items
"We measured charismatic leadership with the combination of two subscales – idealized influence and inspirational motivation – from the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ Form 5X; Bass & Avolio, 1995). Idealized influence was measured with four items that emphasized the leader’s behavior (rather than followers’ attributions) such as fostering collective identities or serving as role models (e.g. “…emphasizes the importance of having a collective sense of mission”). Inspirational motivation was measured with four items that described leader’s behaviors such as challenging followers with high standards or communicating optimism about future goal attainment (e.g. “…articulates a compelling vision of the future”). Unit leaders’ charismatic leader behaviors were rated by the superior to whom the unit leaders reported using a five-point Likert scale ranging from 1 for “never” to 5 for “always”. "

Our results suggest that work relationships play a key role in promoting employee flourishing, and that examining the differential effects of a taxonomy of relationship functions brings precision to our understand of how relationships impact individual flourishing. Results revealed unique associations between functions and outcomes, such that task assistance was most strongly associated with job satisfaction, giving to others was most strongly associated with meaningful work, friendship was most strongly associated with positive emotions at work, and personal growth was most strongly associated with life satisfaction.

This woman seems to poison most of her husbands (all but the first one), and she just got released from prison

Gender wage gap is lower in unionized companies

Countries that eat more chocolate produce more Nobel prize winners

Dipboye, R. L., Arvey, R. D., & Terpstra, D. E. (1977). Sex and physical attractiveness of raters and applicants as determinants of resumé evaluations. Journal of Applied Psychology, 62(3), 288.

nonwhite job applicants who include experiences related to their ethnicity on their resumes are more likely to be passed over for jobs.

Roughly 85% of corporate executives and board members are white men. This number hasn’t budged for decades, which suggests that white men are continuing to select and promote other white men.

People tend to forget about cost when it comes to buying things for love. "people nearly always chose the more expensive ring when deciding between a more expensive ring with a bigger carat and a less expensive ring with a smaller carat"

Funny British/Kiwi sayings
Tiki tour - driving around with no destination
Couple hundge - shortened version of hundred
Telly - TV
Go bathroom
Bap - hotdog buns
Have a tinny -can of beer
That is a result! - Good job
Super Cali are fantastic Celtic are atrocious - funny soccer headline
Clever clogs - smart aleck
The snow is steep and deep
Roger the dog
Son of a chimp
Stag do - bachelor party
POHM - prisoners of her majesty
Tall poppy syndrome -- the taller you are the more people want to destroy you
"He's going to have to fetch that"
"Kicked it right down his corridor"
"Haven't done that for donkeys years"

Men were drawn to jobs looking for candidates who were competitive, assertive, individualistic and ambitious; women, to jobs seeking applicants who were committed, supportive, compassionate and understanding.

Janice Fanning Madden of the Wharton School discovered, in a study published in Gender and Society (2012), that the female stockbrokers in two of the largest U.S. brokerage firms made less money than their male counterparts because they were given worse-performing accounts to start with.

Tools such as EDGE—software for workforce analytics developed by a Swiss foundation—allow companies to detect potential gender gaps in outcome variables such as pay, recruitment and promotion and in input variables such as training, mentoring and company policies and practices. (I serve on the scientific advisory board of EDGE.) Tracking progress over time, companies that have used EDGE, such as L’Oréal USA, Deloitte Switzerland and Banco Compartamos Mexico, have been able to focus resources on fixing what is broken rather than blindly throwing money at the problem.

Curtains increased by 50% the likelihood that women advanced to future rounds of tryouts. Today, almost 40% of musicians at major American orchestras are female, a contrast to the 1970s, when curtains were seldom used and women made up only about 5% to 10% of musicians.

"If prejudice were likened to a sickness, many laboratory interventions would be walk-in clinics, built to handle low-grade prejudices. Many studies get around the problem of college students' politically correct response patterns by studying socially acceptable prejudices against skinheads, political parties, or the elderly (e.g., Karpinski & Hilton 2001). Moreover, prejudices created with the minimal group paradigm for maximum experimental control lack the historical, political, and economic forces that animate and sustain real-world prejudice, and “…a fundamental challenge remains to discover ways of changing ‘hard-core’ prejudiced beliefs”
http://www.annualreviews.org/doi/full/10.1146/annurev.psych.60.110707.163607(Monteith et al. 1994)."

grading guidelines article CU Indepedent

“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” Max Planck

"You can add that to your potpourri of sad facts." -Prof Stefanie Johnson to me about the introduction to a race/gender paper, and it made me laugh because potpourri is supposed to make people feel good just like collections of sad facts make me kind of happy for some reason

“Given the ethnic and racial hierarchies of American life, there are those who dish it out and those who have to take it. Some get to dish it out without ever having to take it, some take it from those above and dish it out to those below, and some find themselves in the position of always having to take it.”
-Elizabeth Stone in Black sheep and kissing cousins: How our family stories shape us.

For example, a recent survey tells us that just 7% of the US population believes that business should only make money for its shareholders (Cone Communications, 2013).

Racial resentment (Kinder and Sears, 1981 and Kinder and Sanders, 1996) like modern or symbolic racism  (McConahay, 1983, McConahay and Hough, 1976, Sears, 1988 and Sears and Henry, 2005), assumes a mix of negative affect and adherence to traditional values like individualism or belief in the value of hard work that contributes to opposition of many whites to civil rights policies. Related conceptualizations of a new form of racism include, among others: laissez-faire racism (Bobo et al., 1997), everyday racism (Essed, 1991), and color-blind racism (Bonilla-Silva, 2003).

Editors' comments, what I know now that I wish I knew then teaching theory and theory building, AMJ

In class exercise - have students be kind for 48 hours and write about their emotions - a type of emotional labor.

Steve Blader says that if you have empathy for people you will treat them better than people you don't have empathy for.

“Law is to justice, as medicine is to health, as business is to _____.”
One colleague in a recent Academy of Management symposium memorably said “our fucked-up global economy.” This exercise points out three challenges when we think about the nature of business. One is that we grapple with its purpose. The second is that we have a hard time disentangling our thinking about a single business enterprise from business more broadly, an agglomeration of those enterprises in their institutional and historical context. And finally, we know that business may not be an unalloyed good. All of these tensions are on display when we appraise our thinking about the place of business in society

"Defeats are poison to some men. Great men have become mediocre because of inability to accept and abide by a defeat. Many men have become great because they were able to rise above a defeat. If you should achieve any kind of success and develop superior qualities as a man, chances are it will be because of the manner in which you meet the defeats that will come to you just as they come to all of men.” -Bob Reynolds

"When we're trying to influence others and we discover that they don't respect us, it fuels a vicious cycle of resentment. In an effort to assert our own authority, we respond by resorting to increasingly disrespectful behaviors." -Adam Grant

"When we have power but no status, we may still exercise authority or control over others. But when we have no power, it is status that helps us be heard. "

"To succeed in academia, you have to be like a cockroach - unkillable." - Prof. Nate Fast

Schein Humble Leadership talk at Google "Personalization exposes the relational processes that are going on between two people (i.e. I feel like we are competing with each other)"

Mothers earn less than childless women. Fathers, on the other hand, are likely to earn more than childless men, according to ILO – an influential 2010 report from the University of Massachusetts that it cites found fathers in the US earn 11% more than non-fathers.

Gender pay gap will remain for 70 years

"life is too short to remove USB safely" -some tshirt

"The fundamental concept in social science is Power, in the same sense that Energy is the fundamental concept in physics... The laws of social dynamics are laws which can only be stated in terms of power" (Russell, 1938, p. 10) 

"You have to measure impedience - a big gush of blood means the person is feeling threatened; a little gush of blood means they are feeling challenged." - Mindy Truong

"When a complex system re-organizes, that is when it is most likely to collapse." - Phoenix Van Wagoner

Whole foods and Google only hire humble people

"Consistent with research on gender differences that have found that males in general are more aggressive than females (Eagly, 1987; Eagly & Steffen, 1986), male and female groups also respond differently to anonymity and deindividuation, with only all-male groups engaging in aggressive antisocial behaviors when deindividuated (Cannavale, Scarr, & Pepitone, 1970). "

"Moor, Heuvelman, and Verleur (2010) examined the incidence of hostile verbal attacks, or “flaming,” on YouTube video comments and found that viewing a greater number of offensive comments posted by others predicted a greater likelihood of contributing similar comments oneself. Being exposed to a greater number of hostile comments led people to perceive a “flaming” norm, thus indicating that this form of expression was context appropriate."

Carolina Panthers' head coach Ron Rivera is the only Latino NFL coach and allows his players to fully express themselves "Keep your personality" he has told his team, which is in stark contrast to all the other coaches, which is why it is often called the No Fun League.

"I have had to deal and struggle a lot with these issues about ambition and humlity, about service and self-gratification. This is hard for me." -Hillary Clinton

"I am the prodigal son, every time I search for unconditional love where it cannot be found." - Henri Nouwen

To overcome fear of failure, fear failing to try instead.

“In the long run, people of every age and in every walk of life seem to regret NOT having done things much more than they regret things they did,” psychologists Tom Gilovich and Vicky Medvec summarize, “which is why the most popular regrets include not going to college, not grasping profitable business opportunities, and not spending enough time with family and friends.”

While many people think of confusion as a negative thing, it's really an emotional amplifier - it makes pleasant experiences better (uncertainty about how many birthday presents you'll get makes the birthday better), and unpleasant ones worse (uncertainty about how many punishments you'll get makes the punishments hurt worse).

People with a low need for closure tend to get more creative when faced with ambiguity.

After earthquakes, marriage and divorce rates spike because after these crazy events, people have a high need for certainty

My dad loves this one "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great an unsearchable things you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3

Shame on you Denmark. Denmark police now take the jewelry and cash away from refugees.

"I don't always know when my kids' projects are due, but when I do you can bet your ass it's tomorrow." -most interesting man meme

league of legends tilt means you play a game, do poorly, get angry, which makes you play worse, which makes you more angry (gambling term for a losing streak). But just a 30 minute break gets rid of the tilt.

"Once a cucumber becomes a pickle it stays a pickle." - my brother Dan

Kelley et al. (1983) proposed that social closeness depends critically on a high degree of interdependence between two actors. That is, closeness is achieved within the repeated interaction of two individuals who have “mutual fate control” (Thibaut & Kelley, 1959) and are thus symmetrically dependent on each other (Lawler & Yoon, 1996). This process is set in motion and sustained by the interplay of two factors: individuals’ motivation for affiliation with their partner and their expectations of their partner’s behavior. Symmetrically dependent individuals are motivated to minimize the distance between them (i.e., they need affiliation with the other), and they have expectations of closeness in their interaction (i.e., they expect the other to affiliate with them). 

"Rock bottom became the solid foundation upon which I built my life." JK Rowling at Harvard Commencement

"Relax in to the failure. Try to feel the pain more deeply." -Chuck from Inform fitness


Women professors don't get tenure because they don't get credit for work done with co-authors; unless ALL the co-authors are women.

Bradley Effect means that whites say they will vote for a black candidate when they actually won't

Spencer, S. J., Zanna, M. P., & Fong, G. T. (2005). Establishing a causal chain: Why experiments are often more effective than mediational analyses in examining psychological processes. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 89, 845–851. doi:10.1037/0022-3514.89.6.845

If you are disagreeable, people will tend to listen to you more

PROPER and & and TRIM functions are useful excel functions

"Steve Jobs was commonly seen as having a high level of narcissism (Isaacson, 2011). However, Jobs’ second try as the head of Apple was marked with a tempered management style (Surowiecki, 2011). For example, he was described as more open to others’ ideas (Beetz, 2005) and more willing to acknowledge past mistakes, even referring to his earlier firing from Apple as “awful tasting medicine . . . [that] the patient needed” (Jobs, 2005). He expressed appreciation for the talented executives around him and was able to retain them (Isaacson, 2011). Although Jobs was still seen as narcissistic, his narcissism appeared to be counterbalanced or tempered with a measure of humility, and it was this tempered narcissist who led Apple to be the most valuable company in the world during his second attempt as company president"

“When your Daemon is in charge, do not try to think consciously. Drift, wait, and obey.” — Rudyard Kipling

“The heights of human motivation spring from the beauty and goodness that precede us and awaken us to better possibilities.” -Thrash and Elliot

"Contrary to the view of inspiration as purely mythical or divine, I think inspiration is best thought of as a surprising interaction between your current knowledge and the information you receive from the world."

Mergelane - Female founder Accelerator started by Sue Heilbronner and Elizabeth Kraus.
Sue's Jan 27th Conscious Leadership event: http://conscious.is/event/taste-of-conscious-leadership-boulder-denver

VC Diversity- A SF Valley Report from Social Capital:

First Round Capital 10 Year Report on Investment (and gender diversity insights)

Sams Club CEO is accused of being racist (against white men):

Does corporate America have an addiction to white men? The first step in overcoming an addiction is admitting you have a problem, but nobody wants to admit it.

A Leeds student took three leadership-centric classes in the same semester and describes the overlaps

Aldrich (1990) highlights that firms are either "r" types or "k" types, where "r" firms are skilled at adapting to new environments and "k" types are focused on being efficient.

Of the 13 phd students in my UWashington cohort, only 4 of us are in tenured research positions -  xiaoxia lou, richard d mergenthaler, param singh and myself

Millenials like slow and steady investments, they value craft, authenticity, strong values. Ironically, they are far more prudent and sensible than their predecessors.

Jet's CEO says it will win because it it totally focused on employee happiness, unlike its competitors

Sex three or more times per week reduces the chances of men having a heart attack or stroke by half

There is something profoundly wrong when just 20 Americans own as much wealth as half of all Americans.  And this is just the wealth we know about. Most wealthy people hide their wealth in offshore accounts.

About half the expected financial gain of attending college derived not from better job prospects but from the chance to meet and marry a higher-earning spouse.

The Greek philosopher Parmenides proved that life is an illusion because if something exists, it can't not exist at the same time, therefore nonexistence is impossible. Because existence cannot come from nothing, the material world has always existed, permanently. Logic dicates that permanent things cannot change by definition, therefore change is impossible and thus the ebb and flow of nature that we appear to experience is just an illusion under which is hidden a constant indivisible oneness.

Teen pregnancy is down 40% in Colorado, and the reason is unbelievably simple: free birth control

Q. who is Darth Vader's wife? A. Ella. Ella Vader (Elevator)

To help your child be happy in love do these five things: 1. Guide your child early to groups of peers who are warm and supportive 2. Gradually ease dating rules so your teen can make small mistakes and learn 3. Offer realistic advice, rather than idealized views such as everyone has a "one and only partner" 4. Don't tease your child about a first crush or belittle it as puppy love 5. Don't instill prejudice with blanket criticisms of the opposite sex 6. Don't withdraw emotionally if your teen rebels

"If you have young children, before you fall off to sleep tonight, I want you to hold your child. Touch your child's face. Smell your child's hair. Count the fingers on your child's hand. See the miracle that is your child. And then, with as much vision as you can muster, I want you to imagine that your child is black. -George Yancy

"I am asking you to enter into battle with your white self. I'm asking that you open yourself up; to speak to, to admit to, th racist poison that is inside of you." -George Yancy

"Every day of my life I fight to see women as subjects, not objects." -George Yancy

"I don't mean the Hollywood type of love, but the scary kind, the kind that risks not being reciprocated, the kind that refuses to flee in the face of danger. True vulnerability, speaking the truth refusing to err on the side of caution." -George Yancy

While most organizations would say they want creativity and innovation, what they often don't understand is that this typically involves  passionate conflict, edgy relationships (think Lennon and McCartney), and indeed, regular failure.

"They brought themselves to their jobs and roles. And that is the kind of behavior that comes naturally in authentic organizations." 

"But cultures in the companies we followed were forged out of organic solidarity - which Durkheim argued, rests on the productive exploitation of differences." 

Ralphie: I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!
Mrs. Parker: No, you'll shoot your eye out.

One of the best predictors of college attendance is family income

Great perfume

If you lose your job, you are more likely to vote for a far right political candidate

Four tendencies with regards to inner and outer expecations: Upholder, obliger, questioner, rebel

"There isn't time, so brief is life, for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving, and but an instant, so to speak, for that." -Mark Twain

"Young adults believe that fame and wealth and high achievement were what they needed to go after to have a good life. But over and over, over these 75 years, our study has shown that the people who fared the best were the people who leaned in to relationships, with family, with friends, with community." 

Good relationships don't just protect our brains, it turns out that being in a securely attached relationship to another person in your 80s is protective to people's memories - they stay sharper longer

Your mind is best conveyed through your voice, not your writing: Evaluators who heard MBA students' job pitches were more impressed than those who merely read transcriptions of the same pitches

To stop bad behavior, display a virtuous quote specifically, "Success without honor is worse than fraud"

Americans are drinking themselves to death at record rates

Watch trailer park boys?

Swearing is a vehicle for expressing strong emotion - anger, frustration, derogation, surprise, and elation - among people who care less about who they might offend. Cursing is an intense, succinct and powerful way of expressing yourself, even if some people find it unpleasant

People high in neuroticism and openness to experience curse a lot; religiosity doesn't matter

Turns out pople who swear a lot are actually smarter than people who don't

"'Engagement' is the new 'workaholism'" -MGMT Prof Keith Leavitt

Pattern matching is the new Jim Crow in Silicon Valley

In premier league soccer the correlation between team average speed and average shot distance was .35, but in the 2015 season this correlation dropped to .06

"Mozart wrote his first symphony at age 8. I'm 20 years of age and just rehearsed 5 times what I'm going to say at the drive through." 

"'What would you spend your millions on if you won the lottery?' Oh you know I'd probably pay off all my student loans and with the rest of my $10, I don't know I'd probably get chipotle or something." -@jordan christine

"College is easy. It's like riding a bike. Except the bikes on fire. And the ground's on fire. And everything's on fire. And your in hell." @coffeeowl

Most Dean's Leadership Forum Students are the "Inspirational Pattern" meaning they are high in dominance and influence and low in stability and conscientiousness. They would benefit by genuine sensitivity, and a  willingness to help others succeed in their own personal development

I'm an "Objective Thinker" on my DISC profile (low in dominance, influence and stability, and high in conscientiousness). That means I reject interpersonal aggression, judge others by their ability to think logically, fear irrational acts and ridicule, and would benefit by increasing self-disclosure and publically discussing my insights and opinions.

Procrastinating is a vice for productivity and a virtue for creativity; and hanging out with your enemies is a really good idea

This book outlines the ways that organizations can overcome the barriers to gender inequality

This book argues that leaders should put customers second, close open offices, and ditch performance appraisals

After an employee made a $10 million mistake at IBM in the 1960s, he walked into Tom Watson, the CEOs office expecting to get fired. "Fire you?" Mr. Watson asked. "I just spent $10 million educating you."

Most cultures are pretty much the same. The dimensions that matter are justice (is this a fair place), security (is it safe to work here) and control (can I shape my destiny and have influence in this organization).

If people don't know about the culture, ask them to tell you about what meetings are like. When people find them productive and enjoyable, that's a good sign.

"New Jersey is really beautiful though!" -white woman in New York at Empellon al Pastor
#I guess they call it the garden state
#there's gotta be a reason
#but that's not the first thing people think of

"I've only had half my coffee and I'm already feeling a little bit methy." -white woman in Boulder at the Trident, who never tried meth
#how much experience with meth do you have 
#not a full blown meth situation 
#just a wee bit

"That's one thing about the apocalypse that's gonna be rough: hair cuts." -white woman in Boulder at the Kitchen next door, and has never lived through the apocalypse
#what makes you think the hairdressers won't be survivors
#they have a lot of important skills
#like scissor wielding
#and access to chemicals
#I think the post-apocalyptic world might be run by hair dressers
#and then you'll always be able to look awesome for a price 
#but that's kind of how it is now
#except now the price is money 
#and I'm talking like survivalist prices
#like info on other hair dresser hold outs 
#and canned goods 
#and walkie talkies
#what'll you have today? 
#oh just a trim 
#that'll be four walkie talkies 
#THAT much?!
#that's outrageous

"Why is there no taco emoji?" - white woman in Boulder on communication #we just want to communicate in pictures like the ancient eygptians #whyyyyy

"The free child care is my main motivation for coming here." -white woman in Boulder at the Colorado Athletic Club locker room

"A lot of planets must be in retrograde right now." -white woman, in Boulder, at Alfalfa’s Market in the Wellness section

"Donald Trump's ugly son and Mitt Romney's ugly son should hang out. I'd love to see that Facebook album."

"When you talk you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new." -Dalai Lama

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration." -frank herbert in Dune 

"We make meaning for each other. We believe each other into being." -Jennifer Hecht

did you know that baby rabbits are called kittens?!?!?!  And baby owls are called owlets which maybe is the cutest word of all time

Did you know a strawberry is not a berry but a banana is?

Also fire doesn't have a shadow

When you have conflict in a relationship, the key is not to agree but to feel understood.

53% of South Carolina Republicans think whites face just as much discrimination as blacks

A senior citizen called her husband on his drive home "Herman I hear there's a car going the wrong way on I-90. Please be careful!" Herman said, "There's not just one car. There's hundreds of them!" #that joke is older than Herman

The difference good dads make. The contributions of fathers make to their children's lives can be seen in three areas: lower teenage delinquency, lower teenage pregnancy, and less depression.

"I have to ease off on making love when writing hard as the two things are run by the same motor." -Hemingway

Fewer women are heading to the altar because many of the marriages available do not offer them a good deal. America's marriage market is like any other: people buy if the price is right. The proportion of those married before the age of 30 has fallen from 50% in 1960 to around 20% today

Geography plays a large role in determining which poor children achieve the so-called American dream. Boulder County is pretty good for income mobility for children in poor families. It is better than about 77 percent of counties.

The hyperloop which is the fifth mode of transportation (like those bank pneumatic tube thingys) is actually becoming a reality thanks to Elon Musk

70% of workers now report for duty in open offices even though people find them noisy and distracting and reduce morale. Facebook's new office has no walls.

Being lonely can warp your health, your genes and your immune system. Lonliness is deep. It's encoded in our genetics, and it's not easy to shake.

Lonely people are protected from wounds (inflamation response,because they are lonely and will probably get attacked by hostile people or animals), but non-lonely people are protected from viral diseases (interferons -- because they are around people who have viruses)

Lonely people have a lot more norepinephrine coursing through their blood.

One person experienced such a bad traumatic experience, she made herself actually go blind. The situation was so intense she wished to become blind and thus not to need to see.

ISIS might result from extreme inequality in the Middle East because the top 10% has 60% of the wealth, and the top 1% share might have 25% (versus 20% in the U.S. 11% in Europe and 17% in South Africa).

"If there's anything I've learned from doing Humans of New York these past five years, its that stories are always more interesting than opinions." -Brandon Stanton

Interdependence means acceptance, appreciation, closeness, community, consideration, contribution to the enrichment of life, emotional safety, empathy, honesty (the empowering honesty that allows us to learn from our limitations), love, reassurance, respect, support, trust, understanding, warmth

Take action out of the desire to contribute to life, rather than out of fear guilt shame or obligation

When we judge others, we contribute to violence

Empathy involves emptying the mind and listening with our whole being

"Observing without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence." -J Krishnamurti

"The occasion is piled high with difficulty. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves and then we shall save our country." A. Lincoln 1862

"I go home and wash the dishes. Washing dishes is the antidote to confusion. I know that for a fact." -Maira Kalman in The Principles of Uncertainty

"I think of her bed construction that says 'art is the guarantee of sanity'. I really hope that is true. I think nature is the guarantee of sanity. Or maybe love. Or both. Or not. Anyways." -Maira Kalman in The Principles of Uncertainty

"On the wall was a dress that I embroidered. It said "Ich Hage Genug" which is a Bach Cantata which I once thought meant "I've had it, I can't take anymore, give me a break." But I was wrong. It means "I have enough." And that is utterly true. I happen to be alive. End of discussion. But I will go out and buy a hat." -Maira Kalman in The Principles of Uncertainty

"Everyone is going forward and everyone is behind everyone." -Maira Kalman in The Principles of Uncertainty

"The real Einstein (Albert, who played the violin badly; but so what, there is nothing greater than music NOTHING) loved Johannes Kepler. In 1605 the genius Kepler determined (without a telescope) the eliptical orbit of Mars - while wearing a ruffled collar the size of a snow tire. He also wrote about celestial harmony BUT domestic harmony eluded him. He confided in his friend Robertus De Fluctious and wrote in his diary "My wife is fat confused and simple-minded". It makes me sad that he thought that. Afterall she had to wash and iron that crazy collar. But then she died. Poor Kepler. Poor Kepler's wife. Poor everybody. I will go for a walk and calm down." -Maira Kalman in The Principles of Uncertainty

Bad sleep leads to neurotoxin buildup in the brain

Only 36% of full-time students graduate in 4 years

"My daughter's only 6 months old and already drawing. I'd hang it on the fridge but honestly, it's absolute garbage." -@vancityreynolds

"Paint one mural of Zayn on the hood of your car using gold leaf and real hair and suddenly you're "obsessed."" -@vancityreynolds

"The great thing about kite surfing is that depending on the wind you can continue kite surfing up to an hour after dying." -@vancityreynolds

"Do NOT make me regret this one direction tattoo on my lower back fellas." -@vancityreynolds

Social conservatives want answers more than other people and tend to agree with statements such as "It's annoying to listen to someone who can't make up their mind" and "I dislike it when a person's statement could mean many different things" and "In most social conflicts, I can easily see which side is right and wrong."

"Just as owning a car doesn't make us experts on engines, having a brain doesn't make us experts on psychology" -Adam Grant

"Carpenters fashion wood; fletchers fashion arrows; the wise fashion themselves." -Buddha

"It is reason alone which makes life happy and pleasant, by expelling all false conceptions or opinions, as may in any way occasion perturb the mind." - Epicurus

The Hindi term "Ahimsa" means "nonharm to sentient beings" which is the core of most codes of ethics. If your actions cause harm to others they are unethical.

"Govern a great state as you would cook a small fish." -Lao Tzu basically saying to be gentle and stop with the tough and decisive false bravado

"The best employer of men keeps himself below them" -Lao Tzu

"Man is by nature a political animal." -Socrates

"All work, even cotton spinning is noble; work alone is noble... A life of ease is not for any man nor for any god." -Thomas Carlyle

"The best cure for being sad is to learn something...Learn why the world wags and what wags it." -T.H. White

"Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you." - Khalil Gibran

British bosses are the worst type of bosses in the developed world.

Pythagoras actually lived in a sect of math-minded people, and they worshipped whole numbers. 1 symbolized reason, 2 was the undefined spirit; 3 represented males; 4 represented females; and 5 was the best because it was 2+3 (spirit plus males, what could be better than that??).

94% of couples stuck to a fitness program when they did it together

"War is continuation of a policy by another means, just as divorce is continuation of a marriage by another means." - paraphrase of Carl von Clausewitz in some pop philosophy book I can't remember the title of

Fifth third bank to pay $18 million settlement for charging black customers more interest for auto loans

"Have you learned lessons only of
those who admired you, and were tender 
with you, and stood aside for you?
Have you not learned great lessons
from those who braced themselves
against you, and disputed the passage
with you?"
-Walt Whitman

It's really pretty easy to get business students to unionize.  All you have to do is mess with their grades a tiny bit.

Periods are acts of psychological warfare against your friends...use them and they think you are an insincere heartless liar...use exclamation marks and they think you are awesome!

JK Rowling said Trump is worse than Voldemort. Seriously.

Leeds grading guidelines produce criticism - Above the fold in the front page of the Boulder paper

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" -Gandhi

If a high performer is an asshole, the costs outweigh the benefits. Instead of hiring one toxic star, you're better off with two average employees.

Last year not a single Boeing 747 or Airbus A380 was sold.  Used airliners are basically worthless and are getting dumped all over the world.

There's thousands of dead airliners in Victorville CA

Over the last decade we've gained 9 million new renter households in America thanks to demographic shifts and a falling homeowner rate. That's the largest increase of any 10 year stretch on record.

This moving company helps women leave abusive homes at no cost

"In class:
2+2 = ?
7^2 X 5-8 = ?
(522(2x^2y^5))/(98^1/2 + 13)"
-Shane Rhodes CU Leeds BCOR student

Why women don't apply for jobs unless they're 100% qualified: it's less about doubting themselves and more about doubting whether they'll get serious consideration in the hiring process.

Dudes whose testosterone increases dramatically when watching smut tend to end up as deadbeat dads

There's a whistleblower office now and it gets about 4000 claims a year. It pays part of the settlements to the whistleblowers

The average award to whistelblowers is $2.5 million

Every minute you are having a stroke, you are losing tens of thousands of brain cells

"Dave, Thank you for having faith in students. Thank you for taking the time to raise us up and challenge us. Throughout this class I have learned so much about myself. I know how to be a better person based on the concepts and materials from the class. I am able to put my values and motivations into actions. Thank you for putting in the time, effort and heart into your work. It's important for us as individuals and important for society that people like you exist. Keep being you and happy holidays to your family." -Amberly Grant, in maybe the nicest student note I've ever gotten, also came with a jar of pears which is awesome and I'm pretty sure I want to save them forever

The reason introverts make better leaders -- they listen

The tiny changes that make a huge difference in employee engagement - psychological ownership

US income growth over the last 4 decades or so has sucked

How did Canada surpass the US to have the world's richest middle class? (Minimum wage is $3 higher, Unionization rate is 20% higher, strong bank regulations, etc)

In 1900 only 3% of Americans practiced cognitively demanding professions. Now that figure is 35%

"Think how different America would be if every American knew that this is the fifth time Western armies have gone to Afghanistan to put its house in order, and if they had some idea of exactly what had happened on those four previous occasions. (Laughter) And that is, they had barely left, and there wasn't a trace in the sand.Or imagine how different things would be if most Americans knew that we had been lied into four of our last six wars. You know, the Spanish didn't sink the battleship Maine, the Lusitania was not an innocent vessel but was loaded with munitions, the North Vietnamese did not attack the Seventh Fleet, and, of course, Saddam Hussein hated al Qaeda and had nothing to do with it, and yet the administration convinced 45 percent of the people that they were brothers in arms, when he would hang one from the nearest lamppost." -James Flynn

"New test: replace the word "Muslims" with "Jews" and then ask yourself "Do I sound like a f**king Nazi"?" - @JesseLaGreca

"When we see ourselves in others, hate and violence no longer make sense. Understanding and love take over." -Doyin Richards

"You need power only when you want to do something harmful, otherwise love is enough to get everything done." -Charlie Chaplin

Women are tenured at lower rates than men, even controlling for family commitments and productivity. The reason is that men get more credit for multiple-authored papers than women.

What has 6 letters, starts with a "p" and ends a sentence? - parole of course

Great management community service project videos

Boulder cleanup - gorgeous

These guys are true American heros (they fixed all the squeaky chairs on the third floor of KOBL)

Mariokart fundraiser - raised $600

Edgy motivational quotes

Hilarious stress reduction video

Buffs feed Colorado outside King Soopers

Safe Sex Awareness

Buff Buddies

Leeds Scholarship

African Wildlife Foundation

Stress doors

Basketball - leader emerged because he was tallest and whitest

Children's hospital - beautiful

Candy and a compliment

Pies in the face for peace - raised $6000

Stockings for homeless

Clothing for the homeless - funny one

Ronald McDonald House - great music

Humane society - really cute

Leeds scholarship

Candy canes and compliments - Mike wants to be David Hekman when he grows up
Chloe's sex consent video


Challah for the Hungry


Moustache Dash

Community food share - now with twins


Coffee and kindness - good editing, good idea and well executed and beautiful



Basketball - hits you right in the feels



Funny help the homeless with handwarmers group



Cookies for the homeless video



Money priming leads to goal-achievement and less helping

"People don't do what you tell them to do. They do what you do.  Model the behaviors you want people to do, like admitting mistakes. What are you going to do to change something at Leeds in the next 4 months?  I make bad decisions 47% of the time. The norm in most companies is to never admit you made a bad decision and then it becomes a disaster.  I started a program at a company called "stop doing stupid things."but after talking it through with HR we changed it to "stop Howard from doing stupid things" This program was a big success and saved us $22 million  in the first 12 months. Employees would email me cost saving ideas directly and I paid out $2 million in bonuses.I don't love technology. I love technology purchase orders. Five A players will always out work 10 B players and 20 C players...I can fit anything in my life that I want to fit in." -Howard Diamond Boulder entrepreneur

"I sued Dean Ikenberry’s dad at the University of Illinois so many times he finally made me a deal that he would fund my student legal group if we promised to stop suing him.  I took the deal and then just started a second group and kept on suing him." -Howard Diamond, Boulder entrepreneur

"I grew up in Montana raised on food stamps, cleaning houses with my mom at night. I'm dyslexic and didn't learn to read until third grade. I got a full ride to electrical engineering school, but switched to social work.  Cussing is my authentic self. I'm direct, results focused, laugh at my own jokes, am hardworking and view having a low IQ as a challenge not a weakness.  I love shoes. I'm a big shoe fan. I spent the first half of my life feeling shame about my childhood poverty, but the second half of my life I talk about it and realize people are compassionate. Every experience trains you for the next experience in your life. My skill is truly listening for shared interests and drafting a plan that reflects shared interests. I thrive when I am learning and don't know what I am doing. My first job was building the City of Denver's pay for performance system.. Everyone at the Denver Chamber of Commerce knows our mission statement "Put Coloradoans to work because nothing makes a bigger difference than everyone having a good job." -Kelly Brough, President of the Denver Chamber of Commerce

"I'm the 21st leader of University of Colorado Business School. We have 180 employees and a $40 million dollar budget. Quality chases quality. For every 100 students we get $950,000 and campus gets $1.2 million. Colorado government pays $50 million to CU which is going away soon. To cover that gap, the campus wants to grow 20%. English faculty are scattered around 18 buildings. If we increase transfers and increase the standards for entering freshmen, then we increase quality and quantity at the same time.  The business school endowment is only $70 million." Dean Ikenberry, Dean of Leeds school of business

"I was a leader at Hostess, Pepsi, and CEO of Rudy's bread here in Boulder. Check out my website janeknows.com. I majored in Russian, and then got my MBA. I was the first woman president at Frito-Lay, and while there invented the chili-cheese fritos.  I got Twinkies out of bankruptcy. I also taught a class and that was really challenging. Now I'm running a small company in Santa Barbara called Proyo - yogurt that tastes like ice cream. Most leaders (66%) say that soft skills are equally important to hard skills. The most important soft skills are integrity (will you do what you said you would? most people don't), positive attitude (always say yes and - build on ideas) and professionalism (how do you handle situations that happen to you).  I look for three things on resumes - work ethic (always has a job), initiative (what about your starbucks experience shows initiative?), and teamwork (sports, be on a winning team).  List your accomplishments, but know your weaknesses. One of my weaknesses is I talk about my dogs too much. When interviewing with the chairman of the board at Rudy's I told him I have two dogs and love them (Max and Scout) but that I wasn't 'a crazy dog person like I didn't wear matching outfits with my dogs or anything' and then he replied that his wife is a seamstress and makes matching outfits for herself and her dogs.  The one time I met his wife she wore a dress that matched the dog's outfit.  The chairman hates me to this day, but I did get the job because I was by far the most qualified applicant.  I was a great leader and had great success at Frito-Lay so I got promoted to Pepsi, the parent company and Pepsi is in NYC and has a really formal culture in contrast to Frito-Lay which is in Dallas and more laid back.  At Pepsi no one was listening to me and it was like I was invisible. After a few months my boss took me into his office and said 'Jane you have great potential but your style is getting in the way. So we are sending you to three days to see Marty Seligman Phd in Florida to talk about your issues.' I was afraid they were going to try to brainwash me and I didn't want to become a Stepford wife. But I learned that I speak French and everyone else at Pepsi speaks German.  I needed to learn German in order for anyone to listen to me.  Don't rage quit your job unless you have another job. You need a personal advisory board. By moving back to a startup, I've learned that I haven't actually done much real work for 20 years. I've delegated work to others. But now that I'm actually doing it, it's hard." -Jane Miller, Former executive of Hostess, Pepsi and Rudy's Bakery

"I got a degree in Latin American history from USC and learned there were no jobs as Latin American History professor, so I got a job at Cheesboroug-Ponds. I got fired from my second job at J&J and at the time I had a wife and two sick kids. Because I had a good reputation, I got a replacement job in less than a week. This failure taught me to always network, reputation is everything, I learned a lot of humility, when you stop learning you either get in a rut or you leave. At one point when the economy was bad we changed our strategy and started competing on cost. But we lost $250 million that year so I ended that practice. We changed to an expansion strategy of conquering the Europe market and also got into specialty markets. My replacement at CEO changed the culture from an open door policy to a closed door policy so I had to replace my replacement. Sometimes it's better to have an empty apartment than a bad tenant. Have resolve, communicate because you cannot over-communicate your strategy, you really only are as strong as the people around you, and remain flexible and open-minded, always think about new entrants to your business (i.e. Amazon will be our competitor some day I'm sure) and study your potential competition. If you have an open door policy, you know everything that is going on in the company. If you have a closed door policy you have 3-4 people telling you what you want to hear. When I was COO they called me the Prince of Darkness. We had a very paternalistic culture where no one got fired. I had to lay 300 people off out of 4000. I've lost 40 pounds of weight since retiring. Need an outlet for all that stress. I used to spin all the time. But I got a fused spine in a white water rafting accident here in CO. I'm on the board of the USC Marshall School of Business.  The Owens and Minor Board Chairman's son told me that he expected to be COO, but I told him that would never happen as long as I was in charge." -Craig R. Smith, Executive Chairman of Owens & Minor, healthcare company

"Learning to be both assertive and passive or feminine are important for female career success (Buzzanell and Lucas, 2006)."

"According to Rushing, the Amazon is a fighter who embodies ‘strength, courage, and independence’ (Rushing, 2006: 165). The Amazon is often depicted not only as a soul-mate to men, but also as someone turning their passion and intellect toward equality and a voice for the disenfranchised. They make their own way with the absence of men (Rushing, 2006). The character Faye in Mad Men was an Amazon as she wielded ‘intellectual power’, was ‘skilled in battle’ and a force ‘to be reckoned with’ (Rushing, 2006: 169). She was also competent, beautiful, feminine and masculine."

"The Brainchild ‘is not a soul-mate who complements a man with her feminine radiance, but one who mirrors his masculinity in a perfectly rational reflection’ (Rushing, 2006: 76). True to the Brainchild who did not need to engage in sex with the mentor, Peggy began to see herself as special because others did so."

"Instead of being molded into the perfect office wife, Don groomed Peggy to be a competent and successful organizational member who reflected his image and sustained his power. As father-figure, Don coached Peggy on how to handle the resulting tenuous circumstance. Through his mentorship, Don enacted the role of a concerned father, providing advice and support during this difficult time, but also vowing to never betray her confidence."

"Hucznyski and Buchanan argue that the narratives found in popular culture representations are theory-laden. In other words, ‘they offer accounts of events that unfold chronologically, linking antecedents, through actions, to consequences, in particular contexts’ (Hucznyski and Buchanan, 2004: 709)."

"What is success? How do we make a difference? The world is in chaos. Low growth in Europe. Germany trying to take over Europe through economics this time. Eventually China will account for 60-70% of world GDP. Putin is a desperate man looking to regain dominance, which is a dangerous type of person. ISIS goal is apocalypse of our way of life. Chaos presents opportunity. If everything was great, there would be no opportunity to make a difference. Small and medium-sized companies can't borrow money. Leaders help their people become smarter. Huge income gaps. The belly of America is getting disenfranchised. I'm a capitalist but a social liberal. 70% of our economy is what people spend. 12 million African Americans not in the workforce. 52 million women out of the workforce. Lehman Brothers had an unusual culture that I call 'team blood'. It meant leave your weapons at the door. We are a team. Tried to wipe out the star and silo mentality. We wanted to present a single platform to our clients. Culture is the glue that keeps people together. There is book about the first time I drove Lehman into bankruptcy and that is called "Greed and glory: fall of Lehman" and it says we collapsed because the trading and banking parts couldn't come together. I was in charge of the trading part and was called the gorilla because I believed in turf for my capital markets people. I didn't handle it well. And that friction is what cost us the firm. I was never wrong before I had children. I learned to be wrong because when I take their idea instead of mine it makes them happy. Real power is the ability to give it to somebody else.  If you really want to be a leader it's ok to put yourself in a vulnerable position. Sometimes you lose. Set expectations high and put yourself on the line and be prepared to lose. If you fail suck it up and handle it. I lost one of the biggest firms in the world. It happened on my watch. I was CEO of one of the biggest. Suck it up Fuld. You can stay in bed or go talk to the animals in the woods or you can go here and talk to these people. After this you might say "Shit Fuld go back to the woods."  I want my children to be happy and have a sense of purpose. Simple." -Dick Fuld, former CEO of Lehman Brothers and CU grad

"People said I had my own elevator because I was a germ freak.  But I'm an idiot freak not a germ freak. Do I have regrets? 27,000 people got hurt, shareholders got crushed. At the end of the day it was my ass. Do I have regrets? Yes. Do I think I helped trigger the global economic meltdown. Yes. I think about it 5-10 times a day. I have regrets about the aftermath yes, not about my actions. I regret not having my platform anymore. I tried everything. I played the game differently in that I played no game. People either have it or they don't. I got in a lot of altercations. I'm beginning to feel the blood a little bit." -Dick Fuld, former CEO of Lehman Brothers and CU grad

"I got a dishonorable discharge from ROTC here at CU for fighting a higher-ranking officer. Only way to deal with a bully is to crush them. But I had to pay the price. But I got lucky because I'm still standing on this side of the turf.....I would flunk the emotional intelligence part of this class. Do I like to let the beast fly every once in a while? Yes, but I'm willing to take the consequences. Whoever is telling you to be emotionally intelligent is right if you have that DNA. I'm not sure I have that DNA. If it's just about me then fine. But if my craziness affects other people then that's not OK.  When you open your mouth make them care. Make them think you are interesting.....The SEC, the Fed, Congress looked in places I didn't know I had places. We had the equity but we failed. Geithner, Bernanke and Paulsen will get skewered when the truth comes out. ...I paid my people mostly in stock, not cash. When people left Lehman, I pulled their stock and gave it to someone else. " -Dick Fuld, former CEO of Lehman Brothers and CU grad

"USC has $4 billion in revenues. For our online programs, we have 11,000 students from 40 countries doing online programs that generate $160 million annually. It's the largest private employer in Los Angeles. I learned from my engineering background to fix things as soon as they break, and nothing improves unless you measure it.  My three leadership examples are Cicero, the Roman Lawyer who said good judgment and experience is the key to good leadership, Plato who said education and constantly learning is the key to good leadership, and Heraclytus who said character is the key to good leadership and that character is destiny.  To be a good leader study Virgil's Ennead. It's about a young man who is full of fear and early setbacks but experiences shape him into an effective and courageous leader. Many professors are so self-centered. As a leader you have to be a servant. So many professors don't care about the common good." -Max Nikias, President of USC

"There are 56 trustees of USC. One is the wealthiest man in India, another is the wealthiest oil magnate in China who has 1.1 million employees. Four sets of trustees tried to buy the LA Dodgers which ended up selling for more than $2 billion.  People always ask me how I manage these people. and I just do three things. 1. treat others the way you want to be treated. 2. I want to entrust these people to only give excellence. Dean Ikenberry helped me study dysfunctional boards like at Penn State. When the board starts running day to day operations, that's bad. 3. I promise to give every trustee a voice as long as they don't badmouth the team decision. The board is about culture, values, and mission. We don't pick the next football coach. The middle of the organizational hierarchy is getting wiped out because of technology.  Coach youth sports teams to become a better leader. Study from 8-5 five days a week and you'll get A's on things.  Our company wants to hire a business major + a philosophy minor. In America we have the best infrastructure, and university system in the world, best ownership rights system, best legal system, most productive workforce, cheapest energy. It's going to be the 1950s again." -John Mork, board chairman of USC.

"I was raised in Iowa, with an evil stepmother, three older brothers and six younger siblings. At an early age I decided to be smarter than everyone else. Before I took the board chairman position at American Apparel I said I wanted other women on the board. One woman is a token, two is a clique, and three is the start of something. We have three women on the board now. When interviewing for a job with Bill Gates, I went to his house and spilled a pot of coffee on the board chairman. I helped clean it up and said, "Now you have a good reason not to hire me" but they hired me because they liked my sense of humor about the event and I did that job for 8 years.  American Apparel is the Dr. Zhivago of the apparel industry. I am dealing with 50 lawsuits from the founder Dov Charney, who is crazy. Some teams never gel. Some do and then you can perform above your pay grade. Lightning in a bottle - everything is working and it's so fun and so special. That's only happened twice in my life. Lightning in a bottle is when there is no prima donna, balance talent and intent, and we called it camelot.  I've survived four proxy fights. Settled 1, partially won 1, and won one.  Find a way so you're good with numbers. I wish I understood how language matters so much. Be authentic, keep track of your relationships and look for the common ground.  People matter the most at the end of your career. Not friendship but a relationship where you have respect for each other." -Coleen Brown, former executive at Gannett and Chairman of the board of American Apparel

"The secret to success is that you have to work hard enough and prepare enough so that if you are lucky enough that an opportunity presents itself, you can take it. Prepare for opportunity. Don't prepare for success or the future.  Also read the question. Most people spend most of their time thinking and talking about non-issues.  Problems are a good thing. I flunked out of physical chemistry and then took a marketing class where I got all A's and never when to class, but the professor gave me an F in the course because he wanted to work with me on his research.  There's no perfect job or partner for most people.  Just hop on the train and then you'll be surprised how it works out for you. Don't just stand at the station. It doesn't get you anywhere.  It's not about being liked or being part of the team; it's knowing your business because the key is making decisions. You can't make decisions without knowing your business.  The goal is to make progress, not reach consensus. To make a difference you have to believe in yourself. You don't get somewhere by being nicey nicey. Leaders aren't afraid to win... At DuPont I had Teflon, but nobdoy knew what to do with it. We asked the bosses to do a marketing study and ask women if they would use nonstick pans and they all said they wouldnt. But then I went back to 50 of the women they surveyed and asked them what they do with pans that have stuck food on them and they said they soak them overnight. I took that info to the bosses and said 'tell me that isn't a problem' and they agreed it was a problem and teflon-coated pans was a huge success. This illustrates the importance of reading the question.  Just go out and talk to people to prepare yourself for opportunity. Particularly if you don't know them or they are doing something strange. 40 years ago most yogurt that was sold was "plain" which tastes terrible.  I followed customers out to their cars after buying plain yogurt and asked them what they did with the plain yogurt and they all said they mixed it with sugar or chocolate or nuts which told me that the people who ate the most yogurt really didn't like it.  Then I got a reduced acid type of yogurt and it was the best selling yogurt in 6 months.  People are pretty good at telling you what they are doing right now, but they are pretty bad at telling you what they did or what they are going to do.  I like to lead from the center. To be continually involved with everybody on everything. I want to always be learning my trade. I like asking people questions. I've learned an amazing amount....I like talking to people because it helps you interpret the numbers of research. It brings understanding to you. To observe, you have to suspend judgment or you won't actually observe what the person is doing. Be open to what someone is telling you. Judgment comes way later after you have a lot of options down the road. Data gathering is non judgmental.  Author strings are increasing at 20% per decade because knowledge is more specialized and problems are more complex....You look at McDonald's and Wendy's and think we don't need another hamburger joint. But then you see Five Guys and Smashburger and you think maybe we do.  Leadership is intelligence, curiousity and communication.  Brene Brown says that people who rise the fastest from failure are those that are very curious.  After failure they ask what happened and why it happened. Never underestimate the value people place on authenticity. Falsity is very difficult to deal with. If you are honest a lot of faults can be forgiven.  In the 60s it dawned on me that women weren't getting a fair shake. So I just kept putting women in positions of power and responsibility." - Paul Repetto, co-founder of Horizon Organic Dairy

Top management teams seem to have a cap on number of female executives. Having a woman on a top management team REDUCES the likelihood that another woman occupies a position on that team.  

My collective regulatory focus article is published. Finally

"Dude nobody bribes a Cropanzano. You can bribe a Jones or a Smith, but not a Cropanzano." -Russell Cropanzano talking about an instructor at a former institution offering him fee-free investments in exchange for better teaching assignments.

"People say 'I don't care about fashion'. They go to the Gap or Old Navy, and they all dress alike, they wear these uniforms. But that's a choice, it's a personal choice because there are many people who don't do that.  In buying those uniforms, you're saying something about yourself, and about how you feel about clothing and culture. Anti-fashion is fashion."

"Talking about problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys." -Rita Schiano

SAS software has three percent turnover, double-digit growth annually, and treats their employees great.

If you want to be a great boss "give a damn" and be "willing to piss people off" (because you care).  This is called radical candor.

Spinoza said that God is in everything -- the clay of the pot, the body of the potter, and the eye of whoever sees the pleasing result.

"The limits of my language means the limits of my world" -Ludwig Witgenstein

Is there an answer to every question?

Does everything happen for a reason?

"Deconstruction insists not that truth is illusory but that it is institutional." - Terry Eagleton

"Try again. Fail again. Fail better." -Samuel Beckett

"When it is not in our power to determine what is true, we ought to follow what is most probable." -Rene Descartes

Is thinking something is true enough to make it true?

"An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it makes a better soup." - Bertrand Russell

Epicureanism proposes that the purpose of existence is to seek pleasure, here and now.  True Epicureans achieve pleasure by obtaining knowledge, through friendship, and by living a virtuous life.

"Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better." - Albert Camus

Should we acknowledge meaninglessness or construct a meaning?

"The rationalist imagines an imbecile-free society; the empiricist an imbecile-proof one, or even better, a rationalist-proof one." -Nassim Nicholas Taleb


OK so people used to think bees were mean and deceitful and bees' selfishness was what made them hoard honey.  Some philosopher named Bernard Mandeville imagined that bees suddenly became nice and kind and thus stopped making honey.  This flawed idea/parable is the seed that started the "greed is good" 1980's philosophy. In reality bees are basically socialists.

"Nature is none other than God in things" -Giordano Bruno

"I quote others only in order the better to express myself." -Michel de Montaigne

Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) said that there were multiple solar systems that supported life. And that God formed the basis of living souls.  He was burned at the stake for these ideas obviously.


Moses Maimonides (1135-1204) concluded it was impossible to assign attributes such as goodness or omniscience to God because attributes are always in comparison to other things (an excess or deficiency of something) and if God is flawless then he is thus undefinable.


Frantz Fanon (1925-1961) was a black Frenchman who experienced a lot of racism. To escape racism black people try to take on a white existence, but that only strengthens the concept of white supremacy. The only way out, Fanon said was to stop thinking in terms of race.


"The only way to truly love another person is to love them without hope" -Walter Benjamin, and what he means exactly is unclear. He leaves us to figure it out for ourselves.


"Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be." -Jose Ortega Y Gasset, a philosopher who was interested in the processes that lead to creativity.  He concluded that this arose when the reality of any one moment was compared in the mind with possible futures that we are constantly imagining.


"Instinct perfected is a faculty of using organized instruments; intelligence perfected is using unorganized instruments." -Henri Bergson, a philosopher who was really into intuition and the "vital spirit" which is an unconscious link to nature at its most essential level.


"It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love." -Miguel De Unamuno, a Spanish philosopher who said to embrace the Buddhist "life is suffering" idea because it will help us "seek truth from life and life from truth." Unamuno contrasted a happy life - without the dangers of love - with a turbulent one blessed with a chance to find love.


"Teach thy tongue to say 'I do not know' and thou shalt progress." -Moses Maimonides


We like leaders who underrate themselves

Military political correctness is way more intense than any other type of political correctness. They even have an extremist tatoo decision support matrix.

80 percent of infections are transmitted by hands, which teem with millions of bacteria and viruses.

Around the world, men are more financially literate than women (e.g. they understand compound interest ).

Winter might be tolerable when wrapped in one of these blankets

Economists tested seven welfare programs to see if they made people lazy. They didn't.

The number one factor for team effectiveness at Google: Psychological Safety. When people feel free to take risks, they share more diverse knowledge and innovate more. The last time you were working on a project did you feel like you could ask what the goal was without the risk of sounding like you’re the only one out of the loop?

Freedom versus security

If you walk a lot then your brain will be healthier. "On average a muscularly powerful twin now performed about 18 percent better on memory and other cognitive tests than her weaker sister."

In China, about 2.5 babies are aborted for every one born compared to about five live births for per one abortion in America.

"Don't ask kids what they want to be when they grow up but what problems do they want to solve." -Jaime Casap Google Global Education Evangelist

More sex makes us happy but once a week may be enough for a happy relationship

BMI may not be the best way to measure risk of death from obesity. New research shows that people with a normal body mass index but a large belly are at greater risk of dying from heart disease than those with more evenly distributed weight. If your waist to hip ratio is less then 1, then you are fine.

Logical fallacy ref is awesome "We have an ad hominem attack. Personal foul; player tried to attack the opponent instead of his argument."

Jessica Jones is our first real super-antihero. With great irresponsibility comes great possibility.

"Hillary Clinton's resting face is "I just sat through 50 years of mansplaining." " - @louisvirtel

"Don't hate the player, hate the social construct of performative masculinity, which encourages weak men to conform to a sexist narrative" - @msgwenl

"Sometimes I forget that men have the right of way on the sidewalk and I feel so silly" -@maryhoulie

The 5 best business books according to Pete Burridge 
1. Small Giants by Bo Burlingham
2. The startup Playbook by David Kidder
3. Drive by Daniel Pink
4. The Starfish and the Spider by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom
5. The leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner

Are there three eras of management? The era of execution, then expertise and now empathy?

In love it's best to be kind and curious

Hand gesture pro tips

Stephen Colbert is at his best when he's having a deep conversation in the guise of a shallow one

This baby elephant trying to get into a tub might be my new spirit animal

If four men use these urinals at the same time, a path to a secret boss will open

"Fraudulent papers had about 60 more jargon-like words per paper compared to unretracted papers, which is a non-trivial amount."

The Dalai Lama on terrorist attacks "We cannot solve this problem through prayers...I believe in praying. But humans have created this problem, and now we are asking God to solve it. It is illogical. So let us work for peace...and not expect help from God, Buddha or the governments."

There's a big shrine to Mother Cabrini in Golden CO 

When historians rate the presidents throughout history, the most effective ones turn out to be the most open-minded - Abraham Lincoln was a flip-flopper: He started out pro-slavery before abolishing it. FDR was a flip-flopper too: Elected on a platform of balancing the budget, he increased spending with the New Deal.

The smartest states are Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Kansas and Vermont.

People assume that 24% of American teen girls give birth each year, but really it's 3%. Also people think 15% of Americans are Muslim but it's really 1%. People think 32% of Americans are immigrants, but really it's 13%. And to top it off, basically the US is the most ignorant of all developed countries.

Moral narcissism is the tendency to think about morality in terms of how your actions make you feel about yourself rather than in terms of their consequences for others.

Children with high self-esteem strongly identify with their own gender and prefer their own gender.

Cat cafes are a thing now

Duck internet search history:
Bread pudding?
what is "breadwinner"
how to become a breadwinner
where to win bread
Duck boobs
Free bread

"I like that Reading Rainbow theme song starts off by aggressively one-upping butterflies." -@allegraringo

""Um wow okay" -all of Santa's other reindeer" -@TribalSpaceCat

"The fact that we know chameleons exist means they are worthless idiot failures." -@PeachCoffin

"I wonder if caterpillars know they're gonna fly some day or they just start building a cocoon and are like 'why am I doing this.'" -@JennyPentland

A glass half full interpretation of the replicability of psychological science. Basically 77% of replication effects from the psychology replication study were in (or above) the 95% prediction interval based on the original effect size.

"If they made taco flavored vodka I'd be dead in an hour." -@BGH70

"Just watched 3 people jogging outside and it has inspired me to get up and close the blinds." -@TrueTorontoGirl

Volkswagen emissions problem exposed by routine university research

"We do not get dignity from power or money or culture. We get dignity from work." -Pope Francis

"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist" -Pablo Picasso

Apple is building an electric car that will come out in 2019

Cool name for your wifi network "FBI Intelligence van 18" also "It hurts when IP"

Most people are happier in relationships, and especially if you have low avoidance (i.e. you handle conflict well) and have high approach (i.e. you try to maximize closeness and bonding in all your relationships).

"Love isn't a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now." -Mr Rogers

"Inspiration, like all of us, wants to be loved and appreciated, and if it hears you talking about how much it's ruining your life it will take its business elsewhere.  So when I hear creative people complaining about how it's a battlefield, and how they're bleeding over their work, and how awful it is, I always want to whisper to inspiration and be like 'Hey if you're sick of her, just come over to me.'" -Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic

"Perfection is just a bludgeon that goes around murdering everything good."
-Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic

"If something is authentic enough, it will feel original." 
-Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic

"Curiousity doesn't take anything from you. Curiousity just gives, and all it gives you are clues, just a beautiful thread, a tiny little clue from the scavenger hunt that you're unique here in life."
-Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic

Students get better grades when they are the same race as their TAs because TAs that are the same race give more answers to them.


"School failed me, and I failed the school. It bored me. The teachers behaved like Feldwebel (sergeants). I wanted to learn what I wanted to know, but they wanted me to learn for the exam... I felt that my thirst for knowledge was being strangled by my teachers; grades were their only measurement. How can a teacher understand youth with such a system?" -Albert Einstein


IQ is better than EQ. In Joseph and Newman's comprehensive analysis, cognitive ability accounted for more than 14 percent of job performance. Emotional intelligence accounted for less than 1 percent.

“Do I have regrets about being the CEO of the company that triggered the global economic collapse?  Yes.  Yes I have regrets about the fallout of my decisions. I regret that 37,000 of my people were hurt, and that my shareholders were skewered. And that we triggered a global recession. But I have no regrets about my decisions.  I did the best I could with the information I had.” -Dick Fuld, former CEO of Lehman Brothers and CU grad

Effective immediately, please direct all your room requests for meetings, presentations, workshops, etc. to UMC Scheduling by calling 2-8833 or via email at: Schedule@colorado.edu.  Faculty or anyone who is teaching: If you need a room for exams or class reviews continue to send Winnie those requests.

A five factor personality solution for the CPI 260

Being creative at work might cost you your relationships

Twitter wants its staff to be 35% female by the end of 2016, a rise of one percentage point. It also wants to raise the share of women in tech jobs three percentage points to 16% and the share of women in leadership roles to 25% from 22%

The Lean In and McKinsey data, which includes some companies studied by McKinsey in 2012, suggests that goal-setting is effective. Firms with established targets in 2012 outpaced those that didn’t set goals when it came to bulking up the share of women in senior management, the organizations said.

Intel announced a $300 million commitment to increase workforce diversity. Intel’s push includes a dashboard that updates in nearly real time, providing about 500 of its leaders with information on hiring of women in their division and retention of minorities.

Everyone at Intel gets an additional bonus—equal to as much as 7% of the person’s total bonus, though it varies by person—if the company hits two goals: hiring 40% minorities and women and ensuring that the retention rate of that group is at least equal to that of white and Asian men.

Research idea - biodiversity decreases the spread of disease. Might racial and gender diversity decrease the spread of organizational dysfunction?

One of the main reasons students quit college is because they think the college doesn't care about them as a person

Advertising about the University of Colorado makes voters have a more favorable view of the university

Americans view University of Colorado more favorably than University of Wisconsin

Men predominantly have male networks, while women have mostly female or mixed networks. Given that men are more likely to hold senior leadership positions, women may end up with less access to senior-level sponsorship.

New research led by a University of Colorado Boulder professor finds that nations torn by civil strife that have strong trade relations with the United Nations’ key decision-making states have a 20-percent greater likelihood of receiving peacekeepers.

Here’s a link to faculty salaries at several universities

"My view of marketing, and you'll all want to write this down, is 'I try shit. And digital marketing means I try shit every day." -Howard Diamond, Boulder entrepreneur

Event system theory of organizations - pretty rad, "events become salient when they are novel, disruptive, and critical (reflecting an event’s strength). Importantly, events can originate at any hierarchical level and their effects can remain within that level or travel up or down throughout the organization, changing or creating new behaviors, features, and events"

Compared to Men, Women View Professional Advancement as Equally Attainable, but Less Desirable (because women and not men view increased power as meaning increased workplace conflict)

"People who ask for advice are actually seen as more competent, as compared to those who don’t."

"respectful engagement is more than simply a nice way to interact, but is a catalyst and cultivator of creativity."

"I don't love technology. I love technology purchase orders. I retired and unretired three times. People say I'm bad at retirement, but I think I'm great at it because I've done it more than other people. Five A players will always beat 10 B players, who will always beat 20 C players. I'm not gender neutral because we all bring our biases to the table. Women leaders are more motivated than an equally qualified male leader because women have something to prove.  Also women have more empathy and are better listeners making them better leaders. I can fit anything in my life that I want to fit in.  I make bad decisions 47% of the time. And that's ok.  The norm in most companies is to make bad decisions but never admit you made a bad decision, which then makes the bad decision a disaster.  I had a plan at a company I was leading to put up posters that said, "stop doing stupid things" but the HR person said it was insulting so I changed it to "stop howard from doing stupid things" and it was a success.  The vast majority of cost saving ideas came directly to me, and not through the chain of command.  People don't do what you tell them to do, they do what you do. So leaders need to model admitting mistakes if they want followers to admit mistakes too.  What are you going to do to change something at Leeds in the next four months?  I sued Dean Ikenberry's dad so many times, he made me a deal that he would fund my student legal office at the University of Illinois if I would agree to stop suing him.  I took the deal, but then started another group and kept suing him." -Howard Diamond, Boulder entrepreneur

"Waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay sounds super rad if you don't know what either of those things are." -shower thoughts

"Diva is a female version of a hustler." -Beyonce

Is this the new Myers-Briggs? 

CEO regulatory focus as measured by text analysis

100 reasons to love "ball don't lie" Rasheed Wallace

"If you don't come in on Saturday, then don't bother coming in on Sunday" Entrepreneur Rob Schuham, in reference to how many hours entrepreneurs put in their businesses.

Umm if you're a white guy, try not to tell minorities about how diversity isn't a big deal.

Text analysis is a thing in organizational research now

"Find corporate employee turnover rates in  "Best Places to Work" reports and CSR reports" - Prof. Brooks Holtom

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence"- Oscar Wilde

Sarcasm is often considered a form of hostile humor, one of the four main types of humor or humor styles (e.g., Martin, Puhlik-Doris, Larsen, Gray, & Weir, 2003; the other three types are affiliative, self-enhancing, and self-deprecating humor).

Larry James says there's really just one underlying dimension of workplaces -- is the workplace beneficial or detrimental to me?

These people say there are three dimensions -- Osgood, C. E., Suci, G. J., & Tannenbaum, P. H. (1957). The measurement of meaning. Urbana: Univer. of Illinois Press, 195, 36.

"Arousal has a curvilinear relationship to performance. Everyone assumes they speak without an accent. Emotional labor literature came from management, not psychology. Entrainment is not contagion but they have the same number of syllables." - Russell Cropanzano

It's hard to know if relational energy comes from complementary (opposites attract) or similarity (brids of a feather)

"The qualities that men want most in a daughter - intelligent, independent, strong and principled - are the qualities that help women thrive in the workplace.  But this is what men say has made it harder to be a man today."  So we're stuck in a spiral of unrealistic expectations until men manage to get over themselves.

Four rules of thumb regarding economic/social change 1) Things generally improve over time (the world is better off now than it has ever been) 2) sharks and dangerous things kill very few people 3) the world has one distribution, not bi-modal 4) social improvements (i.e. girls in school, immunizations) precede economic improvements

"If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid." -Epictetus

"You can show the world my foot, which is very ugly, or you can show them my face, which tells a different story." -Hans Rosling telling the media to focus on the positive, rather than the wars.

Women go to school almost as much as men, deaths from natural disasters are at an 100 year low, and the number of people living in extreme poverty in the last 20 years has halved.

"Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems." -Epictetus

Sarcasm plus trust leads to creativity

Millenials who are thriving have one thing in common - rich parents

See congress polarize over the last 60 years

"The victories of speech have been many but the victories of silence have been many more. The man of silence is the man of power" - Carl Sandburg, American Poet

Never use the bathroom in your dream-- it's a setup.

Instagram CEO kevin systrom has sharp style and doesn't wear hoodies.  He follows @thedressedchest on instagram for good suit ideas.

"Silence speaks the contemplatives say, but really I think silence sorts." -Patricia Hampl

"He that would live in peace and ease must not speak all he knows nor judge all he sees. " -Benjamin Franklin

"Why don't buddhist monks ask to make them "one with everything" when they order pizza?" -Rich Garcia

How to project power - keep your limbs away from your body.  Make eye contact when you talk but not when you listen.

"As a country we are in denial because we've confused the right to bear arms with the right to bear arms all the time anywhere or anyplace you want. We have to have a different kind of conversation in America and be prepared to speak about the politically unspeakable." - Retired U.S. Army General Russel Honore

There's a troubling global movement of increasing nationalism and populism

University employees can be forced to turn over emails from personal accounts.

One of the main ingredients in Mountain Dew is orange juice; also all fruit loops taste exactly the same

There's two types of passion - harmonious passion and obsessive passion. Harmonious passion is correlated with a sense of flow and creativity, and obsessive passion is correlated with burnout.

July 17 is world emoji day.  Emoji may be the fastest spreading language on the internet.  But what do they actually mean??

Couples who date right after meeting tend to be equally attractive.  But couples who are friends first tend to be unequally attractive.

Time speeds up with age. Waiting 24 days for christmas at age 5 literally feels like waiting a year at age 54

Researchers have long shown that we experience time as going by much slower when our body temperature is higher. So perhaps it's not a coincidence that children have higher body temperatures than adults, and also experience time more slowly.

There's organizational personality - organizational emotional stability and conscientiousness, and they seem to predict organizational performance

A bet on gold is really a bet that the people in charge don't know what they're doing.

The goodyear airdock, a building so big it rains inside

Accenture eliminated annual performance reviews for its more than 300,000 employees

A buddha is one who is enlightened or awakened. Their characteristic features are found in the perfection of love, knowledge and power, the attainment of which make one a perfect guide to liberate all beings from miseries.

Watson tone analyzer can tell you your personality - worry fail and decay are high in negative affect; project, lunch and timely boost your agreeableness score; use of conjunctions boost conscientiousness; this, away and murdered increase openness scores

Perceptions of self and one's environment are inseparable "The supposedly separate realms of the subjective and the objective are actually only poles of attention." Gibson 1979: 116

Men who kiss their wives before work live longer, get into fewer car accidents and have higher income than than married men who don't.

Fewer than haff the world's cultures kiss in a romantic way.  Everybody in the middle east kisses, but very few in South America, Central America and Africa.  North America and Asia are about half.  The more socially complex the society, the more romantic kissing.

Time pressure reverses risk preferences.  Typically people are conservative after gains, and risky after losses.  But people under time pressure take risks after gains and take risks after losses.

People/cultures who think the world is fair/just tend to favor inequality.

We show that relationship conflict combined with the relational self has a positive effect on creativity. Likewise, process conflict combined with the independent self has a beneficial effect on creativity.  Both lead to cognitive persistence, which leads to creativity.  The key is that frustration of goals that are meaningful to people promotes creativity through cogntive persistence.

Powerful people are less lonely because powerful people have a lower need to belong -- they assume everyone is on their side regardless.

How do you think the unthinkable? With an itheberg.

The first rule of alzheimer's club is you don't talk about chess club.

I tried to catch fog yesterday. Mist.

Korn Ferry reached a record of $1 billion in annual sales and instead of giving people more money, they gave them 6 days off.

The U.S. produces 3688 calories per capita per day. That's too much.

The social cost of carbon dioxide emissions is $21 per ton according to the U.S. interagency working group.

Math formula for how nature works. From killer bacteria to lions, there's fewer predators than there should be based on the number of prey.  It seems predators have a ceiling and reproduce at lower rates as they approach that ceiling.  Likewise if you get rid of all predators, prey seem to have a ceiling too and reproduce at lower rates as they approach that ceiling.  Also, it seems animal body efficiency also has a ceiling (same mathematical formula for predator and prey population ceilings) -- bigger animals are more efficient than smaller ones, but the efficiency has a ceiling.

Fatherhood makes men fat

Boulder CO resembles the rest of America almost the least of any U.S. city in terms of income, education, race and gender make-up and household size


Team race (r = - .10) and sex ( r = -.06) diversity have small negative correlations with team performance

"Emotional culture research is one of the hottest streams of emotions research." -Russell Cropanzano 

People are more productive when the weather is bad because they are less distracted by outdoor activities

Culture of Fear -Ashkanasy

“Thus the culture of companionate love scale consisted of the following emotions expressed by employees: affection, caring, compassion, and tenderness.”

"Take 8 o'clock classes; life can take a lot of things away from you. Nobody can take your education. Come ready to own the room. Dress nice. Surround yourself with people better than you. It makes you elevate your game. Being a leader isn't about being the smartest person in the room, it's about being the wisest - having the most perspective, objectivity, vision, context and culture.  Also lead from the back row by writing the first draft.  Raise your hand. Volunteer and be visible. " - Lilly Marks,  former CEO Of CU Health System

"Lots of meetings are really about power/control.  People accept less than peak performance as long as they get to own it. And that's difficult. Do you call the question or just roll with it?" - Lilly Marks,  former CEO Of CU Health System

"Leadership is hard. Its about survival in a world full of threats.  My parents were Holocaust survivors and so they knew how to survive.  They told me that to survive, you should never see yourself as a victim. The minute you do so you stop bringing energy.  You stop thinking you have control. Say, "I can make a difference." If you live long enough bad things will happen to everyone.  The challenges don't define you. How you respond to the challenges is what defines you."  - Lilly Marks,  former CEO Of CU Health System

"Support that comes only from the top is called hanging." -Dick Krugman, meaning you need to be supported by your colleagues and followers to have true influence as a leader

"The best leaders never stop getting their hands dirty, because they prevents them from getting out of touch.  Also leaders always build collaboration. Always do favors for others. Don't be the person who can't wait to join the posse and pull someone else's pants down in public.  Don't do it. Make people feel good about themselves."  - Lilly Marks,  former CEO Of CU Health System

"There's three types of leaders -- thought leaders who influence lots of people, ring leaders who have lots of bad ideas, and positional leaders who have lots of formal authority." - Lilly Marks,  former CEO Of CU Health System

"Where you stand is where you sit" - Lilly Marks,  former CEO Of CU Health System, meaning that people have a hard time taking the perspective of people from other silos, departments or functions.  When you get to the next level of leadership, you have to know what skills you are bringing with you and what you need to learn.

Hindsight bias is evidenced by most people agreeing with both of these contradictory statements. "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"  and "You're never too old to learn something new."  Likewise, most people agree that "love is stronger than fear." and that "fear is stronger than love." http://www.musiccog.ohio-state.edu/Music829C/hindsight.bias.html

Confirmation bias leads to the misconception that you are the result of years of rational, objective analysis, but the truth is that our opinions are the result of paying attention to information that confirmed what you believed, while ignoring information that challenged our preconceived notions.

Biases make us deluded, but keep us sane

If we simply required gun owners to carry liability insurance, then the insurance industry would destroy the gun industry.

Representativeness heuristic makes us believe that learning about a person's history makes it easier to determine what sort of person they are. But really we jump to conclusions based on how representative a person seems to be of a preconceived character type.

Consistency bias makes us believe that we understand how our opinions have changed over time, but the truth is that unless you consciously keep tabs on your progress, you assume that the way you feel now is the way you have always felt.

We believe we are one person and that our happiness is based on being content with our life, but really we are multiple selves and happiness is based on satisfying all of them.

Self-handicapping means that we think we are always striving for success, but in reality we create conditions for failure ahead of time to protect our egos.

The Anchoring Effect means that we think we rationally analyze all factors before making a decision or determining value, but really the first perception lingers in your mind, affecting later perceptions and decisions.

Embodied cognition means that we think our opinions of people and events are based on objective evaluation, but really we translate our physical world into words and then believe those words.

Learned Helplessness means that if you feel like you aren't in control of your destiny, then you will give up and accept whatever situation you are in.

The Illusion of transparency means that we overestimate how much other people can see our inner thoughts and emotions.

Social Loafing means we think that we will work harder when joined by others in a task, but in reality, once part of a group, we tend to put in less effort because you know your work will be pooled with others.

Extinction burst means that any time you quit something cold turkey, your brain will make a last ditch effort to return you to your habit.

Conformity - most people think they are a strong individual who doesn't conform unless forced to, but in reality it takes little more than an authority figure or social pressure to get us to obey because conformity is a survival instinct.

The Misinformation effect - we think memories are played back like recordings but in reality, memories are constructed anew each time from whatever information is currently available, which makes them highly permeable to influences from the present.

The spotlight effect means that we think people are noticing every aspect of our appearance and behavior, but in reality people devote little attention to you unless prompted to do so.

Dunbar's number. You can only maintain 150 relationships in your head at a time.

Supernormal stimuli are junk food, television, drugs, and many things and people in modern society.  If a little fat is good, then lots of fat is better.

Argument from ignorance - we we are unsure of something we are more likely to accept strange explanations.

"The secret of happiness, you see is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less" -Socrates

"Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; talk less, say more, and all the good things will be yours." - Swedish proverb

"The world is a random and meaningless and terrifying place and then we all - spoiler alert - die. Most critters are designed not to know that. We are designed, uniquely to transcend that.  A thing isn't beautiful because it lasts." - Joss Whedon

"Few people think more than two or three times a year. I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week." - George Bernard Shaw

"We don't have to agree on anything to be kind to one another." - sign on a coffee shop

I want to read this one

Offering unlimited vacation time to employees sounds great, but when you do that employees actually take LESS vacation.

Man bites dog journalism means that you never read about a plane that did not crash.

There's really no point in working more than 40 hours per week

"Epic failure is part of being human and it's definitely part of being married. It's part of what being alive means, occasionally screwing up in expensive ways."

6 percent of CU Boulder faculty, and 16% of students are republican.

Accenture, one of the biggest companies in the world is dumping annual reviews

48% of white millenials believe that whites face just as much discrimination as people of color

‘I’m only black if you think you’re white.’ We constructed it! And now, we have to deconstruct it.”

“… For far too long in this country, we’ve equated ‘white’ with ‘American.’ This country was never white. The world was never white. I think that is a realization that all of us, including white people, have to face.”

White people view themselves as individuals, so they don't view themselves as part of the culture, not part of the ideology, and thus don't have to feel white privilege.

"If you are more concerned about fast food workers making $15 per hour than you are concerned about CEOs making $5859 per hour then you may be part of the problem"

Facebook only hired seven black people last year despite diversity pledge.

Some hilarious org charts - the amoeba (Organizations where trying to get anything done is like trying to teach a fish to fish) and the ball of yarn (the actual structure of most organizations regardless of formal org charts)

Americans are moving farther and farther west plus a little south

Americans are delaying marriage but not having kids

Americans are more polarized politically

Americans are growing less and less religious

Young females are far more educated than their male peers

The gender wage gap has stopped shrinking

Fewer Americans are making stuff

We're going to need more healthcare workers and fast

We're staying unemployed for an unusually, terribly long time

Americans are eating more (mostly carbs and fats)

Americans are getting more overweight

Americans are starting to drive less

"You start up that path of being just a little more explicit, because you signal to everyone around you, you say, hey my world, our world, is going to be an honest one. My world is going to be one where truth is strengthened and falsehood is recognized and marginalized." - Pam Meyer

The percentage of solved murders has declined from 90% in 1965 to 64% in 2012.  That's 5,000 unsolved murders per year.

"Drunk people run stop signs, high people wait for them to turn green."

"I used to wonder why I had hair on my legs, but now I know it's for my toddler sons and daughters to pull themselves up off the ground with as I scream in pain" - Jim Gaffigan

"You know what it's like having a third kid? Imagine you're drowning, then someone hands you a baby." - Jim Gaffigan

"Big families are like waterbed stores. They used to be everywhere, and now they're just weird." -Jim Gaffigan

"Were pictures worth a thousand words, no one would know that saying. They'd paint a picture in its place instead of words a drawing." - Alan Haemer

In golf only 4% of top players are left-handed, but about 50% of top hitters in baseball are left-handed.  Left-handedness is beneficial in competitive societies and sports

Welfare is good for society. Kids whose families had received welfare lived one year longer, on average, than identical kids whose families did not receive welfare

"Perfection is inhuman. Human beings are not perfect. What evokes our love - and I mean love, not lust - is the imperfection of the human being. So when the imperfection of the real person peaks through, say 'this is a challenge to my compassion' then make a try and something might begin to get going." - Joseph Campbell in Pathways to Bliss

The process of challenging the ideas is what makes pixar movies successful. Challenge everything.  Need to get rid of fear. Don't recognize authority. - Ed Catmill in Creativity Inc

The Celtic Well is a sacred place and Celts circle the well three times and them make a metal offering (which is where the tradition of throwing a coin in a well comes from)

There's a night in August in Iceland where the baby puffins go off to sea.  It's called the night of the pufflings

Good movies according to Pete Terpenning - Harold and Maude, Spitfire Grill, Joe versus the Volcano, Terms of Endearment

"Kids need to fall apart eventually and find their own strength. Don't disrespect their ability to rescue themselves. Kids came out whole, parents often get in the way.  Have the courage to melt and reach out to someone who listens.  Yeah, you're on fire, but it's going to make you better. It's safe to fall apart. It's coming to find you.  Just let it overtake you." -Linda Freund

"Nobody else can make the sound you make" -Yoyo Ma

Most people hear the "you are loved" half of the truth, but the whole truth is that "you are loved and so are they"

Like a father with better things to do, go back to the ever evolving you and the silence resumes.

Abortion is ok for religions that teach life begins at first breath (Jewish and Pueblo peoples)

"When the student is ready, the teacher will come"

"Life is all about chipping away at the false self (desire for affection, control or safety) to get to the real self.  God is found under the garbage heap. " -Pete Terpenning

"To wonder is to begin to understand"

"To hear something new you have to stop talking. To think something new you have to stop thinking."-Pete Terpenning

Brother says, "Doctor, doctor, my brother thinks he's a chicken, and he's thought that for 10 years".  Doctor says, "Why did it take you 10 years to bring him in?" Brother says, "I needed the eggs."  The moral is that we all have a secondary gain for holding on to dysfunctional thought patterns

Embrace what you would feel if you let go.

When helping or teaching novices, experts fail to adjust their explanations to the novices’ level of understanding (Hinds, 1999; Hinds, Patterson, & Pfeffer, 2001) , leading to novices having to ask for additional information not addressed in experts’ explanations (Wittwer, N ückles, & Renkl, 2008). When working with other experts, they do not listen to advice (Tost, Gino, & Larrick, 2012; Yaniv & Kleinberger, 2000). When communicating with managers on key issues, they may ignore managerial commands (Kellogg, 2009), refuse to be supervised (Alvesson, 2004), and cannot explain their expert insights in lay terms for managers to understand (Eppler, 2007) . 

experts particularly favor their own expert knowledge over equally likely chance events (Heath & Tversky, 1991). Consequently, this sense of overconfidence leads experts to resist being dependent on others (Galinsky, Magee, Gruenfeld, Whitson, & Liljenquist, 2008) and refuse to listen to others’ input (Tost et al., 2012), therefore reducing their judgment accuracy (See et al., 2011). These recent findings are consistent with previous research about how (high) power and status are among the most detrimental factors preventing new learning in groups and organizations (Brooks, 1994; Edmondson, 2002)

When teams are prosocial, they cooperate more, which improves team performance and citizenship behavior.

The core of "quantum leadership" is that there are constraints (rules, laws and penaltie that people want to avoid) and attractors (money, power, good things that people want to approach).  The set of constraints and attractors are what allow the possible futures to collapse into a single present.  Change one constraint or attractor and the future changes. For example, at the start of a basketball tournament there are 64 possible futures (any of the teams could win) but at the end there is only one future (one champion).  The constraints (rules of the game, matchups, injuries, abilities) and the attractors (motivations, team cohesion) determine the future (winner).

Research Idea: What constraint and/or attractor needs to change to enable racial and gender balance in the highest organizational echelons?

"Companies have three categories of assets to classify their fair market value -- level 1 (a strong market exists to value the asset), level 2 (a weak market exists for the asset), and level 3 (no market exists to value the asset).  Companies are motivated to avoid classifying assets as level 3 because then investors will view them as illiquid, but on the other hand they want to classify assets as level 3 because then they get to inflate their book value." -Prof Alan Jagolinzer

The organizational change literature has a pro-management bias.  Even though only about one-third of change efforts succeed, "resistant" employees are never right to resist organizational change.  

Paper idea "Turning the tables: overcoming managers' resistance to employee change efforts"

"Workers are what prevents entropy from taking over organizational systems" - Russell Cropanzano

Gordon Allport's (1964) definition of a mature adult:
- An extended sense of Self making it possible for her to participate in different activities: not only to be present in them, but also to engage her personality, her Self in them.
- An ability to love and care for others for their own sake: an ability for compassion.
- Emotional security at the face of daily problems.
- Self insight in the sense that one is aware of what one values and one’s own value.
- A realistic orientation towards the world and an ability to perceive it quite accurately.
- A unifying philosophy on which one can build one’s life.
Allport, G. W. (1964) Pattern and Growth in Personality. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

Leader humility involves obedience to the greater mission and in some ways obedience to followers.  Humble leaders bridge the space between levels and are open to new ideas and change.  Humble leaders set aside their own egos and focus on how to align follower talents in a way that accomplishes the mission.

Identity regulation - the idea that our identities are shaped by organizations in a way that serves the organizational interest.  Our bosses need us to have strong egos so that they can control us with carrots and sticks.

Humble organizations: WhiteWave, New Belgium Brewing, NREL -- all are subservient to the greater mission of sustainability

Post-traumatic growth involves learning to define oneself differently after a trauma so that interactions with others are more powerful and healthy.

Does personal growth simply involve killing off one's ego?

"German culture is different from U.S. culture in that it is more hierarchical, conservative, white men run everything, leaders have a hard time admitting mistakes, and it is a very guilty country which leads to a lot of anxieties." -Prof Mari Kira

Quantum organizing? The future exists in a state of potentiality that collapses to form the present based on the dynamics of system constraints acting on organizational systems.

The bottom-up emergence principle (Kozlowski & Chao, 2012; Kozlowski & Klein, 2000)

Organization-level mean emotional stability, extraversion, and conscientiousness increase firm financial performance indirectly via labor productivity, and the indirect effects are more positive when organization-level variance in those personality traits is lower.

Group-level faultlines are calculated using Thatcher and colleagues’ (2003) algorithm that has been applied in other research (Bezrukova, Thatcher, Jehn, & Spell, 2012; Ormiston & Wong, 2012).

Stress only kills you if you believe that it is bad for you, and it actually makes you live longer if you think it is good for you.

Ambient temperature increased the chance of professional baseball players purposely throwing balls at and hitting players on opposing teams (Larrick et al., 2011).An independent self-view leads to abstract thinking and distant time horizon; an inter-dependent self-view leads to concrete thinking and a short time horizon.

A sense of awe (being in a grove of towering trees) makes people less selfish

The saintly character is the character for which spiritual emotions are the habitual center of the personal energy.... They are these: A feeling of being in a wider life than that of this world’s selfish little interests; and a conviction, not merely intellectual, but as it were sensible, of the existence of an Ideal Power. . . . An immense elation and freedom, as the outlines of the confining selfhood melt down....A shifting of the emotional center toward loving and harmonious affections... [which brings] increase of charity, tenderness for fellow-creatures. (James, 1902/1985, pp. 219–221)

“In the woods we return to reason and faith. There I feel that nothing can befall me in life -- no disgrace, no calamity (leaving me my eyes), which nature cannot repair. Standing on the bare ground -- my head bathed in the blithe air and lifted into infinite space -- all mean egotism vanishes.” Ralph Emerson. Nature (1983, p. 39)

The 11 bedrock rules for giving negative feedback to powerful people:
1. Do not give me feedback on my mistakes under any circumstances.
If you do, you break the cardinal rule:
2.  Tone is crucial – feedback must be given calmly. If there is any emotion in the feedback, the feedback is invalid and does not have to be considered.
3. There must be trust between us. You must trust that I am in no way flawed before you can give me feedback on my mistakes.
4. Our relationship must be issue-free – If there are issues between us, you cannot give me feedback on my mistakes.
5. Feedback must be given immediately, otherwise it will be discounted because it was not given sooner.
6. You must give feedback privately, regardless of whether the incident occurred in front of other people. To give feedback in front of anyone else—even those involved in the situation—is to commit a serious social transgression. The feedback is thus invalid.
7. You must be as indirect as possible. To be direct is to be insensitive and will invalidate the feedback and require repair.
8. As a good person I must feel completely safe during any discussion of my mistakes. Giving me any feedback on my mistakes will cause me to feel unsafe, so you will need to rebuild my trust by never giving me feedback again. Point of clarification: when I say “safe” what I really mean is “comfortable.”
9. Giving me feedback on my mistakes invalidates the form of oppression that I experience (i.e. classism, sexism, heterosexism). We will then need to focus on how you oppressed me.
10. You must focus on my intentions, which cancel out the impact of my behavior.
11. To suggest my behavior has hurt anyone is to have misunderstood me. You will need to allow me to explain until you can acknowledge that it was your misunderstanding.

To revolutionize race relations, nonwhites should give white people feedback, have the white people graciously receive it, reflect and work to change the behavior.

Millenials are just as racist as their parents. 31% of white millenials - compared to 32% of Generation X - rate blacks as lazier than whites.

Top CEOs make 300 times more than the typical American worker, and top-CEO pay isn't driven by talent

"The growth of CEO and executive compensation overall was a major factor in driving the doubling of income shares of the top 1% of U.S. households from 1979 to 2007"

Ann Friedman presents a clever matrix that explains what differentiates trolls, takers, toddlers, and ex-boyfriends from constructive critics.

Drew Carton finds that people perform better when they can actually see what you’re saying.

The Five Child-Rearing Techniques You Need to Raise Kind Kids

Catching Rudeness Is Like Catching a Cold: The Contagion Effects of Low-Intensity Negative Behaviors.

A Quick Puzzle to Test Your Problem Solving
A fun, revealing demo that I use in class sheds light on government policy, corporate America, and why no one likes to be wrong.

Even Smart Leaders Make These Six Mistakes
They don't develop their people, they reward people who have great results and bad behavior, they don't provide meaning, they don't let people know where they stand, they only hire from elite schools, and don't let people know where they stand

The Father of "Getting Things Done": You're Getting Me All Wrong
Ciara Byrne talks with the productivity guru who wants you to do... nothing. Now this is a fresh perspective.

Empathy: Overrated?
Before we put ourselves in someone else's shoes, Spencer Kornhaber suggests we look at empathy more critically. Is feeling others' pain all it's cracked up to be, or would we be wiser to focus on understanding and compassion?

For a counterpoint, on empathy see this op-ed by a trio of psychologists on how empathy is a choice.

VIDEO: Why You Should Skip Your Kids' Baseball Games
The fascinating, provocative case by Dan Pink to ban parents from youth sports—and not for the reason you expect.


"I'm the only enemy that I can never beat." - Ed Sheeran

Asians are stereotyped as more intellectually competent but less dominant than Whites (Berdahl & Min, 2012; Sy et al., 2010). 


CRAZY IS A COMPLIMENT: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags, published in October 2014.  By Linda Rottenburg "Mentor Capitalist"

"I hate rollercoasters, Ray. Never trust something that straps you in, turns you upside down, and forces your hands in the air. Following every slow ascent there's an immediate plummet. I never ride rollercoasters, Ray, but I'm not afraid to build one." -Frank Semyon, in True Detective

Jordan Semyon: This is important Frank.
Frank Semyon: No shit. You don't think I know that? There is no part of my life not overwrought with live-or-die importance. I take a dump there is a gun to my head saying, "Make it a good one. Don't screw up."  

"Never do anything out of hunger. Even eating." -Frank Semyon, in True Detective

"Someone hit the fricking warp drive, and I'm trying to navigate though the blur" -Frank Semyon, in True Detective

"At 50 everyone has the face he deserves" -George Orwell

"Sometimes your worst self is your best self" -Frank Semyon, in True Detective

"My father once told me a story about how at the height of the cold war, the space race, the Americans were investing millions of dollars into developing a pen that could write in space. The Russians? They used a fricking pencil. That's me, Ray. I'm the fricking pencil." -Frank Semyon, in True Detective


"Average monthly trips per NYC taxi dropped from 1,424 to 504 between 2012 and 2014 because of Uber" -Prof Yanwen Wang

"Beijing has a government initiated uber program (e-hailing of cabs) and it increased taxi driver revenues by 15% and reduced income inequality between cab drivers" - Prof. Yanwen Wang

Detective Martin Hart: Do you wonder ever if you're a bad man? 
Detective Rustin Cohle: No. I don't wonder, Marty. World needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.

Detective Rustin Cohle: If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward, then brother that person is a piece of shit; and I'd like to get as many of them out in the open as possible. 

Detective Rust Cohle: Certain linguistic anthropologists think that religion is a language virus that rewrites pathways in the brain, dulls critical thinking. 

Detective Rustin Cohle: I can't say the job made me this way. More like me being this way made me right for the job. I used to think about it more, but you reach a certain age you know who you are. Now I live in a little room, out in the country behind a bar, work four nights a week, and in between I drink. And there ain't nobody there to stop me. I know who I am. And after all these years, there's a victory in that. 

Detective Rust Cohle: There is no such thing as forgiveness, people just have short memories. 

Rustin Cohle: Yeah, back then, the visions, yeah most of the time I was convinced I'd lost it. But there were other times I thought I was mainlining the secret truth of the universe. 

Detective Rust Cohle: I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself. We're creatures that should not exist by natural law. 

People want to work with Asians (rather than whites) in contexts where technical skills and cooperation are important (rather than dominance and competition)

In a video game simulation, people are faster and more likely to shoot Black targets (rather than Whites)

Doctors are as racist as community members

According to consultant David Rock, at the Neuroleadership Group, telling hiring manager to mentally prepare for the scenario in which they have an all white and male candidate pool helps increase hiring women and nonwhite candidates.  "If I have an all white and male candidate pool, then I will ask for more candidates"

"More women and nonwhites will be hired if you ask people to hire the "best person for the team" versus the "best person for the job" " -Mannette Snow, Head of HR at Ball Corp

Listening is the most important workplace communication skill, but only 11% of business schools grade students on listening

In addition to lecture and case-based learning, business schools should teach problem-based learning (solve unsolved problems).  Here are some good examples of problems for students to solve in problem based learning:
- Should an industrial caterer purchase a residential caterer business? • How best might a manufacturer partner with an upstream supplier to create a single-source business-to-business solution for customers? • How can an investment firm improve its accuracy in submitting change orders on investments? • What combination of metrics and scorecards should a nonprofit charter school adopt? • What earned-income opportunities hold the most promise for a local zoo? • How might a manufacturer design its packaging to make its electric lawn care products more appealing to women?

"When grading problem based learning, the goal is not on answers or outcomes, but rather on the interactions within the group in keeping a messy process moving in a positive direction."

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” —Albert Einstein

"Researchers who are too highly specialized are less likely to be promoted (Leahey et al., 2010), while scholars who work in more disciplines receive greater citations (Leahey, 2007). "

The grand challenges of management may dovetail with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to eradicate global poverty, disease, and hunger.

"Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of another...There are just some kind of men who're so busy worrying about the next world they've never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results." -Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

"We need a maximum entropy, thermodynamic model that predicts the behavior of economic systems" - Arnold Zellner

Prof. Claude Shannon realized that roulette wheels are tilted 1-2 degrees and that if you always bet on the low side, you have a higher chance of winning. Also Prof. Ed Thorp figured out how to beat the house in blackjack by counting cards

"Entropy in statistical models is basically the variance of a variable" - Prof. Michael Stutzer

"Value stocks don't fit the pricing models that are used to predict fluctuations in the S&P 500, BUT these models do predict value stocks if you correct for entropy (because correcting for entropy reduces mean squared errors so dramatically)"  - Prof. Michael Stutzer

H is Shannon's entropy, but D is used for entropy in Finance, and S is used for entropy in physics

Prof. Claude Shannon realized that treating whitespace as the 27th letter of the alphabet actually lowers uncertainty in written language.

Warren Weaver pointed out that the word information in communication theory is not related to what you do say, but to what you could say. That is, information is a measure of one's freedom of choice when one selects a message.

For cryptography, assume that "the enemy knows the system" rather than "security through obscurity."

Researchers find that “nature”-type sounds help people in open-plan offices regain focus faster


89% of workers are satisfied with their jobs


Minecraft hololens let's you play minecraft on your table

Some dude published 23 unsolved math problems and that advanced the field of mathematics

Bill and Melinda Gates have grand challenges for world health

What are the grand challenges of management?

Jane Addams was awesome

"Make the money don't let the money make you; change the game, don't let the game change you." -Macklemore

Check out TV shows realm and true detective

I got tenure on June 23, 2015, what does it mean?

"White culture is competition born of a desire to possess. A striving against others for possesions...This is a desire for possession that runs from land, to money, to women, and finally to respect. Whiteness creates a state of war. It is a mental state with abiding consequences."

Tony Stark: Hey, I've read all about your accident. That much gamma exposure should have killed you.
Bruce Banner: So you're saying that the Hulk... the other guy... saved my life? That's nice. It's a nice sentiment. Save it for what?
Tony Stark: I guess we'll find out.
Bruce Banner: You might not like that.
Tony Stark: You just might.

Diversity pays. Companies with high levels of gender diversity (more than 45% women employees) averaged $644.3 million in sales, whereas those with low levels of gender diversity (less than 20% women employees) only averaged $45.2 million in sales. Similarly, companies with high levels of racial diversity (more than 25% ethnic minority employees) averaged $761.3 million in sales, whereas those with lower levels of racial diversity (less than 10% ethnic minority employees) averaged only $51.9 million in sales. 

Companies in which women’s work groups were balanced (less than 65% male) had significantly lower levels of perceived sex-discrimination. 

"Get busy living or get busy dying" - Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption

Social conservatives in Atlanta refused to support an integrated dinner honoring MLK after he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.  But Coca-Cola put its giant corporate foot down and changed Atlanta's history.

About one-third of people have complete separation of work and home life. That is they can have a miserable work day, and go home and turn it off.

The way to make work better, insists Mr. Bock, is through transparency, goal setting, frequent performance reviews, and a less-hierarchical work structure that empowers employees to solve problems for themselves while encouraging them to critique their bosses just as often as they critique themselves and each other. Plus, as Mr. Bock emphasizes again and again in his book, it’s essential that you hire the right people—smart, conscientious, and humble. (Although some might argue with the notion of humility being Google’s strongest suit.)

"Honestly, work just sucks for too many people." - Laszlo Bock, Google's head of HR

"Shout out to the sidewalks for keeping me off the streets." -Napoleon Dynamite maybe

"By the time black kids start kindergarten, they are already at a huge disadvantage, performing worse on tests of cognitive ability. Black toddlers know fewer words than white toddlers whose parents have similar incomes. Race is more of an obstacle to a high-school diploma than poverty. Even the children of financially secure black families who succeed academically do so only in spite of the racism of their friends, neighbors and financial institutions.  It would be no surprise if medical schools treated Chokalingam differently because he claimed he was black."

If you want to feel younger and perform better, cultivate a strong sense of meaning at work and at home.

"I like to think of myself less as an adult and more as a former fetus."

There's research that suggests that unethical behavior tends to be highest when you're either suffering from very high levels of stress or you have no stress at all.

If you have a big car, you tend to be a less ethical driver.

"It’s difficult to get what you want. Even if we desire something, most of the time we don't take the right steps to get it — that’s the problem with pleasure. We want to be happy, but we prefer pleasure. But pleasure and happiness are quite different. There is no happiness without pleasure, but if you want to be happy, in a deep way, you have to choose not to search for short pleasures, but to make the effort required for greater pleasure, which is where real happiness lies."

"The Taoist philosophers - Chuang Tzu, Lao Tzu - say that flexibility is the most important quality to be happy."

"If you feel sadness in what you're doing, or despair, that's a clue too. Move in the direction of joy."

Some CEO guaranteed his employees at least $70,000 a year salary and it was good for business

"It's cute how I used to think this "barely holding it together" feeling was temporary"

Millenials when asked how they describe themselves, Hertz said, the most common response was “unique.”

"Ninety percent of millenials in the survey group said they support transgender rights. Only four percent said they trust big corporations to “do the right thing.”"

Proclaims British economist Noreena Hertz, who recently surveyed more than 1,000 teenage girls in the United States and England: “This generation is profoundly anxious.”

Men want their daughters to be independent. Their wives? Less so.

"Might workplace mindfulness -- in the cubicle or on the court -- be just another way to get employees to work harder for nothing but airy rewards?"

America has been at war for 222 of the 239 years since 1776. Wow.

Slack is an app that gamifies the workplace.

Customers tend to stay away from companies that have a black CEO

If you want to be creative, have simultaneous learning and performance achievement goals.

Adolescents’ Drinking Takes Lasting Toll on Memory

If people in your region are googling the n-word, then blacks in that area have a much higher chance of dying.

"Using times new roman on a resume is the typeface equivalent of wearing sweatpants to an interview."

Ideas are really networks of data points

"In fact, almost all of the important breakthrough ideas did not happen alone in the lab, in front of the microscope. They happened at the conference table at the weekly lab meeting, when everybody got together and shared their kind of latest data and findings, oftentimes when people shared the mistakes they were having, the error, the noise in the signal they were discovering. "

"But in fact, if you go back and look at the historical record, it turns out that a lot of important ideas have very long incubation periods -- I call this the "slow hunch." We've heard a lot recently about hunch and instinct and blink-like sudden moments of clarity, but in fact, a lot of great ideas linger on, sometimes for decades, in the back of people's minds. They have a feeling that there's an interesting problem, but they don't quite have the tools yet to discover them."

"That is how innovation happens. Chance favors the connected mind."

Last year, the U.S. marriage rate reached a 93-year low.

To be creative, think about problems, not solutions, read kafka, draw something (anything), and think of things that definitely are NOT true.

"Early on in my career I was quite sure that there were instances where being optimistic helps you perform better, he said. Now I'm pretty sure that the true value is in realism."

Zappos CEO's goal, as he outlined it in his March memo, is "to make Zappos a fully self-organized, self-managed organization by combining a variety of different tools and processes." To that end, he's asked employees as a first step to read a book called Reinventing Organizations and watch a lengthy YouTube videoby its author.

"In 1960 only 15 percent of grades were in the "A" range. Now the rate is 43 percent, making "A" the most common grade by far."

"The real influencers of an organization are the network nodes: The people who most often intersect with the most people." -Margaret Heffernan

If you want a great team, individual intelligence (as measured by IQ) doesn't make a big difference. Having a high aggregate intelligence or just one or two superstars wasn’t critical. The groups that surfaced more and better solutions shared three key qualities. First, they gave one another roughly equal time to talk.  The second quality of the successful groups was social sensitivity: these individuals were more tuned in to one another, to subtle shifts in mood and demeanor. And the third distinguishing feature was that the best groups included more women, perhaps because that made them more diverse, or because women tend to score more highly on tests for empathy.

The key elements of communication are energy, engagement and exploration

"35% of the variation in a team’s performance can be accounted for simply by the number of face-to-face exchanges among team members. We know as well that the “right” number of exchanges in a team is as many as dozens per working hour, "

"Social time turns out to be deeply critical to team performance, often accounting for more than 50% of positive changes in communication patterns, even in a setting as efficiency-focused as a call center."

"The ideal team player. We can also measure individuals against an ideal. In both productivity-focused and creativity-focused teams, we have discovered the data signature of what we consider the best type of team member. Some might call these individuals “natural leaders.” We call them “charismatic connectors.” Badge data show that these people circulate actively, engaging people in short, high-energy conversations. They are democratic with their time—communicating with everyone equally and making sure all team members get a chance to contribute. They’re not necessarily extroverts, although they feel comfortable approaching other people. They listen as much as or more than they talk and are usually very engaged with whomever they’re listening to. We call it “energized but focused listening.”"

"superior teams tended to be very stable; they work together for a long time, getting to know and trust one another. Switching people in and out didn’t make them more creative — it was disruptive and dangerous: newness was a liability. "

"Kill the boy. And let the man be born." - A maester from game of thrones to Jon Snow

Mediterranean diet with olive oil, nuts linked to healthier brain

Investing in outside options motivates people to exploit their current relationship partners

Wearing a heavy backpack makes you feel guilty

"Hey auto correct quit tampering with my curse words you mother forklift" - some sign in a coffee shop

"This overwhelming emphasis on style rather than substance may seem an odd way to select members of the 1%. But those at the top of the consulting, investment-banking and legal professions know that the most prized possession in uncertain times is not brainpower, but self-confidence. For all the talk of the world becoming dominated by a “cognitive elite”, in reality it appears it is nothing more than a “confidence elite”."

"In 1967, 86 percent of respondents checked “developing a meaningful philosophy of life,” more than double the number who said “being very well off financially.” Since then, though, finding meaning and making money have traded places. The first has plummeted to 45 percent; the second has soared to 82 percent."

Sales exec says she was fired for uninstalling GPS app that tracked her constantly.

"Marriage must be a relation of either sympathy or conquest." - George Eliot

"To perform under pressure, research finds that welcoming anxiety is more helpful than calming down."

"When you lose your capacity to care what other people think, you've lost your ability to connect. But when you're defined by it, you've lost your ability to be vulnerable. That tightrope is what my talk is about, and I think that balance bar we carry is shame resilience. I think it's the thing that keeps us steady." 

"I wish I could talk more about what I see going on in schools and corporations and families and churches and organizations. I wish I could talk more about why and how we’re losing people. The whole measurement idea of good parenting versus bad parenting, good employees versus bad employees — I don’t think it’s helpful and I don’t think it’s illuminating. I think the best way to look at things is: Are people engaged? Are people engaged parents, engaged employees, engaged leaders? And I don’t think engagement can happen without vulnerability, and I definitely don’t think it can happen in the midst of shame. If you think dealing with issues like worthiness and authenticity and vulnerability are not worthwhile because there are more pressing issues, like the bottom line or attendance or standardized test scores, you are sadly, sadly mistaken. It underpins everything."

"Inner city street culture is simply the black urban version of one of America’s most iconic traditions: the Wild West. America’s first gangsta thugs were Billy the Kid and Jesse James. In the youth thug cultures of both the Wild West and the inner cities, America sees inverted images of its own most iconic values, one through rose-tinted glass, the other through a glass, darkly."

According to ASQ's senior editor, the purpose of organizational research is benefit society
 But because we are so focused on novelty rather than usefulness, our "research building" looks "more like a mystery house than a cathedral." http://asq.sagepub.com/content/60/2/179?etoc

"Epidemiology, which is most similar to non-experimental organizational research - has an especially poor chance of getting it right, particularly if many statistical relationships are tested on archival data but only the significant ones get reported." - Prof. Jerry Davis

Ioannidis (2005) concluded that most research findings are false for most research designs and most fields.

"United we bargain, divided we beg." -union placard

"We deal with our mind from morning till evening and it can be our best friend or our worst enemy." -Matthieu Ricard

"Enlightenment is eliminating mental confusion, eliminating hatred, jealousy, mental toxins, cravings. That's very simple and straightforward. Whether you can do it or not is another matter." - Matthieu Ricard.

"The more we run from a problem, the more we're actually running into it." - Pico Iyer

"The greatest weapon we have against stress is to choose one thought over another." -William James

The world's happiest man is a French monk who has "abnormally large capacity" for joy thanks to meditation.

A healthy mind should act like a mirror - faces can be reflected in a glass but none of them stick. Use the same technique with thoughts - let them pass through your mind but don't dwell.

It's impossible to stop thoughts from coming but focusing on a particular sound or the breath going in and out calms the mind, giving greater clarity. Controlling the mind is not about reducing your freedom, it's about not being a slave to your thoughts. Think of it as directing your mind like a boat rather than drifting.

Be mindful - pay attention to the sensations of your breath going in and out. If you notice your mind wandering simply bring it back to focusing on your breath. This is known as mindfulness. You can apply it to other sensations to bring you into the 'now' rather than dwelling on the past or future. You could focus instead  on heat, cold and sounds that you hear.

Once you've achieved some skill in this you can use that to cultivate qualities such as kindness, or dealing with disturbing emotions. He says everyone has felt all-consuming love but usually it lasts for about 15 seconds, but you can hold on and nurture this vivid feeling by focusing on it in meditation. If you feel it becoming vague you can consciously revive it. Like when playing the piano, practising the feeling for 20minutes has a far greater impact over time than a few seconds.  Regular practise is also needed like watering a plant. You can then use meditation to gain some space from negative emotions. Ricard says: 'You can look at your experience like a fire that burns. If you are aware of anger you are not angry you are aware. Being aware of anxiety is not being anxious it is being aware.' By being aware of these emotions you are no longer adding fuel to their fire and they will burn down. You will see benefits in stress levels and general wellbeing as well as brain changes with regular practise in a month. Those who say they don't have enough time to meditate should look at the benefits: 'If it gives you the resources to deal with everything else during the other 23 hours and 30minutes, it seems a worthy way of spending 20 minutes,' Ricard says.

"Want to understand why we have a federal deficit? In 1952 the corporate tax income accounted for 33% of all federal tax revenue. Today, despite record breaking profits, corporate taxes bring in less than 9%. It's time for real tax reform." - Bernie Sanders

"Their relationship consisted in discussing if it existed." - Thom Gunn

Its good to be born in the first half of the year, because you are at lower risk of getting diseases.

"Somehow we must be able to show people that democracy is not about words, but action." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Colorado Leeds School of Business Management Department jumped from 55th place to 16th place between 2013 and 2014 in terms of research productivity.

"Adjusted for inflation, somebody going to college today to a state university, is paying about 300 percent of what her mom or dad did just 30 years ago." -Elizabeth Warren

Sad but true.

Self-esteem doesn't breed success, so why do we need it? A recent study points to a surprising reason: it keeps our anxiety in check.

Mellody Hobson gives a stirring commencement speech. “If you focus on the work, success will come. Focus on the success and nothing will come.”

If we’re not careful, hiring based on cultural fit can become “a new form of discrimination.”

Standup! “Metabolism slows down 90 percent after 30 minutes of sitting. The enzymes that move the bad fat from your arteries to your muscles, where it can get burned off, slow down. The muscles in your lower body are turned off. And after two hours, good cholesterol drops 20 percent. Just getting up for five minutes is going to get things going again. These things are so simple they’re almost stupid.”

Resilience can be learned. De-personalize -- it's not your fault. Permanence -- the bad feelings will go away. Pervasiveness - the bad feelings don't have to affect every area of your life. https://www.facebook.com/sheryl/posts/10155617891025177:0

If employees feel empowered, they will have a promotion focus and then be more creative

Harvard study: could Chinese thunder god vine plant be cure-all for obesity?

Thriving buffers the effect of destructive de-energizing relationships on performance

Service might improve if we abolish tipping

More than half of what you earn is determined by the country you live in.

Some on twitter juxtaposed images of the mass shooting in Waco,TX (shooters were white) with images from the recent Ferguson MO demonstrations (protesters were black), noting the difference in police demeanor between the two.

"What you need to do right before you walk on stage is to think of someone that you love dearly." -Nick Morgan

"Let us celebrate an education that allows us to articulate our own complicity with power, and question and destroy it; not an education that helps us perpetuate it. Let us celebrate the dissidents among us."

"At public companies with market values of more than $1 billion and that had filed proxies by April 30, the average package for the top 200 best paid chief executives was worth $22.6 million, trumping last year’s average of $20.7 million, and the median was $17.6 million. Those are the highest amounts since Equilar began keeping track in 2006."

Countries that are intensely religious are typically less innovative than those that aren't.
Two variables that increase gender diversity: Involve company leaders and men in diversity programs, and have a team responsible for pay equity and a process that statistically examines any wage gaps they discover.

"Mom!! Saphire eyes, soft smooth hands, you do all my laundry and I don't even have to ask, you clean my room full of things that smell and I don't have to pay. I don't know how you can stand Esme, she must be a pain, she's like a siren going off. Thank you so much." - Max Hekman age 8

When people try to improve their relationships by changing something about their spouse, the romances actually get worse. Also relationships don't improve when people focused on self-improvement either.  There really is only one option. Accept as is.

"The things you suck at aren't a secret. So just be vulnerable and tell people about them." -Paul Schmitz

"For Brooks, the problem with poor people is that they're immoral."

UPenn has a class on "wasting time on the internet" 

"Capitalism. More like crapitalism. Right ladies???" - Karl Marx probably.

"You don't get points for poverty. You just have to work harder." - Fernando Cabada

"Lettuce Turnip the Beet." - some kid's t-shirt.

If you are polite, people will seek you out for advice and want you to be a leader

Mindfulness buffers responses to injustice

The surprisingly simple way Utah solved chronic homelessness and saved millions -- give them homes

Friends are like a trampoline. I always wanted a trampoline.

Americans are working much longer hours than the french and germans

top-tier paper that used a management simulation

While the middle class blame the poor, I'm going to park my boat in my boat.

When people witness workplace incivility, they want to punish the aggressor and don't really do anything to help the victim

College is so expensive because of government funding cutbacks and colleges are hiring a ton of administrators.

Meta-analysis of meta-analyses in OB research

Rich four year-olds are more selfish than poor four year-olds

My dad loved this song for some reason

Firm specific human capital (FSHC) is positively related with performance.

"Companies are worth about double what their sales are, or 8 times their EBITDA" -Saad Alnahedh

Creative work that is focused on searching for new ideas leads to less time spent with your spouse, but creative work focused on winnowing ideas leads to more time spent with your spouse

"Debt means you owe something, equity means you own something." -Saad Alnahedh

If group members view hierarchy as cascading influence, then they perform better.  But if group members view hierarchy as power inequality, then they perform worse

Pre-lecture diagrams help students take better notes, learn more -- ScienceDaily

"The website I used to create our page-1 infographic is : http://www.visme.co/var1/" - Emily Edwards

When people aren't worried about being wrong, those with a strong need for structure are most creative (Rietzschel, Dreu, & Nijstad, 2007).

Colorado State University plans to study how much it pays its female professors by the start of the next school year, with an examination of all faculty pay planned in the future, CSU president Tony Frank said in a release issued earlier this week. The school will spend the summer setting up a committee to look into issues of gender equity raised by a recent analysis of faculty pay.

All human traits are heritable: not one trait has a weighted heritability estimate of zero.

Personality predicts research productivty a great deal, and people get more conscientious over their life spans.

Same famous economist (shorter paper)

Stability of personality traits

Long term impact (By Judge et al)

Cool paper titles  -- "Kill them with competence"  "Getting everyone into the pool"

Attention works much like a muscle: use it poorly and it can wither; work it well and it grows. There are three types of attention: inner, other, and outer focus

Work groups have a collective mood along two dimensions -- activate/passive, and pleasant/unpleasant

Minority phd students are "out of the loop" when it comes to being socialized into the "faculty club"

American culture is market-based, German culture is law-based, Chinese culture is family-based, and Spanish culture is friendship-based.

White female (and Black male) leaders are conferred lower status when they express dominance rather than communality, whereas Black female (and White male) leaders are not.

Managers are motivated to give outstanding performance reviews to their worst employees to get rid of them, and mediocre ratings to their best workers in order to keep them from getting promoted out of their group

"the less powerful group usually knows the powerful one much better than vice versa...the powerful group can afford to regard the less powerful one as a mystery" -Steinem 1983

"Given the ethnic and racial hierarchies of American life, there are those who dish it out and those who have to take it. Some get to dish it out without
ever having to take it, some take it from those above and dish it out to those below, and some find themselves in the position ofalways having to take it."
(Stone, 1988)

"History demonstrates that most intergroup hierarchies are static: Dominant groups remain dominant over time, despite modest gains toward social equality. In the
United States, for example, neither improved attitudes toward minority groups nor beliefs in egalitarianism have eliminated the hierarchies and inequalities between
races (Sidanius & Pratto, 1993). Aggregate social inequality can be explained, in part, as a cumulative consequence of interpersonal mechanisms (Glick & Fiske,
1997; Goodwin & Fiske, 1996; Jost & Banaji, 1994)." From Goodwin, Operario and Fiske 1998

"When more women lead, performance improves. Start-ups led by women are more likely to succeed; innovative firms with more women in top management are more profitable; and companies with more gender diversity have more revenue, customers, market share and profits. A comprehensive analysis of 95 studies on gender differences showed that when it comes to leadership skills, although men are more confident, women are more competent."

The traditional explanation is sexism. Psychologists Peter Glick and Susan Fiske have eloquently highlighted two different kinds of sexist ideologies that cause men to justify gender inequality and resist sharing their power and wealth. "Hostile sexists" believe that men are superior beings who deserve to rule the world. "Benevolent sexists" are more pro-women—just not in leadership.

Lacking control increases illusory pattern perception. 

Great graph of the class war going on in America over the last century. Average income of the top 1% plotted against average income of the bottom 90%.  Huge gains for the bottom 90% (and none for the top) from 1940-1970, then huge gains for the top 1% (and none for the bottom 90%) from 1980 onward.

Handsome men are thought to be competent, so if you are a handsome man, your colleagues view you as a competitor, and dislike you.

"Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work." - Gustave Flaubert

Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject." - Thomas Mann

"“My superpower is writing and telling stories for businesses…being a leader is being authentically me, but what I’m working on is so much bigger than me…there’s so much power beyond you, take the opportunities from the universe…leaders reinvent themselves constantly to stay great, like the Beatles…my biggest fear is complacency and irrelevance…if you are introverted leader like me then find something you are passionate enough about that you are willing to pay the price of dealing with people.” -Sherri Leopard, Entrepreneur and founder, Leopard Communications
“Fear is only a short term motivator, you want to come to work because you love it...When we were about to go bankrupt, I fainted, hit my head and then came back to the boardroom with a huge gash on my head and hoped nobody would notice.” -Walt Rakowich, former CEO, Prologis

“We are the dominant wholesaler in the Western eight states….what really matters are the tracks you make in society….The worst moment of my career was when I was in the elevator, and somebody said ‘look at all that blood on his shirt.’” -Al Plamann, former CEO, United Grocers 

“The human spirit wants to be part of something bigger than itself… I don’t want to be on my death bed and feel like I didn’t live…Get people to do something together that they couldn’t do on their own… Ball leaders drove four hours to visit me in the hospital…Go Blackhawks.” -John Hayes, CEO Ball Corp 

“We are known in the March of Dimes organization as ‘Crazy Colorado’ and that’s a good thing. We try a lot of experiments and the ones that work get adopted nationally…As a woman leader you can have it all if you accelerate your career while your spouse plateaus in theirs, and then you plateau when they accelerate, and then they plateau again when you accelerate again.” -Kathryn Marshall, Colorado/Wyoming State Director, March of Dimes 

“I almost flunked out of college in my first year…embrace change constantly…after 10 years you want a change…I was the head lobbyist for the organic food industry in DC…Europe views food much differently than we do in the U.S…I lost a lot of money on organic clothing…Accounting is the language of business – learn it…Do something you love.” -Mark Retzloff, Co-founder and former CEO/Chairman, Alfalfa’s Market 

“It’s really tough to get over 40% market share, so you need to sell or grow in other ways…you need Europeans to run European divisions…Be willing to learn, be flexible…Never run from problems, try to help answer the problems…There’s over 1 million high school football players, and only 65,000 of those go on to play in college, of those, only 350 enter the NFL each year, and 32 of those are still in the NFL after five years.  Luck is a key part of success.” -Craig R. Smith, Executive Chairman of Owens & Minor, healthcare company 

“Managing people is a lot like training dogs; not everybody is a golden retriever…Each year we do an off-site where we open up to each other.  Your word must be impeccable, always honor your word…Don’t take things personally…Be nice to yourself…Surround yourself with people smarter than yourself.” -Heidi Ganahl, Founder and CEO, Camp Bow Wow 

More than one out of every six black men who today should be between 25 and 54 years old have disappeared from daily life.

If you want people to stop being racist/sexist, tell them that bias is inappropriate.  "I don't ever want to see this again"

In the culture of Okinawa, ikigai is thought of as "a reason to get up in the morning"; Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self. Such a search is regarded as being very important, since it is believed that discovery of one's ikigai brings satisfaction and meaning to life.

"The meaning of life is to return what you've been given." -Richard Rohr

"Love is saying yes to what is." -Richard Rohr

"Religion is how we understand the non-understandable" -Pete Holmes

"The devil is simply your ego." -Rob Bell

Question to ask people for a meaningful conversation, "What does it feel like to be you talking with me right now?"  "What does it feel like for the group members to be right here with you?" -Michael Welp

We also discussed using Zoom to record, and Kaltura to stream the content to your students through D2L. Below are links to the info on both Zoom and Kaltura.

Natasha Romanoff: [comes up behind him] You know, for a man who's supposed to be avoiding stress, you picked a hell of a place to settle. 
Bruce Banner: Avoiding stress isn't the secret. 
Natasha Romanoff: Then, what is it? Yoga? 
Bruce Banner: My secret is that I'm always angry. 
[Banner hulks out and punches the Leviathan]

"I never say 'Merry Christmas' because it might offend somebody.  Instead I say, 'May you be blessed by the birth of the One True God who came to Earth to show his love for you.'" -Comedian Pete Holmes

"Me too" is the best sermon ever. It is a story of divine solidarity.  -Rob Bell

Winter Wakes Up Your Mind--and Warm Weather Makes it Harder to Think Straight

Epic Escape Game in Denver is fun.

Also Pho Duy is best pho in the area.

"In the early 1970s it was President Nixon who instituted the first great wave of affirmative action and school busing, with the intent of driving a wedge between the labor and civil rights movements (it worked)." http://www.amazon.com/NEXT-AMERICAN-NATION-Nationalism-Revolution/dp/0684825031

Research idea - What is white male culture and does it constrain organizational creativity?

"My female friends tell me I project confidence and when I walk into a room I own it. It’s uncanny though, but when I can walk into a room of male coworkers that I’ve never met before, I am immediately targeted by at least one of them before I even open my mouth. By my estimates either they fear me or perceive weakness in me. But which is it?" -Canadian Female Process engineer

"As an introverted leader, you have to find something you are passionate about that it is worth the price of dealing with people all day." - Sherri Leopard

"See Chapter 11 by Guzzo, Nalbantian and Parra in the Schneider and Barbera Oxford Handbook of Organizational Climate and Culture (2014). The chapter summarizes longitudinal research across 34 organizations on the relationship between compensation and voluntary turnover and their relationships with climate and culture." -Prof Ben Schneider

"“Google's Project Oxygen started with a fundamental question raised by executives in the early 2000s: do managers matter? The topic generated a multi-year research project that ultimately led to a comprehensive program, built around eight key management attributes, designed to help Google employees become better managers. By November 2012, the program had been in place for several years, and the company could point to statistically significant improvements in managerial effectiveness and performance. Now executives were wondering: how could Google build on the success of this project, extending it to senior leaders, teams, and other constituencies while striving to create truly amazing managers?”  The case is available on the HBSP website, along with a teaching note that gives some decent conceptual background. " -Harvard Business Case on Google's Project Oxygen

The eight manager behaviors that matter most to employee satisfaction according to Google's Project Oxygen
-Be a good coach (actionable feedback, clear performance guidelines, positive feedback, give credit to followers)
-Empower and don't micromanage (help followers get past barriers like insufficient resources)
-Express interest/concern for team members' success and personal well-being
-Be productive and results-oriented
-Be a good communicator (share relevant info from senior leadership)
-Help with career development (talk about follower career development, identify projects that will develop followers' skills)
-Have a vision (communicate clear goals, make decisions that are best for Google overall)
-Use your technical skills to advise (be competent in coding, finance, etc; work side-by-side when necessary to get things done).

Organizational Change formula by Michael Beer 
Amount of Change = (dissatisfaction with the status quo * excitement about the desired state * happiness about activities required to gain buy in) > employees' anticipated costs of change in terms of losses of power, competence, identity and rewards 

"It is safe to say that theory in astronomy improved with the invention of the telescope and that theory in biology was enhanced by the availability of the microscope. Has organization theory improved as a result of this new avalanche of data? Sadly, and surprisingly, no."  -Davis, G. F. (2010). Do theories of organizations progress?. Organizational Research Methods, 13(4), 690-70.

Awesome project mapping all OB findings and their correlations

"Regulatory focus also affects how communication occurs. Because promotion orients toward general goals, individuals with a promotion focus use more abstract language regarding desired end states, preferring broad verbiage that leaves open the possibilities for success (Semin, Higgins, de Montes, Estourget, & Valencia, 2005). Individuals with a prevention focus, however, use language characterized by concrete and action-oriented terms that align with error minimization, which may be caused by inexact or vague statements. "

"My freedom will be so much the greater and more meaningful the more narrowly I limit my field of action and the more I surround myself with obstacles. Whatever diminishes constraint diminishes strength. The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees one's self of the chains that shackle the spirit." -Igor Stravinsky, Poetics of Music, Russian composer (1882 - 1971)

R. E. Johnson and Steinman (2009) found implicit measurement of regulatory focus to be robust, even when controlling for the explicit measurement of regulatory focus.

cool corporate buzzwords "Entrepreneurial innovation" "people are really craving this" "I'm telling you this gossip in the tree of trust" "the crowd was really having a lean forward moment"

"A 10% increase in the inter-disciplinarity of your research decreases your productivity by 7.3% and increases your visibility by 5.6%" - Prof. Christine Beckman

The correlation between ibuprofen and pain reduction is only .14, between sleeping pills and sleep quality is .30, between sugar and childrens' behavior is zero, between alcohol and aggressive behavior is .23, and between smoking and lung cancer is .08.  However, smoking accounts for 80% of deaths from lung cancer, and 20% of all deaths in the U.S.

Conservatives prefer outcome accountability and liberals prefer process accountability 

"I then discuss the average correlation between structured selection practices and accurately predicting the job performance of applicants. Structured selection practices involve a cognitive ability test and either a work sample or a structured interview—asking the same questions to every applicant and using a predetermined scoring system for evaluating their answers. The correlation is .63—and most of that is driven by the cognitive ability test alone (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998). I then preview what we’ll cover later in the class: if you have a measure of an applicant’s cognitive ability and conscientiousness, a completely unstructured interview will only explain 1.5% additional variance in performance. However, a fully structured interview would add 16.9% (Cortina, Goldstein, Payne, Davison, & Gilliland, 2000)." 

"I want to leave you with an attitude of wisdom (Pfeffer & Sutton, 2006): "act on the best information that you have, while doubting what you know.”"

There's only a .32 correlation between incentive pay and individual productivity

"Rousseau asks her students to generate their own questions that management research might be able to answer and show them in class how these puzzles could be solved by doing a literature search. "

"Rob Briner asks students how they make a decision about what movie to watch. In discussing the validity of internet movie databases such as “Rotten Tomatoes,” Briner shows his students that they already use a form of evidence in everyday decisions. Since they already make everyday decisions in an active and critical way by making judgments about the reliability, validity, and relevance of aggregated information, why not use the same methods when making managerial decisions? "

"Don Hambrick summarized this general consensus by elaborating: “I only burden my students with the most robust, well-studied contingencies. I stay away from formally discussing additional contingencies so as to avoid dissolution into a purely situational perspective. I would rather provide students a few high-leverage hooks, while acknowledging them to be less than complete, than to throw in every element of context.” "

“CEOs who have COOs perform appreciably worse than those who don’t have COOs. That’s what we found in a large-scale study that included appropriate statistical controls for prior performance, industry  factors, etc. (Hambrick & Cannella, 2004). "

What percentage of people will allow someone to cut in front of them in response to a request, “Excuse me, I have five pages to copy…” (a) “May I use the machine? (b) “May I use the machine because I am in a rush?” Although many students underestimate the base rate of compliance, few are surprised that the former request elicits lower compliance than the latter (60% vs. 94%). But then I present the third form of the request, which features “placebic” information following the structured of a reason without any new information: “May I use the machine because I have to make copies?” Students are often stunned by the compliance rate of 93%, and this is a natural segue into a discussion of mindless decision-making in organizations, as well as its causes and remedies. 

"Finally, I tell my students that when researchers go into companies and survey leaders about their commitment to management by objectives—setting goals, making participative decisions, and giving feedback, the average correlation they find with company productivity is .67 (Rodgers & Hunter, 1991). The productivity metrics in these studies include net earnings, assets, operating income, and quantity produced and sold relative to time. Out of 70 different studies in which management by objectives was implemented, assuming that leaders are committed, 68 studies showed productivity gains, yielding an average gain in productivity of 56%."

"Instead of starting by making proposals, it behooves negotiators to first discuss standards of fairness (Mannix, Neale, & Northcraft, 1995): is equity, equality, or need the appropriate basis for dividing up the resources or costs?" 

Adam Grant uses these TED talks in his class: TED talks by Barry Schwartz, Susan Cain, or Dan Gilbert.

Heuristics and biases trigger the perception of new opportunities and innovative ideas (Alvarex & Busenitz, 2001; Hocomb, Irelan, Holmes & Hitt, 2009).  

Wealthier parents are better able to provide pecuniary incentives to their children, and in the absence of such incentives, poor parents are forced to resort to more authoritarian methods (Weinberg, 2001)

It's easier to explain variance across countries, than across individuals (87% of the variance in student learning is explained across countries, but only 39% of the variance across individuals; Woessman, Luedermann, Schuetz, & West, 2007).

94% of American 3-4 year olds received corporal punishment at some point (in the form of hitting and spanking), (Straus & Stewart, 1999)

"Bang, bang, you're dead, brush your teeth and go to bed."  -my dad every night of my childhood

Deception actually breeds trust among individuals.  Weird!

In response to stress, women tend and befriend, men fight or flight.

When the importance or value of rewards is not emphasized, more divergent thinking is evident – an important input of creativity (Eisenberge & Selbest, 1994). 

"Leadership in the old-fashioned sense, which stood so high with the intuitivist likes of Plato, Carlyle, and Weber, stands very low in the world of scientific empiricism" Stark (1963, pp. 166 –168) 

Great review of creative leadership. "Creative leadership, refers to leading others toward the attainment of a creative outcome."

The black sheep hypothesis suggests that coworkers will punish a bad employee who is most like them demographically. 

Dad jokes. "I once crushed cans for a living.  It was soda-pressing"  "I used to be addicted to soap, but I'm clean now." "I met a girl in Korea.  We were Seoul-mates"  "I used to go out with a girl who had a taser.  She was stunning."  "Did you hear about that new broom that came out? It's sweeping the nation." "Did you know that my computer sings? It's A-dell" "I ate a clock the other day.  It was so time consuming." "I'm going to try on my reversible jacket after work, can't wait to see how it turns out."  "Some thieves stole all my soap yesterday.  Dirty morons."  "Did you hear about that Mexican serial killer? He had loco-motives."  "Did you read that book on anti-gravity?  It's hard to put down."  "I ate too much Greek food.  Now I feel-awful."  "Why couldn't the bike stand up on its own? It was too tired."

AMO Framework (Ability, Motivation, Opportunity) is used to explain why HRM practices improve organizational performance

"The review process is a liminal state that is part research production and part research reception." -Prof. Christine Beckman

The average distance between research collaborators is 800 miles.

Bayard et al. (1999) found that a randomly selected black employee worked in an establishment with 22%–29% more black employees than a randomly selected white employee. Comparing whites and Hispanics, they found that Hispanics worked in establishments that were 32% more Hispanic. Employment segregation is in turn implicated in racial disparities in income and social advancement. Incumbents of jobs dominated by nonwhites receive lower pay (TomaskovicDevey 1993; Baron and Newman 1989; Bayard et al. 1999; Sorensen 1989) and have higher turnover rates and lower promotion rates (Barnett, Baron, and Stuart 2000) than incumbents of jobs dominated by whites.

The more racially diverse a group, the less the group members identify with it  (see Williams and O’Reilly [1998] for a review)

TomaskovicDevey (1993), using a sample of jobs in North Carolina, estimated that almost 55% of blacks would have to switch jobs with whites to achieve complete integration

Tsui, Egan, and O’Reilly (1992) found that people working in teams with greater racial diversity had lower levels of psychological commitment to the organization, less intent to stay, and higher rates of absence from work. In a study of 45 teams in three firms, Pelled, Eisenhardt, and Xin (1999) found that racial diversity increased reported emotional conflict in the team. In a study of job satisfaction and organizational commitment among teachers, Mueller et al. (1999) found that the effects of racial composition on these outcomes were mediated by the respondents’ assessment of the degree of social support from colleagues and role conflict. Racial heterogeneity in work groups also appears to be related to lower reported job satisfaction (Wharton, Rotolo, and Bird, 2000). 

Tipping or threshold models (Schelling 1971; Granovetter 1978) center on a discontinuous function relating the racial composition of a neighborhood and a person’s willingness to stay in the neighborhood.  People will stay in the neighborhood as long as samerace representation remains above a minimum tolerance level. But once samerace representation falls below the tolerance level, people exit.

Having a fellow coworker of the same race lowers the turnover rate by approximately 4%

Employees tend to quit when people who look like them demographically leave.

Teach "The Wire" in OB classes
Holt, R. and Zundel, M. (2014) 'Understanding management, trade, and society through fiction: lessons from The Wire', Academy of Management Review, 39 (4): 576-85.

I use that clip from the Big Bang Theory, too!  Students love it and it really does help them remember what reinforcement is.

I also use this short video which goes into several examples of cognitive dissonance.  https://youtu.be/bp39qSdyTc4

One more clip I use is the scene in Mean Girls about cliques to talk about social identity theory  https://youtu.be/RRteokw7m80

Law firms promote more women partners when they have corporate clients run by women CEOs 

If you have five or more authors on your paper, you will get cited 13 times more than if the paper is solo-authored 

Churches asking parishioners to give up fast food for lent in order to help fast food workers get higher pay

To create a research "hit" you want to be very novel (cite one or two very novel articles -- from fields far from your own), while having the vast majority of your citations be extremely conventional (cite very mainstream journals -- ones in your discipline).

Today, U.S. corporate boards have more men named John, Robert, William, or James than women in total

Rockwell Automation Inc. has sought to accelerate the advancement and retention of women and minorities by sending 800 mostly male leaders to multiday sessions conducted by White Men As Full Diversity